439.) Last saturday was the 65th anniversary of the Victory over the Japaness Empire in WWII. President Barack Obama said nothing about it, no mention of thanks to the men and women who laid their lives down to secure our freedoms. He said nothing to thank the men and women who gave up their youth to serve their country. Why? he spoke about the Mosque, he had a chance, all he had to do was acknowledge it. I think it has to do with President Obama’s belief about American Victory, and that he does not like it.

440.) President Obama was recently in Michigan and was braging about how for the first time in years all three United States Auto Companies are making a profit.  I would like to point out that his statement is fundementally flawed,
 a.) there are only two US auto makers Goverment Motors and Ford.  Chyrsler is now an Italian automaker thanks to President Obama.
 b.) he says this like it is something he was involved in, Ford is making the most money and is paying off its debts to the world without tapping into tarp (oh i believe GM did that), is not owned by the government or run by Obama appointed flunkies (technically GM isn’t anymore either but they where up untill recently). 

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  1. Thank you for pointing out things you see wrong…If enough of us do that maybe it is not too late!

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