Oil Disaster, New Cafe Standards, New Veto Power

389.) Never let a good disaster go to waste, that is the motto of the Obama Administration. Why should the oil spill be any different? While light crude has been pumping into the ocean President Obama has been scheming. Last month President Obama rolled out new Café standards for cars and light trucks. By 2016 he is demanding that there be a fleet wide average of 35.5 miles per gallon. Now for those of you who don’t fallow the world of cars, the current fleet wide average is around 25-26 mpg. Now we have known that these café standards were coming for a while, but on Friday may 21, President Barack Obama made clear his plans for America’s energy and economic future.  President Obama gave federal agencies a year to come up with fuel efficiency and emission standards for commercial trucks and busses.  President Obama said, “I believe that it’s possible in the next 20 years for vehicles to use half the fuel and produce half the pollution that they do today” It is true that increases on big trucks and busses will cut down on carbon dioxide emissions, but why? Even the father of the global warming hoax Al Gore admits now that Carbon Dioxide is not the largest culprit behind the none existent global warming.  He sites that Methane and Soot as the main causes of the non-existent warming.  Professor John Jones, the man who gave us Al Gore’s famous Hockey stick graph has said that there has not been any worldwide warming sense 1995.  The one thing that will come from increases in fuel economy regulations, is a crossed the board increase in prices. Everything you buy from Gasoline, to tooth picks will go up in price. Fuel efficient trucks cost more money than their less fuel efficient counterparts.  A forced increase in fuel economy and reduction in emissions will increase the costs of trucks. Increasing the cost of trucks increases the cost of trucking.  Increase in trucking cost leads to an increase in prices of the goods that trucks deliver. All of that to fight a none existent problem.

390.) After the Gulf Coast oil disaster President Obama announced a moratorium on new drilling off the cost of America, and environmental wavers like the one he gave to BP.  But sense that announcement 7 permits for new drilling and five waivers have been granted.  Why is it that President Obama refuses to enforce the rules?  Again it can’t have anything to do with President Obama paying back those who helped him get elected… could it? I mean BP giving 70,000 dollars to President Obama’s campaign, the largest political contribution that they have made sense 1990, had nothing to do with their special permit.  Just another classic example of a Progressive being unable to enforce their own rules.

391.) President Obama is seeking out more power. He is seeking out the power of line item veto, so as to cut down on the amount of special projects that are put into spending bills. President Bush tried to get the same legislation passed in 2006 but the senate refused to consider it. Bill Clinton signed a similar bill into law in 1996. Now you must be asking yourself why is it that President Obama is seeking this power when Bill Clinton already signed it into law. Well there is a reason for that, it was found to be unconstitutional in 1998. I applaud President Obama for trying to find ways to cut spending, but when he signs bills like the porkulus spending bill, which was nothing but pork barrel spending, it is hard to truly take him seriously on the grounds of being fiscally responsible.


  1. 389)  Heaven forbid this man ever let the free market decide.  The technology does exist to an extent.  GM’s division of GEO back in the day got great mileage.  But, in order to get that mileage, sacrifices in other areas had to be made.  Lighter material helped increase the mileage, but it also resulted in cars that were’t as safe or reliable.  Do we really want tractor trailers barreling down the interstate at 70mph getting better mileage, but are less safe, endangering all other drivers?  Does this man even care about that?390)  And that’s why he’s been so easy on them for this mess.  I’m no tree hugger, but BP has a terrible track record when it comes to safety and pollution.  The river they polluted behind my parents’ house back in the ’80s still hasn’t recovered fully…391)  Clinton used that line item veto to “balance” the budget by cutting military hospitals and barracks.  My barracks room when I was stationed in Korea literally had a hole in the ceiling that I could have used to go into the room above mine.  THAT’s why Obama wants it.  Not to cut spending, but to slash spending in areas that are actually needed.

  2. @grim_truth – well you see we are not smart enough to decide the right way. That is the progressive mind set.

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