Oil Spill,

398.) President Obama has set his puppet Eric Holder loose on BP. Tuesday June 2nd 2010 Eric Holder announced that the federal government has begun both criminal and civil investigations on BP. Eric Holder said, The government must “ensure that anyone found responsible for this spill is held accountable, that means enforcing the appropriate civil – and, if warranted, criminal – authorities to the full extent of the law.” The person to be held accountable is President Barack Obama. He approved the drilling; he approved the waver that led to this disaster. President Obama caused this disaster with his corrupt policies, he has to separate himself from the disaster and BP so what does he do, he makes BP the enemy and a monster.  I guess BP’s campaign contributions are going to pay off for them.

399.) President Barack Obama has taken command of the oil spill and “taken responsibility”, as part of his seize of power he gathered the smartest minds to Washington to find a way to stop the leak.  Apparently James Cameron is an expert on plugging oil leaks, because he is one of the individuals President Obama has summoned to fight the leak. James Cameron, I know he made Abyss and Titanic both of which required extensive use of ROV’s, but honestly James Cameron he is the best person you could find? What about Robert Ballard he was the first to dive on Titanic, he and his team found the USS Scorpion surely he would be just as qualified for the job. I think the reason why James Cameron was called in has to do with his history.  James Cameron has been a lap dog for the Green and Progressive Movements. For example, he continually speaks out against Glenn Beck calling him dangerous, just like President Obama. He once supported Eco Terrorism, hmm… supporting terrorism what a coincidence President Obama’s friend William Aires was a terrorist, Cameron supports terrorism President Obama supports terrorism, the two go hand in hand.  James Cameron, a radical left wing progressive from Hollywood, I see now why he was brought in. I mean he made avatar so clearly there is no one better for the job.

400.)President Obama held a press conference where he tried to dispel the fears of American’s that the federal government wasn’t doing enough to fix the BP oil spill. In this speech he said ”But there shouldn’t be any confusion here. The federal government is fully engaged, and I’m fully engaged.”  If he and the federal government are fully engaged, then the BP Oil spill is yet another classic example of the federal government being incapable of performing super hero deeds and mystically reversing the ills of the world, something President Obama believes it is capable of. 

401.) The Obama administration has continually claimed that the federal government is in control of the Oil Spill in the Gulf. They claim that they are telling BP how to handle the situation.  So that would mean that the failures in the Gulf are the Federal Governments fault. That means that every failed attempt to stop the leak has been caused by the Federal Government.  The News Media will soon be all over it, we will see news stories of hardships in the gulf and demands from the Press that President Obama do more, just like President Bush and Katrinia. That is unless the news media is a pawn of the Obama Adminsitration….

  1. 398)  It would have been less likely to have happened if they didn’t force them to drill so deep.  Even if it happened in shallower waters, it would be much easier to contain.  The left cries that “there’s not enough regulation, this is why this happened!”  when actually, it’s BECAUSE of overregulation as to why this happened and why it’s so hard to stop the flow of oil along with the destruction of the environment.399)  And yet, the president ignores every other option offered.  I have seen video after video and read article after article of possible ways to stem this flow of oil.  Yet the president refuses to listen, instead continues to blame the right for not coming up with any ideas.400)  If he’s fully engaged, then why did he go on vacation this past weekend???401)  Dead on!

  2. @grim_truth –  398.) yes well you cant drill in anwar because the carabu might be affected, and and it is ten years away. Or at least that is what the liberals will tell you. However it has been ten years sense President Clinton vetoed a measure that would have open it up. You have to start sometime.399.) Of course he is blaming others, it is his fault and he cannot afford anyone to see the connections.400.) That is a really good question i hadn’t even thought about that401.) i get lucky occasionally.

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