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368.) President Obama in his infinite wisdom has allowed the National Labor Relations Board to reverse a rule that has stood for over 60 years. The goal of changing this rule is to make it eaiser for Airline and Railroad workers to unionize. Under the old methode of unionization a vote of the entire work force was taken, if you didn’t show up to the vote you were counted as a no vote. Now it only requires a majority of the workforce who shows up to cast a ballot vote yes. This was done at a time when airlines are fighting low consumer counts due to the recession, and sky rocketing fuel prices. Now they are going to have to fight an increase in labor costs that always comes with unionization. President Obama however does not care about business, he only cares about those who helped get him elected, the Unions are owed their dues.

369.) The new financial reform bill that President Obama has been beating his chest about, and that the Democrats have deemed to be more important then illegal immigration, he claims is designed to prevent another economic collapse. If that is the case why does it ignore Fanny May and Freddie Mac, the two government subsidized morgates lenders who under the request of President Clinton started making loans to people who couldn’t afford them. It was Fanny and Freddie who started the collapse of the houseing market, and our economy, so why is it that they are not included in this financial reform law? It couldn’t have anything to do with the progressive fact that it is not fair that people who don’t have a high paying job or good credit can’t buy a mansion. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that this financial reform bill is little more then an attempt to gain further control over the private sector of America.  Or could it…

370.) Yesterday the CBO announced that the Health Care Law will cost around 115 billion dollars more then it was orginally projected to, bringing its total cost up to over 1 trillion dollars.  You know I vaguely recall saying something about the health care law costing more then it was projected…. I also recall President Obama saying to stop questioning it because is seemed that he believed the None Partisan CBO is never wrong… Will we hear a statement about this from the President? Or will he just attack those who speak out against him and say that this is why we need limits on our freedome of speech… I mean that we need to make sure speech is fair.

371.) When you add up President Barack Obama’s spending spree it turns out that he is spending 24.13% of the American GDP. To put that in perspective, at the peak of FDR spending, that includes New Deal I, New Deal II, and WWII a two front war between the Germans and the Japanese,  FDR only managed to spend 19.35% of the American GDP.  This spending is out of control. It did not save the economy back then, it will not save it now. The New Deal and FDR’s spending spree have been shown by true economist and historians to actually have prolonged the Great Depession. President Obama is gearing up to out do FDR and proove that if you spend 5% more you some how be able to do better. This insanity has to be stopped, november is becomeing more important as each day goes by.

372.) President Obama announced that he wants to reform federal hiring practices. Personnel Managment Director John Berry said “We are switching to resumes” and “The President is eliminating knowledge, skills, and abilities essays as an initial recruitment requirement of the federal government.” Wait what? President Barack Obama is eliminating knowledge, skills and abilities essays, what on earth for?  Personally I would want to make sure that I have a clear understanding of the knowlege, skills and abilities of the person that I am about to hire. I would want to be even more carefull sense they are being paid by the hard earned money of the American People.  President Obama thinks it takes too much time to hire new federal employes, currently it takes around 200 days from the time an opening is announced to when someone can fill it, or so he claims,  he wants to cut that time down to 80 days. Personally this is a clear sign to me of government waste, those 200 days are a great time to see if the position is actually needed, to go fishing for the best person for the job, to make sure cannidates are cut out for the job. But rather then do an indepth study of the person that he is about to hire, President Barack Obama has decided to cut corners and rely on a simple resume with all essay style questions removed.  I guess when you are in a hurry to grow federal government and shrink the private sector you have to be able to hire quickly.

373.) I cannot believe I let this one slip by, President Obama choose to play golf over going to the funeral of  the Polish President Kachinsky, who lost his life last month when his plan crashed. I understand that the volcano erupting put a hault to all air travel, but the President did not even make an effort to go to the polish embassy to sign a book of condolences, something both the Vice President and Secretary of State did.  Instead he chose to go and play a game of golf.

374.) On the subject of golf I would like to point out that in his 8 years in office President George W. Bush played 24 games of golf, he gave it up in 2003 saying that it was wasn’t approriate in a time of war. By comparison President Barack Obama in his little over 1 year in office has played 32 games of golf. I guess President Obama does not see playing on expensive private courses, while American’s are losing their jobs, their houses, their life savings, along with their sons and daughters over seas as inappropriate. What great character.

375.)  President Barack Obama has had a rare chance to nominate a second judge to the United States Supreme Court. Given this rare chance you would think that he would go out of his way to pick the best person for the job. Instead he went and picked Elena Kagan. Kagan appears to be about as qualified to be a Supreme Court justice as Barack Obama is qualified to be the President of the United States. You see Ms. Kagan has never been a judge on any level, what makes the President think that putting this woman in a position as important as this is a bright idea? Surely it has nothing to do with politics, or scratching anyones back. But before we jump to conclusions about why she was nominated lets look at her record. 
          a.) While the Dean of Harvard Law Elena Kagan banned United States Military Recruiters from the campus. Not because she thought the military should not be on the campus but because she did not like the “don’t ask don’t tell policy”.  Note this took place right after September 11th, 2001 a time when America was ramping up for war. When we were rallying to defend our nation, Elena Kagan was rallying against those who defend it.
         b.) She spoke out for the campaign finance reform act which hindered freedom of speech. Something President Obama loves. 
         c.) While attending Princeton University she wrote a paper titled “To the final conflict, socialism in New York City, 1900, 1933” In this paper she states “Americans are more likely to speak of a golden past then a golden future of capitalisms glories than of socialisms greatness” I think that says it all, 30 years ago she was talking about the down fall of capitalism in America, and now she is in position to have the power to make that happen.
* what do you think? Is Elena Kagan the right woman for the job? Or is this more of the same from President Barack Obama?  I must ask you all, to write your senators and demand that they ask the question “Ms. Kagan yes or no, Is the consitution a living document.” and tell that that if she answers yes, they are to vote no.


362.) President Obama wants to work with congress on drafting a proposal for limiting consitutional rights for those who are suspected of terrorism, even if they are American Citizens. Okay first off you only have consitutional rights if you are an American citizen, foreigners do not have constitutional rights as the consitution does not apply to them. President Obama is considering stripping U.S. citizenship from suspected terrorist. I am pretty sure there will be consitutional issues there. I am no terrorist lover, I personally have no problem with gitmo, those men are monsters of the highest caliber. I however fear when a President who already has shown that he does not know the difference between friend and foe, who has already shown to be a corrupt power hungry individual, starts talking about taking consitutional rights away from American Citizens, rights that were given to us by our creator not our government slaves.  Who will be considered a terrorist in this new Obamaian age? Will the Tea Partiers be terrorist? You don’t have to commite an act of terror, you just have to be suspected of being a terrorist, you could be “planning” an attack and lose you rights. Mark my words, the importance of November cannot be understated, unless we sweep out President Obama’s liberal allies we will not recognize our country.

363.) President Obama has continually preached to the American People that he will fight for strong sanctions against Iran for developing nuclear technology. Well actually he promised us first crippling sanctions, then he promised we would get sanctions with a bite, now it appears as though we will get sanctions that are like pissing on an inferno. You see the sanctions that President Obama is currently pushing for in congress are designed to kick Iran in the throat. They are supposed to target Iran selling refining equipment and gasoline.  These would be effective, as Iran’s economy is almost entirely based on the trade of oil. However as always President Obama takes a good idea and ruins it, he wants exemptions for firms in “cooperating countries”, Russia and China are included in that list. When the public was made aware of this and expressed concern the White House said and I quote “We strongly reject the idea that it’s somehow being weakens, Rather that we’re working to make sure that the President has maximum flexibility as we increase the pressure on Iran a crossed many fronts.”  President Obama will not even admit that he is weakening the already weakest option that he can persue.  I understand that he is trying to bring China and Russia to the table, but I also understand that he is once again showing his ignorance to history. Chamberlin also thought a blood thirsty fascist could have its lust quenched by deals and appeasment. History shows that Hitler made those deals and then quickly proceeded to break them.  Russia and China are by no means fascist dictator ships, although China is awfully close, but as much as I fear to say it this is a situtation where, if you are not with us you are against us. If you cannot agree that Iran going nuclear is one of the most dangerous scenarios in the history of the world, you need to have your eyes open. They do not subscribe to MAD, they are perfectly okay with the western world destroying itself.  If we do not act, there will be blood shed on a cataclysmic level. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not within the year, but within the comming decade I fear the third deployment of a nuclear weapon in war.

364.) In a commencement speech President Barack Obama declared war on technology.  “with ipods, and Ipads, and xboxes and playstations, none of which I know how to work, information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than a means of emancipation,”  In this statement I believe that he cannot be more wrong. These new technologies provide all American’s emancipation, emancipation from the progressive spin machine.  Webster defines Emancipation as the act of emancipating, which means to free from restraint, control, or power of another. It also means to free from any controling influence. The Ipods, Ipads, xboxes and playstations have provided American’s a link to one another, a link that has never existed before. News and information travel from one person to another instantaneously, it is becoming much harder for corruption and liers to avoid being drug from the dark depths of our country and flung into the light of justice.  President Obama is trying to discredit these new avenues of connection, in a vain attempt to maintian the progressive’s grib on the spread of information in this new technological age.

365.) In that same commencement speech President Obama said that technologies offered by sony, microsoft, apple, and Nintendo as distractions that are putting unnecessary strains on our country. What is it his business to tell us that these technologies are unnecessary, or distractions? It is not the job of the President to tell the American people what they should or should not buy, or what should or should not be considered a distraction. I love too how he is going after the number one selling products of two of the top companies in America, Apple and Microsoft.   Those companies create high paying jobs, and are streaching the imagination as to what technology can do. So clearly they are the spawn of satin how dare they make dreams come true.

366.) In that same commencement speech President Obama made sure that everyone got their fair lumps. He made sure that bloggers and new age media outlets were targeted as foolish and distractions.  He lemented the spread of social networking sites and blogs, obviously connecting with the people around you so you can more rapidly share information and news is a horrible thing. President Obama hates blogs and networking sites because through them “some of the craziest claims can quickly gain traction”. Yes crazy ideas like the truth, logic, and facts can be brought to light. The craziest idea of them all is that the internet allows every last human beings voice to be heard in a way that our forfathers never could have dreamt of, such a crazy and dangerous idea must be brought under control. How dare average people think they can have ideas only President Obama is allowed to have those.

367.) in that same commencement speech President Obama said that “all of this is not only putting new pressures on you, it is putting new pressures on our country and our democracy.” Okay okay hold on, once again I have to say this, WE DO NOT HAVE A DEMOCRACY! The United States of America is a Republic. If it was a democracy President Obama would not have a job, each LEGAL citizen would go to Washington and cast a vote for each individual issue that came up, if we had a democracy the Health Care Bill would never have passed. We have a republic we elect representives who go to Washington and are supposed to make our voice heard. Now that the largest stupidity of that statment is out of the way,  Technology is not putting any more strains or pressures on the American People or our country than the Presidents own misguided policies.   Technology is putting unwanted pressure on President Obama because it allows American’s to learn true history, it allows us to play watchdog over our servants in Washington.  It allows us to realize President Obama’s radical past, the inevitable failure of his policies, and the lies that he is attempting to shove down our throats. Of course he would attack technology, technology is going to cement the truth of his legacy.



357.) The oil spill in the gulf is a true disaster, the oil leaking out stands to damage wildlife along the coast, cost people their lively hoods, and transform a sick economy into a bed ridden economy. This black ooze stands to destroy the ways of life of countless Americans. This black sea of destruction has been released from the depths of the ocean by nothing more then back room deals and government corruption. Big oil has had its hands in the pockets of recent politicians giving them a loop hole to climb through to avoid crucial government regulations put into place to prevent such disasters. Now many think that I am talking about President Bush, but I am actually talking about President Obama. You see President Obama made a deal with BP so that they could bipass costly and time consume saftey regulations. He granted them an exemption from being prepared for such disasters. Now why would the green save the trees guy President Obama give such an exemption to an evil Big Oil company? Well it could be that BP has given over 3.5 million dollars to federal candidates over the last 20 years. The largest chunk of this rather large pie has made its way to the campaigns of one Barack Obama. Just while in the senate alone Barack Obama recieved over 75,000 dollars from BP. Yet another example of President Obama practicing good ol’ fashion Washington politics, with a hint of Chicago corruption thrown in for added kick.

358.)In a commencement speech in ann arbor Michigan President Obama said “If you’re a fan of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, try reading a few columns on the Huffington Post website. It may make your blood boil, your mind may not be changed, but the practice of listening to opposing views is essential for effective citizenship. (applause) It is essential for our democracy.” This is a disgusting statement; it almost makes me sick to my stomach to have to right it.  First off once again President Obama has decided that the President is supposed to attack private individuals who disagree with him. You know that evil servant of satin George W. Bush never once called out individual American citizens even when one was camped out in front of his ranch in Texas. President Obama just continually cries fowl when the American People fight back.  He has to make someone the villain, because he doesn’t have the answers.  What more the fact that he is telling the American People to “listen to the other side” when has he ever done that? I cannot think of a single time that he listened to the other side of the argument. He held a health care summit and hardly paid attention to the Republicans who spoke there. He ignored the 10’s of thousands of tea party protesters that gathered in Washington D.C. to speak out against it. He ignored the fact that over 50% of the country did not want the bill passed.  Why should we listen to both sides, when he not only doesn’t listen to both sides, he attacks and attempts to shred the opposition. Look at how he referes to and talks about the tea party. He told us last year that we should not pretend that we are mad about taxes, but rather that we are upset about health care costs. Was he listening to the opposition? Clearly not, because the tea partiers were not upset merely about increasing taxes, or the health care bill, they were upset with an out of control debt and a federal government whose reach into our lives is growing faster then opposition to President Obama. Once again we have an example of President Obama playing the classic progressive game of “do as I say, not as I do” because he knows what opposition to pay attention to, we are just too stupid to understand. Progressive elitism, its enough to make me sick.

 359.) Many of you know there was a terrorist attack in Times Square, thankfully the attack failed, but that does not change the fact that there has now been three terrorist attacks on American soil sense President Obama has taken office. We had only one with President Bush, now I will admit 911 was a major terrorist attack, but President Bush sent a message that we were done being the pawns of terrorist demands. President Obama has sent a message to the terrorist thugs that he is not going to defend the nation. He threatens sanctions against Iran, yet he fails to make them by his deadlines he set, he sets time tables and dead lines for troop withdrawls, and continually shows that he will not play America’s hand.  I would like to point out that it is not like the terrorist faisal Shahzad just went nuts and attempted to Blow up Times Square, he had been on a travel watch list sense 1999, and on a terrorist watch list sense 2009. So any attempt to paint him as a product of the Bush Administration cannot be allowed to stand. President Obama has yet to make any such connections, but the news media has.

360.) Dispite the terrorist attack on Times Square, Eric Holder (President Obama’s Attorney General) has said that the attack will not change the plan to hold terrorist trials in New York City.  I guess the Obama administration is incapable of changing anything but the logical foundations of this country. What will it take to make President Obama change his mind? The sky rocketing cost of holding a trial in New York didn’t, the security risks didn’t, and a terrorist attack won’t, can anyone in the Obama adminstration tell me why it is a good idea to hold a trial for an enemy combatient in New York?  There are none, this is just another of President Barack Obama’s bad ideas.

361.) In a new book called The Promise: President Obama Year One President Obama is quoted on November 30th 2009 as saying “the unanimous vote of House Republicans vote against the stimulus bills ‘set the tenor for the whole year … That helped to create the tea baggers and empowered that whole wing of the Republican Party to where it now controls the agenda for the Republicans” Such vulgar language is below the position of the Presidency it is a disgrace to the office, it degrades every man who has ever held that positions honor and legacy. 


352.) In a speech last week President Obama said ” I want to be clear. we are not pushing financial reform because we begrudge sucess that is fairly earned. I mean I do think that at a certian point you’ve made enough money.” Really at a cretian point you’ve made enough money? Well when is that Point President Obama, I mean you made close to 2.7 million dollars last year, and still collected your 400,000 dollar Presidential pay check. Surely you have enough money, you should just be giving it all away. When you link his statement here with his statement with joe the plumber ” i believe money works best when you spread it around” the truth become eirely clear if President Obama has his way your sucess will be limited to whatever is fair and enough. But who will decide what is a fair way to make money, who will decide when you have enough. Right now, the one who gets to decide is you, but if President Obama has his way the answer will be President Barack Obama savior of the world.

353.) I was raised to believe that a man’s word was his bond, that if you violeted the sacred trust between individuals you are no better then the stray dog rutting through the garbage. If when you say you will do something, and you choose not to do it, you destroy that trust that your fellow man has in you. Apparently the marxist that helped raise President Obama do not believe that your word is your bond, they do not believe that being an honest man is cruical to being able to sleep at night. I say this because, when asked by a reporter about his promise not to raise taxes “one dime” on people making under 250,000 a year our great and wise President said “Of course this means that all of you, our friends in the media, will ask me and others once a week, or once a day, about what we are willing to rule out or rule in when it comes to the recommendations of the commission. That’s an old Washington game…so I wanted to deliver this message today: we’re not playing that game. I’m not gonna say what’s in, I’m not gonna say what’s out” So President Barack Obama does not believe that it is important to keep his promise, I think he is starting to realize that in order to pay of the credit card, the credit card that he alone is now responsible for as he has dwarfed all other spending sprees,  he has to increase his revenue. Unfortunatly for most American’s President Obama has realized that the largest increase in tax revenue will not come from raising taxes on the rich,  it will come from raising it on the middle class. You see the middle class pays hardly any taxes in the grand scheme of life. The upper class pays well over 50% of the tax burdern.  So once again we prove that President Obama is nothing but an old school lying politican. What makes it even worse is that he attemtped to make breaking a promise sound good! He said that holding to your promise is an old washington game, yea really old back in the era of Washington.  He is attempting to make it sound that lying to get elected is this new discovery that he came up with, and the media should praise him for it because he is changing Washington for the better.  His name is mud, let the record show that President Obama admits that he doesn’t care about promises.

354.) Arizona passed a law which allows police officers to arrest someone for being in the country illegally.  President Obama as you all probably know cried fowl and of course played the race card. When talking about the law President Obama said, “This law that just passed in Arizona, which I think is a poorly conceived law, you can imagine if you are a Hispanic-American in Arizona, your great grandparents may have been there before Arizona was even a state.  But now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to be harassed, that’s something that could potentially happen, I — that’s not the right way to go. ” President Obama clearly has added this illegal immigrant bill to the list of bills that he did not read before he went into campaign mode.   They cannot pull you over or detain you unless you have broken another law. It is a secondary offense. He is attempting to make the state of Arizona sound like the NAZI’s of Germany. However, I hate to break it to the President that immigrants are already supposed to always have their “papers” on them. In Arizona showing the police officer your drivers liscence will suffice as you have to be a legal citizen to be able to get a drivers liscence.  It is not like the secret police are coming to the parks, ice cream shops, and schools, kicking down doors and hauling people off because they forgot their wallet.  If your great grand parents were in Arizona before it was even a state, then odds are you can get a valid drivers liscence and when the police officer asks you for ID he will realize that you are legal and you will get your ticket or warning and be sent on your way.   It is an attempt to by President Obama to make everyone but him seem racist. He is attempting to exploit the violent situtation on the boarder for his own political gain, and he is lying about the bill. He is ignorant to American Law, and he is ignorant to this Arizona law. But that does not mater as he is the messiah and will disprove all. 

355.) Many of you may have heard that an oil rig exploded and sank in the gulf of mexico, and has been spewing oil out ever sense. President Obama has done, nothing. Sense the explosion President Obama has given speechs on bashing walstreet, bashing Arizona, bashing anyone who is against ciminal immigrants, and the such. The rig sank on april 21, on thursday the 22nd President Obama gave a speech on why the government should take over the financial sector. Later that same day, while this black goo oozed up from the dark depths of the sea, killing countless creatures, President Obama was safe and sound giving an earth day speech. He talked about how for 40 years now we have celebrated earth day, he spoke of just how great that was. friday april 23, President Obama gave a speech bashing Arizona for daring to enforce federal law. On saturday april 24, President Obama gave his weekly radio address which said nothing about the oil spill, instead it spoke about trying to cut government spending. April 26th President Obama was in a video asking minorities to vote in november for the democrats. April 27 President Obama continued to bash Arizona for its law being poorly concived even though it mirrors federal law. April 28 President Obama bashes any judge who actually does their job and supports the consitution. It wasn’t untill april 29th that we heard anything from the President on the spill. He said “I have ordered Secretary Salazar to conduct a thorough review of this incident and report back to me in 30 days on what, if any, additional precautions and technologies should be required to prevent accidents like this from happening again.” So basically it will be over 30 days before anything is done to stop the oil spill. Where is the Press outrage, this man is supposed to be the tree hugginest man alive and he continues to act litterally as if there is not a single thing wrong in the gulf. If President Bush was in office I garuntee you that Obama would be the first person demanding to see action from the President.  What makes this worse is that President Obama lied about ignoring the situation in the gulf. His administration has claimed that it has been taking the issue head on sense day one, when I think I have clearly shown he has not. Yet another example of President Obama lying.

356.) President Obama recently released a video aimed at ralling the democrat base. He hopes that this video will magically undo the fact that the Democrats have shrugged at their legal duties and been acting like tyrants, and prevent their almost inevitable defeat in the polls come november. Now it is nothing new for President Obama to make a mockery of the position of the President, what is odd is the message that this video sends. It is a video prooving the racism and sexism that runs rampent with in President Obama’s being. He calls out to “Young people, african americans, and latinos, women who powered our victory in 2008 and all those who voted with a big red X.” Why is it okay for President Obama to divide the nation up by race, yet it is not okay for Arizona to go after criminals, why is it that the President can invoke the race card anytime he wants and no one calls racism, yet when ordinary American Citizens stand up against his corrupt government and teenage brat style spending they are labled racist bigots and told to go back to the redneck village they came from. There is no such thing as reverse racism or reverse sexism, racism and sexism is just that. It is not okay for a minority man to be racist, it is still racism. That is traditional progressive move, divide up the people by classes, then divide them up by race. Woodrow Wilson, the great progressive of the early 20th century, was the man who in 1913 segregated the civil services.