The Border, Memorial Day, Financial Reform

395.) President Obama sent 1200 national gauardsmen to the border. The state department made clear just what those people will be doing; they will not be able to aid in the enforcement of immigration law. So there are too few being sent, and they are not going to have the power they need to actually aid the border patrol agents. President Obama is not only repeating President Bush’s mistakes on the border, he is doubling down on them.

396.) President Obama has decided that rather than stay and attend the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary, he is going to go on a vacation. The director of conservative Vets for Freedom, Pete Hegseth said. “It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, but I think it is a reflection of priorities,” and it really is. I understand that President is a young man, and has a young family and they want to travel. But when you become president, you give that up you become the head of state of America. You are a symbol to the American People. That is part of the reason that FDR hid his handicap from the public.  It sends a bad message when, a war time President goes on vacation instead of going to the national memorial day celebration. 

397.) President Obama has continueally praised the financial reform bill. But when it is disected, the law becomes something of worry.
          a.) It does nothing to regulate Fanny and Freddie, two firms largely responsible for the financial collapse.
          b.) It provides for the siezure of private property without judicial review. It allows to treasury secreatary to make a decision on whether or not the a bank is about to go under and then seize it and its assets from those who actually own them.
          c.) It does do away with bailouts, but it does it by giving the treasury the power to just open a government line of credit for troubled entitys.
          d.) It creates the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. This bureau has the power product and services that a firm can offer a consumer. It will reduce choices and make it harder to aquire credit. This Bureau has the ability to track your credit transactions and links them for some insane reason to the Census Bureau.
         e.) If this bill is passed experts agree that the government will have control over 60% of the economy. That, for you progressives out there who have trouble with math, is over half of our economy. The government will control 60% of the economy, the government, the same government that is running a 13 trillion dollar deficit, the same government which runs Am-Tracs, that is a dangerous and terrifying proposal.

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  1. obamanation is on warp speed….trying to destroy America as fast as he can! It still amazes me how many people just cannot see it…and how many don’t even care…and how many don’t pay any attention whatsoever. ‘What we don’t know won’t hurt us’….THAT mentality will destroy America! never kept touch with my congressmen/women like I have since obamantion took office. It’s all so ridiculous….he isn’t even legal to have this office….he has not PROVED legal documentation YET. Altho he’s spent a million dollars on attorneys to protect whatever he is hiding….THAT right there is red-flag-city!  I keep praying, that is for sure!Have a wonderful Memorial Day week end!

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