G20, Oil, Campaign Promises, More on Kegan

416.) President Obama went to the G20 summit and spoke about how the countries should deal with their economic downturns. Europe faces a choice, they have tried spending and big government, and they have hit a wall. They are failing. Many of the large European countries have started cutting spending and slimming government (like Calvin Coolidge did to create  the 1920’s). President Obama however knows better then all of Europe. He went and chastised Europe and told them to spend more, to which the Europeans said pound salt. I figured President Obama chose to ignore history, he chose to ignore the will of his employer the American People, i would have thought surely he would listen to his fellow communists in Europe. I guess nothing will open President Obama’s eyes to the proven outcome of his plans.

417.) President Obama said on the campaign trail that we don’t need commisions to spend years on studying this economic disaster. Isn’t it odd that he set up one, and it still hasn’t given us a report on the crisis. He has basically done the exact opposite of what he promised to do on the campaign.

418.) The Obama administration put a ban on deep sea oil drilling. Yet shallow drillers have been hit very hard many are about to go under. The reason, no new permits for drilling have been issued sense the explosion on the BP rig. The administration says the reason that there have not been any new permits is because of new saftey regulations put into place and no one has met them yet. I find that an odd answer, sense the new regulations where already in place before the explosion.  Somthing doesn’t add up there, maybe I am missing it, but it sounds like someone is lying.

419.) isn’t it weird that Eric Holder is in Afghanistan while 10 Russian spies are arrested, why is that? Why is Eric Holder in Afghanistan? Why is the Obama Administration treating this like a joke? Robert Gibbs said that the President hasn’t had a personal reaction to the spies. President Obama’s belief in communism is becoming more and more clear every day.

420.) President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court spoke before the supreme court and said that some the federal government has the consitutional power to ban political pamphlets and that some political books if they where partisan enough could also be censored.  So if comfirmed we would have a Supreme Court Justice who is okay with hampering free speech. Hm… that sounds like a dicatorship to me. Judge me by the company I keep, President Obama I think you should start to regret those words, because your friends are starting to paint all too clear of a picture of your true tyranical nature.

421.) President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court  Elena Kegan, could not give an answer when she was asked if the government had the right ot tell you what to eat, she stumbled and stuttered and then put her ballet shoes and danced around the issue.  Hmm… a Supreme Court Justice who isn’t against the Federal Government controling every aspect of your life…. that is scary.

  1. 416)  his arrogance won’t allow him to see the truth417)  his entire campaign was nothing but broken promises418)  It’s because they didn’t contribute as much to his campaign as BP did…419)  Wow.  did not hear that one.  It does present an interesting question…420)  How on earth could any banning of political speech be constitutional?  That’s exactly what the 1st Amendment was written for.   That whirring sound?  Thomas Paine spinning in his grave.  His writings were very partisan, yet very instrumental in setting the footwork for our independence.421)  The good thing is, she’s only replacing another radical.  I would be worried if she was replacing a moderate or conservative justice.  IF she gets confirmed.  Hopefully someone digs something up on this woman and FAST!

  2. 421) she did say it was a “dumb law” immediately after the proposal though. but she danced away otherwise. but her general response didnt give me too much indication she was okay with the federal govt controlling every aspect of our life.

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