422.) President Obama filed his law suit against the arizona law. You remember how he went on the war path crying about how this law would lead to racial profiling. It is odd that in the law suit there is nothing mentioned about racial profiling isn’t it?

423.) President Obama cancled nasa’s consellation project, in favor of a new better one. He has decided that Nasa’s main mission should be to reach out to muslims and show them how they have contributed to space travel, because in the history of math they have made some contributions. So President Obama has decided that the nations space agency main goal should be to do what the state department is supposed to do.

424.) President Obama spoke at Robert Byrd’s funeral, in which he made light of his dark past. I do not want to speak ill of the dead, and I admire Mr. Byrd for being able to change and admit to his faults, it takes a big man to do that.  But to forgive and forget is wrong. You cannot forget the past. The truth is for a large portion of his life Robert Byrd was a true blue racist. He was a high ranking member in the clan, and it was a big part of his life.  The only reason that his past has recieved such a white washing and cleaning is that he is a democrat who would side with the progressives. I would like to point out to the President that this man was a true racist, he philibustered the civil rights amendment.

  1. 422)  It’s funny.  He’s suing them for enforcing a federal law.  That’s like a fire department suing a homeowner for putting out their housefire when the fire department refuses to do it.423)  That’s because he has no idea how this government is supposed to work.  He makes up his own rules.  It’s what happens when someone with absolutely no experience is put in that position424)  It’s all about partisanship.  Do you think he would have said the same things had Byrd been a Republican?

  2. I read about 423 in the news yesterday. I had to raise an eyebrow. America cut shuttle missions to make borderline third-world countries feel good about themselves?

  3. NASA Reaching out to Muslims, are they reaching out to Jews? or Budhist? or Hindus? I do not expect them to reach out to followers of Jesus, but  how come the Muslims get this favored status.???

  4. This President and his gang of tax cheaters, union thugs and racists haven’t got a clue.

  5. @prophet_21 – It is called appeasement, it is something that the europeans tried in the 1930’s to prevent the Nazi’s rise to power. It works out really well, oh wait it didn’t. Progressives try the same failed plans over and over again hoping eventually they will stick.

  6. virtus1 said:

    I demand NASA reach out to members of the Church of England and the Amish.  Perhaps also at least have friendly relations with members of the Greek Orthodox faith.  How daft.

  7. Mathew said:

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