Past comes back to haunt the President, New International Order,

392.) President Obama has asked congress for what basically amounts to line item veto power for the President. What is ironic is that he was one of 47 senators who joined together to vote down similar legislation in 2007.  Joe Biden was also on that list of senators. I guess they simply forgot this is something they are fundamentally against.

393.) President Obama gave a speech at the 2010 West Point graduation. In this speech he made a few comments that must be addressed. “Our adversaries would like to see America sap its strength by overextending our power, So we have to shape an international order that can meet the challenges of our generation.” followed shortly by ”This engagement is not an end in itself. The international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times — countering violent extremism and insurgency; stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and securing nuclear materials; combating a changing climate and sustaining global growth; helping countries feed themselves and care for their sick; preventing conflict and healing its wounds”  An international order, does he mean something like the League of Nations, oh wait that didn’t work, clearly he means something like the United Nations, oh wait that hasn’t worked so well either.  We have had international orders before, they never work.  An international order has been the dream of Progressives sense the days of Woodrow Wilson. Wilson had this grand idea of a League of Nations that would prevent another world war. Well, President Wilson was President during world war one, I am going to let you the reader tell me whether or not the League of nations worked. Yet like any progressive idea if it fails don’t give up on it, change the name and try again. That is how we got the United Nations. The United Nations is a clear example of the failure of an international order.  The most powerful countries in the world have joined together in an attempt at preserving the peace that resulted in the twin forces of Justice and Liberty victory over tyranny in World War Two. This body passes resolutions, it makes demands, in order to prevent terrorism, prevent the spread of nuclear weapon, and the securing of nuclear materials. The United Nations has failed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear technology, it failed to stop North Korea, it failed to put an end to Al-Qaeda despite their countless attacks on freedom.  International orders are nothing but a step towards global governance, not government, but governance. It is an attack on American sovereignty.  President Obama is laying the ground work for what ultimately can lead to the end of American Liberty as we know it. Look to Europe and you will see President Obama’s grand plan.

394.) President Obama announced on Wednesday may 26, 2010 that he is sending 1200 National Guard troops to the United States Mexico border. At first it would appear that President Obama has finally seen the folly in his plan for amnesty and an open boarder. However if you turn back the clock to June 2006 a similar action was taken by President George W. Bush. President Bush sent 6000 National Guard soldiers down to the border. But wait a minute if we already sent in the national guard why is it that we are still having an issue with illegal immigration and smuggling? The reason is simple, the 6000 troops sent in by President Bush did not do the job. It did not work with 6000 soldiers why on earth does President Obama think it will work with 1200?  Let me put it this way the United States Mexico border is 1969 miles, so President Obama is sending a ratio smaller than 1 soldier per mile. To put that in perspective Alaska has a population of 1 person per square mile.  Now think about the odds of running into a person in the Alaskan wilderness, those are greater than the odds of running into one of President Obama’s national guardsmen.  What this amounts to is a pitiful attempt to appear as though President Obama is trying to fulfill  one of the few jobs of the Federal Government, protect our borders. It will not work, it is a waste of money and time. Immigration is a multi-part issue. You must have a secure border before you can even begin to pretend to control immigration. If you do not control immigration there is no way to reform it.  President Obama and most of his progressive allies are dead set against boarder security they want to treat the shooting pain, not the shattered bone.

  1. We have already seen the beginning of the end of American liberty as we knew it.  Obama’s plan is really very simple.  He has set out to bankrupt this country so he can  be the one to rebuild it.  But what will be rebuilt will be something we do not recognize.

  2. 392)  Yup, typical liberal hypocrisy.  It wasn’t ok for Bush to have it, but it’s ok for him to have it.  This man’s ego knows no bounds.393)  The left wants an “international order” because they want to run it.  They want all the power.  Name one scenario in history or even fiction where 1 leader over an entire species was effective. 394)  It’s an act to try to appease those of us who know better.  It gives me hope as it shows how truely ignorant he is.

  3. alampi said:

    @GeoCachingFan – We’ve seen the beginning of the end a long time before Obama. One only has to look at history to see what Lincoln did to trample our constitution. Obama is certainly taking the ball and running with it, though. With no pretext whatsoever of trying to remain within the confines of our constitution. 

  4. the only way to control illegals coming in is to get rid of their jobs and the only way to do that is to seriously fine the crap out of anyone hiring them, no exception or excuses…..

  5. @tialoca_talks – Immigration reform is far larger than either side is willing to admit.  There are several problems that lead to immigration. Both of which california shows quite well. The first is we have jobs, the second is the border is open. California has lost jobs, and has a border fence. Hence why the illegals have started to go in through Arizona where there are jobs and little to no fence. We have no options we must close the border, and we must crack down on those who hire illegals.  here is the problem with just cracking down on the jobs end. You see there are two types of people who jump our border. the first is the kind that the democrats are always standing up for, the ones who come here for a job to support their families. The second are the drug dealers and criminals. The ones who come here illegally to get jobs, i have no doubt would love to come in legally, and have a real job. However that does nothing to stop the people who are actually doing harm to the country. Do you think cracking down on the hiring of illegals is going to stop crack dealers and drug cartels from hoping the border and terrorizing the country side? We need a bill that does the fallowing, AT THE SAME TIME,  shuts down the border with a real fence (Read up on the fence that Israel uses to defend its borders), cracks down on hiring of illegals, and makes becoming an American Citizen easier.  If it is easier to become a citizen and it is the only way to get a job, more people will come in legally.  If we shut down the border with an Israel style border fence it will make it much harder for the drug dealers to get into the country.  The bill MUST NOT,  offer amnsety for those who are already here illegally.  We have to stem the tide of illegals before we even think of tackling the issue of the ones who are already here.  There are many acounts from border patrol officers of catching illegals and them saying that they came here to try to get in before President Bush got the amnesty bill passed. This is a simple issue. Close the border, go after criminals who hire illegals. End of story. Do those things, and move on.  Stop wasting money on porkulus bills and healthcare bills we do not want and the federal government has no right to do. Instead use that money to fund closing the borders and prosecuting the criminals who hire illegal immigrants.

  6. @obamawatch – wish yu well with closing the border, it cannot be done… but drying up the jobs will take care of most of the issue…as for drug dealers coming over, shoot them….

  7. @tialoca_talks –  Do not say it cannot be done.  We built the panama cannal, we put a man on the moon, we toppled both the japaness and Nazi empires in the gribs of a depression. We developed the Atomic Bomb, we brought the world flight, America is a nation where if it can be dreamed it can be done. We can shut down the border and we must.  It will be hard I will never say it won’t be, but Americans have never said it is to hard. If we had we never would have gotten on the old wind battered ships and sailed to this unknown land filled with beasts and hardships, we never would have settled the west, we never would have defeated the Axis powers.  A nations borders must be secure.  Nothing we do will shut down illegal immigration.  If you just build a fence, they will find a way over to get to the jobs, if you just dry up the jobs they will hope the fence and find someone who is willing to hire them and pay taxes. It was illegal in the 20’s to sell or make alchole if that was the case how was it that Al Capone made the money that he did. It is illegal to sell pot, heroine and the like but it is still done.  Someone will always hire them. However a closed border and dried up jobs pool and easier legal immigration will drastically cut down the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country. They must be done together, they are not seperate ideas but crucial parts of comprhensive immigration reform.  One cannot be successful with out the other, combating illegals cannot be done without them both.   I was not disagreeing with you, in the least, but there is more to it then just drying up the jobs.  There is more to it then just building a fence.  As a side note, if we make it easier to come in through the front door, and make it harder to get a job illegally, the men climbing over the top of the giant fence with bags become much easier to target 😉

  8. @obamawatch – yu are mistaken…now, don ‘t get me wrong..i wish we could…but it is simply not possible to close the entire border effectively…they tunnel and yu cannot stop that…besides, the cost is ridiculous to try…however, i guarantee yu..if there are no jobs for them, they will stop coming by the millions…

  9. @tialoca_talks – Just cutting jobs will not work. I garuntee you that. They will find places to work. They will work for cash, and there will be no paper trail.  If you make it hard to get here, if you make it hard to get jobs if you make it easy to come in legally that will do the job.    Israel has sealed their borders, using a double layer fence. It works.  Our border is large, yes, it will be costly yes, but this is one of the things the federal government is actually supposed to do. Cut spending from other worthless projects that it is illegal for the federal government to be involved it. Here is how it will work. it is easier to get into the country legally, so more people start going in the front door. It is illegal to hire illegal immigrants. Harsh punishments, jobs go down. Do to the drop of the in jobs, the idea of jumping the border fence becomes a lot less apeasing, it becomes much less economical to dig a hole. The cost I got a plan for that, take money from the stimulus bill.  Here is the thing, an unsecure border goes far byond just stemming illegal immigration. Drugs, guns, and terrorist can cross the  vast ungaurded expanse of the America’s southern border. A nation cannot stand with out a secure border.  That is the fact of the mater. I never said it would be easy or cheap, but sending a man to the moon wasn’t easy or cheap, defeating the nazi’s wasn’t easy or cheap. Sometimes these things ahve to be done. Another thing is you will not get republicans on board with out shutting down the border, you will not get democrats on board without a crack down. To get it passed you will need both parts. Sad to say that is how the system works. Unfortunatly i fear both sides will forget the most obvious way to help end illegal immigration, make it easier to come here legally.

  10. start fining anyone who hires an illegal 50,000 per infraction…the jobs will dry up…make it mandatory fine, no excuses…i guarantee, the jobs will dry up…

  11. You are focusing too small picture only solving a third of the problem I garuntee it.

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