“New plan”, True colors.

440.) President Obama gave a speech on August 31 and said “no one can doubt President Bush’s support for our troops, or his love of country and commitment to our security.” He could not admit that he was wrong about the surge, the surge in which he said would never bring and end to violence in Iraq, which it did. I would have loved to hear “I stand before you now to say that I was wrong, the surge in Iraq brought stability to the country and it is because of this success that I am no able to bring the troops home and pronounce the work of President Bush as complete and a success.” But… he didn’t he shrugged off President Bush and failed to admit that he was wrong in the past. He had a chance to win respect with much of the nation instead he put himself outside of the issue that he is very muchy involved in, and refused to admit that he was wrong and Bush was right.

441.) The Justice department is sueing Arizona again, well college in Arizona. Several colleges are being sued because they required job applicants to proove that they are citizens. The reason they did this is because it is against the law to hire an illegal immigrants. So the Obama Justice Department is suing a college because they are fallowing the law. Does this make sense to anyone else?

442.) President Obama redecorated the Oval office. Many Presidents have done this, however most Presidents don’t waist 787 billion dollars with the stroke of a pen, most Presidents do not run the deficit to a record high, when times are good it is okay to spend, when times are bad you don’t spend. It again shows that the President is living above the country, rahter then suffering with the rest of us. Oh wait, i am sorry no one is suffering this is the “summer of recovery” I know I am seeing jobs spring up everywhere.

443.) President Barack Obama is trying to find yet more ways to stimulate our economy, I don’t know why thought we already spent 878 billion dollars on a stimulus bill which promised to not only pay off all the labor unions and radical progressives that helped to get our president elected, but also to keep our unemployment numbers under 8%. Well for the majority of President Barack Obama’s term in office the unemployment number has held steady at almost 10%. So clearly we did not spend enough money, So now the President is pushing for a 50 billion dollars more in federal spending to boost the economy. He needs to realize that Federal Spending does nothing for long term economic growth. It failed when FDR tried it, it failed when Hoover Tried it and it is failing when Barack Obama tried it. The only tried and prooven method to long term economic growth is cutting government spending and cutting taxes. Release the power of the American people and get the government out of the way.

444.) President Obama has decided that he is not going to go to the site of the world trade centers to commemerate the 9th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11. I wonder what could posses him to decide to go to the pentagon instead of the site that the world associates with that day? It could be that he has had several vacations in the last month and has become tired of traveling, or it could be that he is trying to save the country money by not flying somewhere, But I am willing to bet that the reason he is not going to the site of the world trade center is all political. President Obama has made himself a massive political storm by involving himself in the world trade center mosque controversy, he had no reason to get involved in the debate he could have shrugged it off and let the local governments and the people of New York haggle out the details. Instead President Obama felt the need to bring the federal goverment into something is was not inteded to deal with. This has created a huge political risk, if he attends the ceremony at the the World Trade Center site he might be backed into a political corner. Why else would the President who is supposed to act as the Head of State of the United States not go to the epicenter of the 911 attacks.


  1. 440) arrogance will do that to a person441)  how else do you expect the administration to pander to the illegals for their votes once he gives them amnesty?442) maybe there’s a reason he’s not making sacrifices like the rest of the AMERICANS443)  How else do you implement a socialist agenda if you don’t destroy the economy first?  444)  Because if he visited ground zero, folks might question him as to what he’s doing to actually make us safe.  He showed with McChrystal that the military had better not question him, so what better way to prevent questions than to visit the military site?

  2. SirDoc said:

    444)  He’s going to a place that has standards and protocol and where they won’t yell “YOU LIE!”.. even though they would LOVE to!  

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