Ohio Trip, Jobs, above the law.

411.) PResident Obama put into place an ban on new deep sea drilling in the United States. This decision has thankfully been overturned by the courts. If it had not though it would have cost the United States 38,000 jobs. This is a great example of President Obama’s idealogy hurting the country. He hates drilling and wants it stopped no mater what the cost. I guess your job isn’t important so long as President Obama gets to put his communist hell into place.

412.) The courts have overturned President Obama’s Drilling Moratorium, that made him mad, and clearly hurt his feelings. It comes as no suprise then that, much like a spoiled child, he goes ahead and announces plans on reimpose it. He clearly has no respect for the law, he much like Nixion thinks that he is above the law.

413.) President Obama was in Ohio June 18. I blinked and I missed it though. He took a 75 minute plane ride to Columbus, was on the ground for about 75 minutes, then he flew back. So lets get this streight President Obama flew to Ohio, gave a little speech, and then rushed home. Why? Why did he not spend more time there.  President Obama was in Ohio to speak about the start of what he claims is the 10,000 road project started under the Porkulus bill. Now you would think that President Obama would be there to beat his chest and say “look you idiot right wingers I was right look I made a job” and brag about all the good that the porkulus bill has done. Why is it that he ran away so fast, why did he not sit and enjoy the worship that the Ohioians were giving him. Could it have anything to do with the fact that sense the porkulus bill was past Ohio has lost 100,000 jobs, and this road project wouldn’t hardly put a dent in that number? That is possible, but unlikely President Obama doesn’t care if his plans actually fail, he just says that anyone who thinks they haven’t helped them are idiots and that everyone is now happy and living in mansions.  The more likely reason I think has to do with an obviously important event that was taking place in Washington. What could be so important that it pulled President Obama away from his Ego pump? Was it a visiting dignitary, a meeting with BP CEO’s, a meeting with A general about the wars in the middle east? These all pale in comparision with the critically important even that President Obama rushed back to Washington for. You see the Chicago White Soxs where playing the Washington Nationals. He had to rush home to attend the game, which he did.  Now I have gone over this multiple times, but any time the President Travels anywhere it costs millions of dollars, so he made a short pointless trip to Ohio, then rushed home to see a Baseball game, that sounds like a waste of tax payers dollars by a Play Boy to me.

414.) it is interesting that President Obama went to Ohio on June 18th to boast about how his porkulus bill has created countless jobs and made America a wonder land to live in. Now I know you are going thats nothing new, President Obama is always on the road lieing about his porkulus bill. What is interesting is that President Obama’s trip cost many construction workers a full days pay. Close to where President Obama was going to speak there was a construction project going on at a Hospital. Of course they would not get paid for this day, they didn’t work and it put the project behind schedual. The Obama Administration’s response to the workers outrage was “they will get a chance to recoup their losses” That is the most absured response ever. How are they going to get a chance to recoup their losses? They are going to have to work later on the project which will cost them time with their family, other jobs and cost them opprotunitys. President Obama clearly doesn’t care about jobs or the average American, otherwise he would have picked a day to come to Ohio when they were not working and it would not have interfered with peoples jobs.

415.) President Obama went to Ohio on June 18th, it shut down peoples jobs and cost the state and country money. I have been wondering why it was that he chose Friday June 18th to go to Columbus Ohio? I mean it interfed with jobs, he planed on going to a baseball game later that night, it was clearly not a convenient day to be there. You know I wonder if his decision to come to Ohio had anything to do with the fact that on that same day two of the largest pains in his side where also going to be in Ohio, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. They were there to poke fun at recent events, it was a comedy bit in all honesty ( I know because guess what I was there).  It would seem to me that President Obama went to Ohio   a key election state, to suck the wind out of Beck and O’Reilly’s sails.  I can’t figure out another reason why he would chose that day to go to Ohio when it was clearly a bad time for the President to go there.

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  1. Obama is so full of hot air, it is not a joke. All he does is sit in the White House and meet & greet these sycophants that seek to destroy us (i.e., the Saudi Arabian dictator, the Antichrist of Russia known as Dmitry Medvedev, and the president of the PLO, that terrorist pig Mahmoud Abbas). Hell, the bastard even talks of Russia like their Communist government is so much better than our capitalist democratic government.Obama is nothing other than a weakling who pretends to represent free society all while truncating the Constitution. And this weakling, through his connections with radical groups, through his radical agenda, and through his secret treaties with our enemies has shown himself unfit to govern this great nation! I say we march on Washington, and demand that Obama either resign the presidency or face impeachment for his crimes against our Constitution and our democracy! I also would demand the immediate resignation of all those senators and House members that dare to support that radical pig (i.e., Pelosi, Reid, and Lieberman)!I found something out on Lieberman, the man who calls himself an Independent but is in fact Obama’s bosom buddy. He is proposing an act that would destroy the conservative media outlets of this nation, in an effort to nationalize the national media–that is, make it an instrument of the government, like in socialized nations. You might want to look into it, friend. Here are a few places online to find out about it:http://www.foxnews.comhttp://www.hallindseyreport.comGood article here, friend. Keep up the good work!S.C.

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