402.) President Obama  has decided that it is time to tax energy.   Well not really energy just carbon, its an attempt to get a green energy economy. His plan will lead to us paying more for the gasoline that we need to get to work. It will result in an increase in the cost of coal. America is like the Saudi Arabia of Coal and President Obama wants us to stop using it. China has showed no intentions of slowing down on opening up coal fired power plants. Our cutting back on green house gas emissions is not going to do anything to “fight global warming” all it is going to do is kill our economy and fuel China’s. 

403.) President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel asked President Bill Clinton to offer Joe Sestak a job in the Administration if he dropped out of the race against Arlen Specter.  That is against the law.

404.) President Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan is an excellent example of the Obama Administration’s views on Israel. He refers to Jerusalem as  Al-Quds. Why is it an English speaking individual is refering to Jerusalem by the name given to it by the muslims of the world? I am pretty sure it is yet another prime example of the Obama administration practing appeasment, a method the worked great for keeping Nazi Germany from marching over the face of Europe.

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  1. 402)  He knows this, he just doesn’t care.  Well, not true… he does care.  He knows if he kills the economy, he can continue to blame Bush.  He also knows, if he kills the economy, he can make slaves of all of us with his “wonderful progressive programs.”  Hopefully America wakes up first.403)  But since his puppet boy Eric Holder won’t do anything about it, he’ll just get away with it.

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