Tax Cuts, Money wasted.

445.) President Obama is continuing his plan to let the upper teir of the Bush Tax Cuts expire. That is a tax increase. I believe last summer President Obama said the last thing they should do in an economic recession is raise taxes because it would suck demand out of the economy. So why is it now that President Obama is suggesting a tax increase on those who will create jobs and actually stimulate the economy. He is determind to do everything in his power to hold this economy back, that is unless his big government somehow defys the history and actually does what he says it will do.

446.) President Obama continues to lable the Republicans as the party of no, saying that they want to move back to policys that led us into this economic recession. He says that Republicans are holding middle class tax cuts hostage so that they can give the wealthy a tax cut. he said, “So let me be clear to [House Republican Leader John] Boehner and everyone else: we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer,” he said. “We are ready, this week, if they want, to give tax cuts to every American making $250,000 or less. That’s 98, 97 percent of Americans” Let me be clear this is not a tax cut. He is not cutting taxes for anyone, the tax cuts he is talking about have been on the books for a decade it is not a tax cut if they pass, it is a tax raise if they don’t. There are no Obama tax cuts.

447.) President Obama continues to show how little he actually knows about the economy. He chooses to only see part of the story.  He said earlier today “It will help our economy because middle-class folks are the folks who are most likely to actually spend this tax relief — for a new computer for the kids or for maybe some home improvement,” that is true, but if we cut taxes for the middle class and raise it on the wealthy, we are raising taxes on the people who employ the middle class. You raise taxes on the wealthy and the economy will get worse, they will move overseas and starve out what jobs are currently in the country.  The wealthy create jobs, to hire the middle class. History prooves that the only way to stimulate the economy is to get people working, the easiest and quickest way to do that is to cut taxes for everyone.  The New Deal failed, the tax cuts of the early 20’s worked. Yet President Obama wants to continue failed policies and ram them down our throats untill there is nothing left of our once powerful economy. The liberal left needs to wake up and realize that tax cuts for everyone is better then tax cuts for none. They also need to realize that the Rich are largely the only people who actually pay taxes. Check earlier posts I have covered this hundreds of times.

448.) President Obama said that we cannot afford to extend the Bush Tax Cuts on the upper class. He said and I quote “It would mean borrowing $700 billion in order to fund these tax cuts for the very wealthiest Americans.” This proves that he doesn’t get it, this proves that he is a tyrant. He believes that the 700 billion dollars that would not be in the government pockets actually belongs to the government. He thinks that tax cuts are a gift from the government. He doesn’t understand that the goverment of the United States is a slave to its citizens. That 700 billion dollars belongs to those making 250,000 dollars and up, not to the government. Those people give money that they earn, from either supplying a good or a service to consumers, to the government. It is not the governments money, it is the peoples money that we allow the government to have. It is obvious that President Obama does not believe that. How much money does he think the goverment will bring in when his policies kill the economy, when he taxes and regulates the American business man out of business. You can cut taxes for the middle class all you want, but if no one is able to hire them they will have no money to spend. Cut taxes for everyone. President Obama does bring up a good point though America needs money to fight our defict. How do we do we counter act this problem…. Oh i know turn to the past for guidence. The 1930’s had a lot of spending and was a decade of depression, the 20’s was a decade of boom… both started with a huge recession. What was different, the 1920’s started with a big tax cut, and a CUT TO GOVERNMENT! 1930’s started with a tax hike and big government. You can see which one worked and which one didn’t.  It was not untill industry was released in the 20’s, and the 30’s that an economic boom resulted. Raising taxes on those who control industry will only hamper it.

449.) President Obama has said that the United States simply can’t afford the Bush tax cuts to continue. The Citizens of the Untied States only allow the government to take 2.2 trillion dollars from their pockets. In 20 months sense President Obama took the oath of office the federal government has barrow 2.8 trillion dollars.President Obama said it would cost us 700 billion dollars if these tax cuts are continued, that is over the next 10 years. Eliminating the tax cuts would not even put a dent into the deficit. Whose economic plan can’t we afford? The truth is President Obama refuses to admit he was wrong, he refuses to Admit that massive government spending is not working, instead he keeps spending and spending thinking if he throws enough worthless paper at the problem he can solve it. He tried spending and it failed, so he tried more spending and it failed, he tried more spending and it failed, each time he expected a different result that is the definition of insanity.

450.) President Barack Obama offical sent money overseas to teach africans how to wash their genitals.  How much money? Well I am glad you asked he sent 1 million dollars to africa. 1 million dollars. I bet most of you are going why did I not hear about this, when was this done? You did hear about it, this money was approved when President Obama used 11 pens to sign the porkulus bill into law. Somehow sending a million dollars to Africa will improve our economy.

  1. I can’t wait til we vote the floppy eared little devil out of office. He’s going to become a raging maniac if Conservatives take over the Congress this November.

  2. No thanks is necessary, the best way to thank me, is to spread the word.

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