Oil Spill

409.) President Obama has put an end to deep water drilling saying that rigs like deep water horizion rig are too deep. It is odd that he approved 2 billion dollars to Petro-Bras a brazilian oil company, who will be drilling in waters twice as deep as the deep water horizon rig. What is weirder yet that George Soros one of the largest contributer to President Obama’s campaign, owns 900,000,000 or nine hundred million dollars in Petro-Bras stock.  Hmmm…. It would appear as though President Obama is putting his buddies first, and us second, more corrupt chicago politics from who has to be one of if not the most corrupt Presidents in American History.

410.) President Obama expressed anger at BP’s CEO going for a ride on his yaht, even though the very same day President Obama went and played a game of golf, his 7th sense the spill started. It is okay for him to try to escape the disaster but by god no one else is allowed to. I am pretty sure that President Obama said that he would not rest untill the leak was stopped, isn’t golfing supposed to be about rest and relaxation


  1. 409)  I’m glad to see someone else is talking about Petrobas and Soros!  There should be a HUGE investigation into this!!!  Where are all the libs who were crying about Cheney and his Haliburton connection?  Hypocrites!  All of them!410)  the man’s hypocricy knows no bounds…

  2. Olebob said:

    Most people on the Coast want to continue drilling. Dems, Reps and Independents all of them.

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