Deleting our contitutional rights? Weak Iran Sanctions, War on Technology.

362.) President Obama wants to work with congress on drafting a proposal for limiting consitutional rights for those who are suspected of terrorism, even if they are American Citizens. Okay first off you only have consitutional rights if you are an American citizen, foreigners do not have constitutional rights as the consitution does not apply to them. President Obama is considering stripping U.S. citizenship from suspected terrorist. I am pretty sure there will be consitutional issues there. I am no terrorist lover, I personally have no problem with gitmo, those men are monsters of the highest caliber. I however fear when a President who already has shown that he does not know the difference between friend and foe, who has already shown to be a corrupt power hungry individual, starts talking about taking consitutional rights away from American Citizens, rights that were given to us by our creator not our government slaves.  Who will be considered a terrorist in this new Obamaian age? Will the Tea Partiers be terrorist? You don’t have to commite an act of terror, you just have to be suspected of being a terrorist, you could be “planning” an attack and lose you rights. Mark my words, the importance of November cannot be understated, unless we sweep out President Obama’s liberal allies we will not recognize our country.

363.) President Obama has continually preached to the American People that he will fight for strong sanctions against Iran for developing nuclear technology. Well actually he promised us first crippling sanctions, then he promised we would get sanctions with a bite, now it appears as though we will get sanctions that are like pissing on an inferno. You see the sanctions that President Obama is currently pushing for in congress are designed to kick Iran in the throat. They are supposed to target Iran selling refining equipment and gasoline.  These would be effective, as Iran’s economy is almost entirely based on the trade of oil. However as always President Obama takes a good idea and ruins it, he wants exemptions for firms in “cooperating countries”, Russia and China are included in that list. When the public was made aware of this and expressed concern the White House said and I quote “We strongly reject the idea that it’s somehow being weakens, Rather that we’re working to make sure that the President has maximum flexibility as we increase the pressure on Iran a crossed many fronts.”  President Obama will not even admit that he is weakening the already weakest option that he can persue.  I understand that he is trying to bring China and Russia to the table, but I also understand that he is once again showing his ignorance to history. Chamberlin also thought a blood thirsty fascist could have its lust quenched by deals and appeasment. History shows that Hitler made those deals and then quickly proceeded to break them.  Russia and China are by no means fascist dictator ships, although China is awfully close, but as much as I fear to say it this is a situtation where, if you are not with us you are against us. If you cannot agree that Iran going nuclear is one of the most dangerous scenarios in the history of the world, you need to have your eyes open. They do not subscribe to MAD, they are perfectly okay with the western world destroying itself.  If we do not act, there will be blood shed on a cataclysmic level. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not within the year, but within the comming decade I fear the third deployment of a nuclear weapon in war.

364.) In a commencement speech President Barack Obama declared war on technology.  “with ipods, and Ipads, and xboxes and playstations, none of which I know how to work, information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than a means of emancipation,”  In this statement I believe that he cannot be more wrong. These new technologies provide all American’s emancipation, emancipation from the progressive spin machine.  Webster defines Emancipation as the act of emancipating, which means to free from restraint, control, or power of another. It also means to free from any controling influence. The Ipods, Ipads, xboxes and playstations have provided American’s a link to one another, a link that has never existed before. News and information travel from one person to another instantaneously, it is becoming much harder for corruption and liers to avoid being drug from the dark depths of our country and flung into the light of justice.  President Obama is trying to discredit these new avenues of connection, in a vain attempt to maintian the progressive’s grib on the spread of information in this new technological age.

365.) In that same commencement speech President Obama said that technologies offered by sony, microsoft, apple, and Nintendo as distractions that are putting unnecessary strains on our country. What is it his business to tell us that these technologies are unnecessary, or distractions? It is not the job of the President to tell the American people what they should or should not buy, or what should or should not be considered a distraction. I love too how he is going after the number one selling products of two of the top companies in America, Apple and Microsoft.   Those companies create high paying jobs, and are streaching the imagination as to what technology can do. So clearly they are the spawn of satin how dare they make dreams come true.

366.) In that same commencement speech President Obama made sure that everyone got their fair lumps. He made sure that bloggers and new age media outlets were targeted as foolish and distractions.  He lemented the spread of social networking sites and blogs, obviously connecting with the people around you so you can more rapidly share information and news is a horrible thing. President Obama hates blogs and networking sites because through them “some of the craziest claims can quickly gain traction”. Yes crazy ideas like the truth, logic, and facts can be brought to light. The craziest idea of them all is that the internet allows every last human beings voice to be heard in a way that our forfathers never could have dreamt of, such a crazy and dangerous idea must be brought under control. How dare average people think they can have ideas only President Obama is allowed to have those.

367.) in that same commencement speech President Obama said that “all of this is not only putting new pressures on you, it is putting new pressures on our country and our democracy.” Okay okay hold on, once again I have to say this, WE DO NOT HAVE A DEMOCRACY! The United States of America is a Republic. If it was a democracy President Obama would not have a job, each LEGAL citizen would go to Washington and cast a vote for each individual issue that came up, if we had a democracy the Health Care Bill would never have passed. We have a republic we elect representives who go to Washington and are supposed to make our voice heard. Now that the largest stupidity of that statment is out of the way,  Technology is not putting any more strains or pressures on the American People or our country than the Presidents own misguided policies.   Technology is putting unwanted pressure on President Obama because it allows American’s to learn true history, it allows us to play watchdog over our servants in Washington.  It allows us to realize President Obama’s radical past, the inevitable failure of his policies, and the lies that he is attempting to shove down our throats. Of course he would attack technology, technology is going to cement the truth of his legacy.



  1. alampi said:

    And it’s likely to get worse…

  2. 362)  This would be a great idea, if he would reword it to “convicted terrorist with foreign origins.”  This way, once their convicted, we can sentence them any way we feel like, as the constitution would no longer apply.  As a nation, we do have the right to revoke the citizenship of those from other nations.  But I agree with you, he wants this to be vague to strip the citizenship from ANYONE he deems an enemy.363) It would be interesting to see who are the leading importers of Iranian oil…  I’d place to bet China and Russia gobble up a very high percentage of Iran’s oil…364)  And I suppose he never once played Pong, Atari, or Colecovision… nor he never had a walkman?  Isn’t this the same guy who bragged about being tech savvy during the campaign, because McCain hardly knew how to send an e-mail?365)  He wants to control every part of our lives.  Remember, there are people out there, who because of unfairness by hard working people, who cannot afford an XBox or Wii.  If they can’t have one, no one should! 366)  He seems to forget played a HUGE part in his election.  Oh wait, now the internet is working against him instead of for him, so it must be destroyed!367)  He doesn’t like technology because, again, it works against him.  He also doens’t like it because it informs us.  It keeps us close.  Remember, he wants to divide and conquer us, I have no doubt of this at all.Another great post, keep them coming!

  3. @alampi – I fear you may be right. Someday we are going to have to take a stand against this guy, and fight his spin machine and fight their brain washing in our schools.  Someday must be today, spread the word to everyone you can we must re-unite the American People. My scout master was one of the wisest men I have ever known, and he would always tell me “Remember the ten little two letter words, If it is to be it is up to me” This fight will fall upon the shoulders of the American Citizen, dispite what President Obama would have you think, the individual American is capable of fantastic feets, to achive them all they must do is take that first step.  Spread the word, and reconnect with your neighbors, bring the country together one person at a time, a united populus is the most dangerous entity’s to an oppresive goverment. @grim_truth – once again I thank you for your comments, China and Russia are some of the largest suppliers of refining equipment to Iran, as well as large buyers. It would double hit their wallet.As long as there are powerfull government officals who have the media in their pockets, I will be here to speak out against them and make sure the truth is heard.

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