So I have been thinking long and hard about the dilemma of college debt.  I myself have fallen into this trap.  I did what was expected, I worked hard in high school, went to college, studied hard, got a 4 year degree in marketing.

So according to what I have been told my whole life, I should be living the middle class dream.   It would be impossible to succeed otherwise.

I would be poor and miserable if I did not spend those long years in college.

Well let us see how that worked out.

I currently work at a tool company, in the repair department. I write up tools,  I send them to the techs, they fix them, I call the customer and tell them how much it costs. Or I process them as warranties.

Using a grand total of 0% of my degree.

Meanwhile a recent high school grad is working one cubical over from me, in the marketing department, updating the website. No college degree.

So here is my plan.  If you cannot find a job with your degree after a period of 4 years, you don’t have to pay the college back the money.  They wasted for time, you shouldn’t have to pay them the money.

It only makes sense.  Screw over the con men rather than the rest of the country.

Why should we tax 401k’s (which Senator Sanders has proposed, you know taxing stock trades… which is were 401k’s are and how they make their money)? Why should we punish people making money. Shouldn’t we instead punish the people who have screwed us all over?

Why am I sending $400 a month to a university for a degree that has proved less useful to me than a drunk three legged jack ass?

I mean progressive’s are all about punishing people. They love it. We have all heard of predatory lending, well it is time to go after predatory teaching?

I mean I can return a junk TV, why can’t I return a junk degree?

The time for games is over. It is time to make a choice. It is time to make a stand. We have seen the votes in the Senate, we have seen the votes in Iowa, we have seen the votes in New Hampshire, and the path forward is clear. There is only one candidate going forward that has a chance of winning the White House. There is only one candidate that can save this nation from the ice clutches of progressive insanity. That candidate is Senator Ted Cruz.
Senator Cruz has proven that he is the only candidate that has the ability to bring unity, not just of the Republican Party, but of the entire conservative movement. We need a man who can unite everyone who wants a smaller, limited government, everyone who believes in liberty. Ted Cruz is that man.
Progressive forces are already marshaling to defeat him. Telling us that he is too conservative to win the White House. Telling us that he will fall flat on his face. I ask you, why, why should we listen to these people. Why should we listen to Presidential misfires like John McCain, Bob Dole, and Mitt Romney? What do these people know about winning the White House? All they managed to achieve was showing us how to lose.

John McCain ran as the moderate who could work across the aisle. Look what that got us, four years of Barack Obama. John McCain’s moderate beliefs paved the way for Obamacare, the porkulus bill, four years of trillion, 1,000,000,000 dollar deficits.

Mitt Romney ran as a compassionate conservative, the conservative who could reach across the aisle, the conservative who could win. But let’s not forget his progressive heart. He created the frame work for Obamacare. He lacked a firm belief in conservative principles. He sounded the part, but the concept of limited government eluded him. What did this get us? Four years of President Barack Obama. Four more years of radical leftist ideology. Four years of rule by executive order. The implementation of Obamacare. A perpetual assault on our Constitutional Republic.

So now I have to ask you, with all of the damage that has been done, can we afford to mess around in 2016? Can we afford to listen to progressives, Democrat pundits, and presidential losers? The answer is no. We must send forth a strong Conservative, a True Conservative who is willing to fight for liberty, fight for the Constitution, and fight to return autonomy over our lives to where it belongs, our hands.
There are many choices in the GOP field right now. However, only one has a chance at winning the White House, who has what it takes to defeat Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Only one who can finally fire back at their radical ideology and cast it back into the abyss where it belongs. That man is Senator Ted Cruz.

Oh I am sure there are many who doubt me. Who have bought into the establishment’s belief that we can’t be conservative? Or those who actually think that Democrats want to share their votes with us. But if you open up your eyes, and refuses to cave into their sirens call towards ignorance, there is only one choice before us. Conservative Principles are the only way to reclaim our nation.

Let us start, as we always do, by looking at the facts. The two largest wave elections in American History took place in 2010, and 2014. What caused such massive discontent in the hearts of the American People? Was it the conservatives in congress? Prior to 2010 you would be hard pressed to find a conservative; the Democrats had super majorities in both houses. Conservative Republicans had been all but wiped out. The answer, President Obama’s radical ideology. The TEA Party sprang up to fight this radical abomination of Democracy, and march towards tyrannical socialism. The result, the GOP took the House.

Now many would say that this was a fluke. Obviously people were even more upset at the GOP because in 2012 they didn’t elect Mitt Romney. I propose to you that the reason people were upset in 2012; the reason why 4,000,000 conservatives who voted for John McCain in 2008 stayed home in 2012 was because the GOP lacked the spine, the will power to act as an opposition party. The American People saw nothing from John Boehner, or in Mitt Romney to push back against the progressive storm facing the nation.

2014 once again saw a wave election. The people of this nation had been force to stand by and watch as they were demonized and belittled by the President and Harry Reid. Senator Reid blaming the stagnation of the GOP when in fact he refused to allow over 300 bills passed in the House to reach the floor of the Senate. We were forced to watch as President Obama ruled as a king, enforcing his will with the stroke of a pen. So in 2014 the people cried out “ENOUGH”. The election of 2014 was so consequential that Democrats are now an endangered species across the county.

The people of the country want someone to push back. To fight against the insanity of the progressive ideology. Why else would they have elected the opposition party in two midterm elections? If they wanted more of President Obama’s radical agenda surely they would have voted in more Democrats so as to push it through.
So for a quick recap:
2008: Progressive John McCain lost to Progressive Barack Obama
2010: Conservative lead TEA Party devastates progressives in the House
2012: Moderate Mitt Romney lost to Progressive Barack Obama
2014: The Nation shoves Democrats out of office to oppose the President’s Agenda

Please tell me where the evidence that the nation is against the principles of Limited Government, and Maximum Individual Liberty. If it is there I cannot see it.

Now let’s move on to some more recent elections that have taken place, these dealing with the nomination process for the Republican Party. Specifically Iowa and New Hampshire.
Senator Cruz won Iowa, a conservative strong hold. This is not really a surprise; he is the strongest conservative in the race.
The greater surprise came in New Hampshire. There were two factors that should have greatly limited Senator Cruz’s ability to win in New Hampshire. The first and most obvious is that after spending the necessary time, money, and energy in Iowa, there was not a lot of time left to campaign in New Hampshire. This is why your more progressive candidates like John Kasich and Donald Trump skipped over much of Iowa.

The second reason that Cruz should have been blown away in New Hampshire is that New Hampshire has become a bastion of the progressive movement. They haven’t voted for a Republican in a Presidential Race since 2000.

Yet despite both of these crippling handicaps Senator Ted Cruz finished third. Yes, Senator Ted Cruz came in third in New Hampshire, a state that saw Bernie Sanders stand Triumphant on the Democrat side. Conservative Ted Cruz came in third, in this bastion of progressive politics, after spending less than every other candidate on the Republican side.

Let’s see just how much the other candidates spent, and how well they fared shall we?
Donald Trump spent $40 a vote
John Kasich spent $269 a vote
Ted Cruz spent $18 a vote
Jeb Bush spent $1,150 a vote
Marco Rubio spent $508 a vote
Chris Christie spent $852 a vote

the only person who Senator Cruz outspent was Ben Carson. Despite their massive spending, Jeb Bush, Rubio, and Christie fell to Ted Cruz. The fog is starting to lift, and the choice is starting to become clear.

At this point there is only one conservative option left, only one that will give us a chance to preserve this nation. It is time to stand behind Senator Ted Cruz.
Far too often the conservatives of this party divide themselves allowing a moderate to slip through and lose in the general election. This time around that moderate is Donald Trump. If you don’t want Donald Trump as your candidate, and you don’t want Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton as your President, you have but one choice, stand behind Ted Cruz.

A vote for Marco Rubio, or Ben Carson, both honorable men, is a vote for the ideology of Bernie Sanders. Let us face the facts; Marco Rubio failed to win in conservative Iowa. Marco Rubio failed to win in progressive New Hampshire. He far out spent Ted Cruz, and still lost to him. All his candidacy is doing is serving to strip votes away from the only viable candidate we have left.

I was not a Ted Cruz man myself. I liked him, but I harbored strong doubts about his ability to win. I have always been a strong Rand Paul supporter. I supported Ron Paul before him. It is time to face reality. Senator Cruz is the only proven conservative in this race that can win the White House.

I know what Rubio supporters are thinking, and I want you to stop and think before you respond with this statement, “Marco Rubio is the conservative that can win”. Mitt Romney was the “Conservative that could win”. It is time to step away from the politics of the past, and step into a new age. An age of reason, an age of liberty by law. Marco Rubio might make a fine President, but he will never win the nomination, or for that matter the White House.

This election became even more critical with the passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia. The next President will most likely have to fill his seat. Who do you want making that nomination? Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or perhaps Bernie Sanders. Maybe we’d like another progressive Republican to nominate someone. Look how well President Bush’s John Roberts votes. How many times has he abandoned rule of law for the popular choice? Obamacare mandate comes to mind. How about redefining the rules of the English Language to change the meaning of the word States, from being multiple bodies, to the Federal Government? Personally I want a Constitutional Scholar such as Ted Cruz making that decision.

With each passing day it becomes harder and harder to overcome the progressives in this race. With each day they grow bolder. So when the inevitable happens, and Marco Rubio drops from the race, I only pray it isn’t too late to prevent the disaster a Trump, Clinton, or Sanders presidency holds in store.

It is time to choose. Do we choose to back Senator Ted Cruz, or do we choose to give up our Republic forsaking the liberty and prosperity it has safeguarded for over 200 years. The choice is yours.

Well it is finally here, President Obama’s last, thank GOD, State of My Ego speech.

I wonder if he will blame his failures on Bush, the NRA, or Congress. I expect to here him call for “common sense” usurpations of our rights. I suspect we will here more about how he hasn’t been in charge for 7 years he as an outsider wants to change things.

I can’t wait, it should a great bit of theater. Filled with as many “facts” as the Onion.

Today we gather to celebrate the end of socialism in the new world. Now for many readers, this might sound like a confusing statement, or even the ramblings of a mad man.  However, if one examines history, it is impossible to deny that Thanksgiving is in fact the celebration of Capitalism’s Triumph over the misery of Socialism.

The Mayflower compact called for communal farming and property. Everyone was entitled to an equal share of whatever the community had been able to produce. With everyone entitled to an even share there was no reason for anyone to work hard. Sure there were a few who gave it there all, but there were many who would show up to the fields late, slacked off, and overall hardly contributed to the colony’s needs.

Eventually the hardworking members of the colony realized that their hard work was not rewarded, instead the fruits of their labors when given away to people who had done nothing to earn them.  Thus they too began slacking off, and barely working.

Well it does not take a rocket scientists to realize that this lacks worth ethic did not lead to the promise of equality that the pilgrims had predicted. The colony almost starved to death in the winter.

In order to end the starvation and deaths, the pilgrims abandoned socialism, and under a new capitalist system the colony flourished.

Here is a quote from the Governor of the Plymouth Bay Colony William Bradford journal “and so assigned to every family a parcel of land, according to the proportion of their number for that end . . . This had a very good success; for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted then otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could use, and saved him a great deal of trouble, and gave far better content. The women now went willingly into the field, and took their little-ones with them to set corn, which before would a ledge weakness, and inability; whom to have compelled would have been thought great tyranny and oppression.”

The Pilgrims were almost wiped out by socialism, the Plymouth Colony only flourished because of capitalism.  So today, we celebrate the downfall of the desperation of Socialism and the Bounty of Capitalism.

I am just curious, do socialists like Bernie Sanders celebrate Thanksgiving? I mean, the British do not celebrate on the 4th of July, so why would socialists celebrate Thanksgiving?

I am getting sick and tired of seeing all of these memes appearing all over the internet telling me how bad of a Christian I am if I do not support bringing Syrian refugees into this country. They take on many different forms, but the basic formula remains the same. Find a nativity related picture, ad a sentence about how Marry and Joseph were refugees, distribute to millions of people online, and shameless exploit the very religion that progressive’s despise in order to expedite their dangerous agenda. All of these memes are wrong. I understand that progressives may not have had any exposure to the Christmas story, so allow me to please clarify the problems with their story.
First of all, Marry and Joseph were not refugees, they were not fleeing prosecution, they were not homeless. It was not fear or terror that sent them on their march towards Bethlehem, but rather civic duty. They were on their way to the place of Joseph’s birth, Bethlehem, to register for a tax levied by the Roman government. I fail to see how, to put it in a modern equivalent, registering to vote or filing a change of address form equates to fleeing terrorism.
Second, if you read the Nativity Story you will find that what drove the young couple to the manger was “there was no room in the inn “(Luke 2:7). So what the progressives are trying to say is that if you are traveling and find a “no vacancy” sign, suddenly you are refugee. I might not be one of those highly educated politicians, or hail from the East Coast, but I am pretty sure that not being able to find a hotel room does not make you a refugee.
So there is no real connection between the Syrian Refugees. If anything the Christmas Story is a story of tax hungry progressive monsters forcing a pregnant woman to spend precious time and money to give the government more money.