Checks and Balances who needs them, Arizona vs LA why is one okay and the other not?

425.) President Obama once again has abused his presidential power. He has bipassed the system of checks and balances that has propelled our nation from a back water colony of the british empire, to the most powerfull country in the world in only 200 years, all because he knows better. This abuse of power came in the form of the recess appointment of the radical Dr. Donald Berwick to the Administrator of The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The Administration claims that it was just to important to wait for a congressional hearing. The real reason is simply they could not afford for this man to go on the record, his true progressive tendencies would become known. This man has made it public knowledge that he supports the rationing of health care. He supports the use of health care to redistribute wealth, he has said “good health care is by definition redistributive.” He matches President Obama in his radical tendencies in lock step, a congressional hearing would only further expose and damage the Presidents already shattered reputation. Republicans where actually trying to get a hearing on the books for the man, but the President used the back door to let him in before the GOP was able to preasure the Democrats into you know, fallowing the rule of law. It is yet another example of how President Obama feels he is above the law, which no one is.

426.) The courts struck down the oil drilling moratorium, so what did President Obama do? Put a new one in place. Hm… i guess he doesn’t believe in checks and balances. I guess if you look at the debt you could see that. He doesn’;t care about the number of checks he writes, or the country’s bank acounts balance.

427.) President Obama is going after Arizona’s illegal immigration law, because it somehow goes against federal law. So here is my question why is it that President Obama is not going after sanctuary cities? They do not turn in criminal immigrants, how is that not the same thing as the Arizona law. This is proof positive that President Obama is doing this just because of politics, NOT law. He is a man who does not believe in the rule of law, just the rule of whim and corruption.


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