Healthcare, Porkulus, Financial Reform, Scandel

428.) When the healthcare debate was going on President Obama was told the definition of a tax, he shot down the person who told him that, then he said it was not a tax. Why is it then that President Obama’s main support of the health care law in court is that the government has the right to collect taxes. He is a lier.

429.) The first lady went on commercials saying that we need to go on a vacation to the gulf coast. Why is it then that the Obama’s use tax payers dollars to go to Maine for their vacation, lead by example. I guess oil stained beaches are okay for we the peasents, but not for they the peasents servants.

430.) Over 5 million dollars has been spent on signs advertizing for projects paid for with the stimlulus bill. So… basically 5 million dollars has been used to campaign for the President and the progressives.

431.) President Obama signed the financial reform bill, in the Reagan Building. This bill give government more power over our lives. This bill does nothing to control fanny may or freddie mac, the people who caused this economic recession. So it is more regulations, with out solving the problem, government corruption.

432.) Isn’t it odd that Mrs. Sherrod was fired monday and it creates a huge scandel, then today when the offical press confrence is held, President Obama signs his destructive socalist wet dream Financial Reform Bill. It almost seems that he is trying to hide it. I say this because they so hastely fired her, then as soon as the Financial Reform Bill is signed into law she is offered a job back.  I wonder why all this is?

433.) Two states are now using federal dollars to fund abbortions, I believe that President Obama said that would not happen. Uh Oh, annother case of him not understanding a bill, or another case of him lying to us.

  1. He was saying that it was a tax incentive, not a tax that everyone had to payThe president doesn’t work for the first lady. 5 million dollars were spent a) stimulating the economy and b) making sure people who make road signs can keep their jobs too.  I have seen these signs, they say nothing about obama or democrats.The next two are just hyperbole and empty assertions and have no content that can really be contended.The last is of course a fictional claim made by john boener and one pro-life guy that high-risk “catastrophic” insurance pools would pay for abortions, when in reality they by definition only pay for very expensive procedures (over $5-10,000), and would by definition not cover a procedure like an abortion which is at most a few hundred dollars.

  2. SirDoc said:

    Obama and his socialist-terrorist minions are pathological liars.  And there are plenty of “useful idiots” trying, however feebly to justify their actions.    Obama and his socialist-terrorist minions are purposely destroying the country.  They have to pave the way for their culture of death. 

  3. SirDoc said:

    Oh yes, and let us not forget that what the states are doing doesn’t really matter since there is a group of Democrat (Socialist) Senators who are currently writing some legislation that will be inserted in the Immigration (ie. Amnesty) bill that allow illegals access to the new socialized health care.  

  4. @SirDoc – technically the medical system wasn’t actually socialized, a step in that direction yes, but not completely. This is what President Obama said, “For us to say you have to take responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase,” Obama said in response to persistent questioning, later adding: “Nobody considers that a tax increase.” He isn’t talking about tax incentives he is saying it is not a tax.  He either lied then or he lied now. Clearly you are not married ;)The stimulus bill has not stimulated the economy, government spending never does. The New Deal did not end the Great Depression and is considered by economist and historians to have actually made the great depression worse.  If large government spending worked Greece would not be in free fall.

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