Unions, Financial Reform, Health care, Supreme Court, Golf over Responsibility

368.) President Obama in his infinite wisdom has allowed the National Labor Relations Board to reverse a rule that has stood for over 60 years. The goal of changing this rule is to make it eaiser for Airline and Railroad workers to unionize. Under the old methode of unionization a vote of the entire work force was taken, if you didn’t show up to the vote you were counted as a no vote. Now it only requires a majority of the workforce who shows up to cast a ballot vote yes. This was done at a time when airlines are fighting low consumer counts due to the recession, and sky rocketing fuel prices. Now they are going to have to fight an increase in labor costs that always comes with unionization. President Obama however does not care about business, he only cares about those who helped get him elected, the Unions are owed their dues.

369.) The new financial reform bill that President Obama has been beating his chest about, and that the Democrats have deemed to be more important then illegal immigration, he claims is designed to prevent another economic collapse. If that is the case why does it ignore Fanny May and Freddie Mac, the two government subsidized morgates lenders who under the request of President Clinton started making loans to people who couldn’t afford them. It was Fanny and Freddie who started the collapse of the houseing market, and our economy, so why is it that they are not included in this financial reform law? It couldn’t have anything to do with the progressive fact that it is not fair that people who don’t have a high paying job or good credit can’t buy a mansion. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that this financial reform bill is little more then an attempt to gain further control over the private sector of America.  Or could it…

370.) Yesterday the CBO announced that the Health Care Law will cost around 115 billion dollars more then it was orginally projected to, bringing its total cost up to over 1 trillion dollars.  You know I vaguely recall saying something about the health care law costing more then it was projected…. I also recall President Obama saying to stop questioning it because is seemed that he believed the None Partisan CBO is never wrong… Will we hear a statement about this from the President? Or will he just attack those who speak out against him and say that this is why we need limits on our freedome of speech… I mean that we need to make sure speech is fair.

371.) When you add up President Barack Obama’s spending spree it turns out that he is spending 24.13% of the American GDP. To put that in perspective, at the peak of FDR spending, that includes New Deal I, New Deal II, and WWII a two front war between the Germans and the Japanese,  FDR only managed to spend 19.35% of the American GDP.  This spending is out of control. It did not save the economy back then, it will not save it now. The New Deal and FDR’s spending spree have been shown by true economist and historians to actually have prolonged the Great Depession. President Obama is gearing up to out do FDR and proove that if you spend 5% more you some how be able to do better. This insanity has to be stopped, november is becomeing more important as each day goes by.

372.) President Obama announced that he wants to reform federal hiring practices. Personnel Managment Director John Berry said “We are switching to resumes” and “The President is eliminating knowledge, skills, and abilities essays as an initial recruitment requirement of the federal government.” Wait what? President Barack Obama is eliminating knowledge, skills and abilities essays, what on earth for?  Personally I would want to make sure that I have a clear understanding of the knowlege, skills and abilities of the person that I am about to hire. I would want to be even more carefull sense they are being paid by the hard earned money of the American People.  President Obama thinks it takes too much time to hire new federal employes, currently it takes around 200 days from the time an opening is announced to when someone can fill it, or so he claims,  he wants to cut that time down to 80 days. Personally this is a clear sign to me of government waste, those 200 days are a great time to see if the position is actually needed, to go fishing for the best person for the job, to make sure cannidates are cut out for the job. But rather then do an indepth study of the person that he is about to hire, President Barack Obama has decided to cut corners and rely on a simple resume with all essay style questions removed.  I guess when you are in a hurry to grow federal government and shrink the private sector you have to be able to hire quickly.

373.) I cannot believe I let this one slip by, President Obama choose to play golf over going to the funeral of  the Polish President Kachinsky, who lost his life last month when his plan crashed. I understand that the volcano erupting put a hault to all air travel, but the President did not even make an effort to go to the polish embassy to sign a book of condolences, something both the Vice President and Secretary of State did.  Instead he chose to go and play a game of golf.

374.) On the subject of golf I would like to point out that in his 8 years in office President George W. Bush played 24 games of golf, he gave it up in 2003 saying that it was wasn’t approriate in a time of war. By comparison President Barack Obama in his little over 1 year in office has played 32 games of golf. I guess President Obama does not see playing on expensive private courses, while American’s are losing their jobs, their houses, their life savings, along with their sons and daughters over seas as inappropriate. What great character.

375.)  President Barack Obama has had a rare chance to nominate a second judge to the United States Supreme Court. Given this rare chance you would think that he would go out of his way to pick the best person for the job. Instead he went and picked Elena Kagan. Kagan appears to be about as qualified to be a Supreme Court justice as Barack Obama is qualified to be the President of the United States. You see Ms. Kagan has never been a judge on any level, what makes the President think that putting this woman in a position as important as this is a bright idea? Surely it has nothing to do with politics, or scratching anyones back. But before we jump to conclusions about why she was nominated lets look at her record. 
          a.) While the Dean of Harvard Law Elena Kagan banned United States Military Recruiters from the campus. Not because she thought the military should not be on the campus but because she did not like the “don’t ask don’t tell policy”.  Note this took place right after September 11th, 2001 a time when America was ramping up for war. When we were rallying to defend our nation, Elena Kagan was rallying against those who defend it.
         b.) She spoke out for the campaign finance reform act which hindered freedom of speech. Something President Obama loves. 
         c.) While attending Princeton University she wrote a paper titled “To the final conflict, socialism in New York City, 1900, 1933” In this paper she states “Americans are more likely to speak of a golden past then a golden future of capitalisms glories than of socialisms greatness” I think that says it all, 30 years ago she was talking about the down fall of capitalism in America, and now she is in position to have the power to make that happen.
* what do you think? Is Elena Kagan the right woman for the job? Or is this more of the same from President Barack Obama?  I must ask you all, to write your senators and demand that they ask the question “Ms. Kagan yes or no, Is the consitution a living document.” and tell that that if she answers yes, they are to vote no.


  1. 368)  It was his only choice.  After all, he couldn’t get card check in.369) Bingo.  It’s all about control.  There’s parts of me that believes this economic “meltown” was planned.370)  There’s a shocker… lol371) He spends more than the Kardashians!  To put in perspective of his spending: http://grim-truth.xanga.com/725016490/got-a-hemi-in-that-debt-mobile/372)  It shows how out of touch he is.  It doesn’t take 200 days.  There are times when it does take that long or even longer, but in those cases, it’s due to getting that person their security clearance, which can take some time.  Most federal civilian jobs announcements are open for 30 days, to give folks time to find the opening and apply.  Not all federal jobs require the KSA essays anyway.  He just has no clue and is doing something “to show he’s doing something.”373)  Arrogance and an Ego the size of the former Soviet Bloc will do that to ya…374)  see above lol375)  Where is the outrage?  He has no more qualifications for the job than Harriet Miers.  Remember the uproar over her?  (BTW, you forgot to mention she taught at the  University of Chicago Law School, where one of her colleagues was Barack Obama in the early ’90s)  Can you say “cronyism?”Another great post.  Frankly, I’m shocked you don’t have 1000s of readers yet!

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