9 years ago an attack of terror rocked the United States. Nothing I can say can actually document or depict the way I felt, or the way American’s felt. I can only say Remember that day, Remember those who died, and why they died. An act of cold blooded hatred. Remember 911, but remember 912. We as a nation united as one people we came together and cared about one another. We showed the world that America is not a nation of play boys and whimps, but a nation of proud and strong people.  Learn from the past to prepare for the future. My prayers go out to the familys who lost someone. 

  1. I hear you, brother. You should read my blog on 9/11. In it, I state my feelings about what happened and what I have always wished to do for those tragic people affected by it. I also urge people to stay united, even in the light of this tragedy. Good post, friend.

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