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434.)  The finanical reform bill gives the government the power to watch your bank account and credit cards.  I want President Barack Obama to point to me where in the consitution he was allowed to do such a thing.  Does that make you feel better? Does that ensure your rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

435.)  So the Obama’s have announced that they are going to go to florida on a vacation in august. Just a quick question, why is it that President Obama feels the need to go on so many vacations, vacations that I might add are paid for by tax payer dollars.  It is nice that they are now taking a vacation to the gulf, but what reason is there for yet another vacation, all this time out of the office, when is the President actually going to do his job. Its not like he does it when he is in the office either, he never does act as a check on congress but you know.

436.) President Obama has decided to take another vacation, this time a trip to Chicago for a birthday party. Note his birthday party is being used as a Democrat Fund Raiser. Tax payers paying for the Democrat campaign funds. Now I know there are those out there who will say “tax payers are not paying for the democrat campaign funds” Well no not directly, we are however paying for the President to fly our 747 to Chicago, we are paying for secret service to police the area, there is a lot that goes into the President going anywhere.

437.) President Obama told the Boy Scouts of America that he would be speaking at their National Jamboree. But he skipped to go on the view. He is the first president to not attend the National Jamboree. He skipped the event to go and appear on the View. I wounder why he felt the need to snub an orginization that teaches young men to be independent and resourcefull that teaches a boy to be helpfull, friendly, courtious, kind, obedient, cheerfull, THRIFTY, brave clean and reverent. Maybe the reason the president didn’t is because the Boy Scouts teach a young man to be everything the President isn’t.

438.) Robert Gibbs came out and said “don’t think the President believes — I don’t think there’s an economist that believes there’s a stimulative effect to — or a good reason in terms of economic growth to extend those tax cuts, particularly given the choice that one has to make about the budget deficit.” Okay so lets take a look at this, no economist believes there is a stimulative effect to extend tax cuts. So let me get this streight, raising taxes on those who create jobs, the wealthy, is the way to get the wealthy to make more jobs here.  To address budget deficits, how about they stop the wastefull spending, which isn’t stimulating, which has not stimulated, which will not stimulate the American Economy. Government spending does not stimulate the economy. The Depression of the early 1920’s, the exact opposite measures of Hoover, FDR, and Obama where taken and the depression was lost to history, dispite it being worse then the 1929 depression. Now the die hard liberals will say macro economics says i am wrong. They will look at the large booms that happened after Coolidge, Kenndy, and Reagan cut taxes and still say I am wrong. So I will bring in yet another example of why big government spending doesn’t work. Let us turn our attention to Europe. There are two models I would like to look at, Greece and Germany. Greece is in a state of economic turmoil, I am positive I do not have to remind people of what has been going on over there, that is as long as they watch the news. Germany is currently enjoying a massive surplus and growing citizen prosperity. One of them has adopted the policies of FDR and President Obama, the other has adopted the polices of Fiscal Conservatism. Now PResident Obama would have you believe that it is Greece who cut spending, the truth however is that it is Germany who is enjoying a massive economic boom. This boom was brought around by fiscal converatism, that means cutting spending, and saving money. Yet another example of big government not solving economic problems. Yet President Obama and his buddies still insist of fallowing the same failed ideas of the progressive tyrants of the past.

  1. SirDoc said:

    Obama was afraid to go to the Boy Scout Jamboree because he couldnt’ figure out how to power his teleprompters using only sticks and a flint!  He also was afraid he’d be asked to recite a ” A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent… and he’d burst into flames!

  2. None of this is an accident. He’s one of the socialist elite.

  3. @SirDoc – well i doubt that he would be able to recite that because he wouldn’t have a teleprompter. That and you know that law was made 100 years ago, clearly it has to change to adapt to new thoughts, there shouldn’t be limitations that confine activity to a certian set of ideals. @Irish_Russian – I agree with you 100%

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