Unions, Oil, ironic

Sorry abotu not posting at all this week, work just wore me out i didn’t have time to keep up, I will try to do better. I appologize.

405.) President Obama gave a speech at a Kalamazoo High School Graduation. In this speech he told the grads to Not play the blame game or point fingers at others for problems. This is a great example of do as I say not as I do. How many times has President Obama blamed the President Bush for the economy, how many times has President Obama blamed the oil companies for the spill in the gulf, how many times has President Obama blamed someone else for things that he is responsible for.  Too many to count, he is the last person who should be telling people to not be playing the blame game.

406.) President Obama compared the BP oil spill to 911.  Really? I guess it is similar because our lives are going to be forcefully changed by the government. We never would wait in line at the air port if we were not afraid. Now President Obama is not going to let this disaster go to waste, oh no, things are going to change. the president is going to use this disaster to force a change over from oil to to green technology. That switch is coming, but we are not ready for that switch. If we were electric cars would dominate the road. More importantly if we the real rulers of the United States (the people)  wanted the switch we would buy more electric cars like the prius, yet in 2008 when oil prices reached their peak the F150 was the best selling vehicle in America. (just so you know the prius was not even in the top 10) President Obama plans on making decisions for you  because he is sick of the American People having the freedom of choice.

407.) President Obama met with James Cameren before he met with BP’s CEO, because he is not interested in talking to him.  He will meet with the dictator of IRAN, but not BP’s CEO? Does that not send up red flags.

408.) Why is it that President Obama refuses to sign a waver to the Jones Act? When the signing of that piece of paper would allow forgien ships to be allowed to help in US waters? Well it might have something to do with the labor Unions saying that they will lose jobs if President Obama signs that waver. Save the enviroment or help the Unions. President Obama is choosing to help the Unions.


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