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461.) President Obama got on Republicans for accepting “foreign donations”. However a new study just released from the Center for Responsive Politics reveals that the Democrat Party has received over 1 million dollars from political action committees that are affliated with foreign companies. Just in case you were wondering that is almost twice as much as the GOP has recieved from PAC (the amount in question was $510,000)  This is a simular situation to what the GOP has found itself in. The money that the Democrat Party has recieved did not necessarly come from a foreign entity, so until proven otherwise legally they are clear. What this point is about is that I have not yet heard anything about President Obama denouncing the Democrats for something he attacked Republicans for. It is a clear cut example of hypocrisy,  on the Presidents part. Once again it is okay for the Democrats to commit what they make out as election fraud, but if the GOP does it, well it should be investigated by every court in the country… twice.

462.) On October 19th 2010 President Obama gave a speech in which he said “As wonderful as the land is here in the United States, as much as we have been blessed by the bounty of this magnificent continent that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, what makes this place special is not something physical. It has to do with this idea that was started by 13 colonies that decided to throw off the yoke of an empire, and said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that each of us are endowed with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I am glad he got most of the history right. However he missed the most curcial part of history that this country was founded on.  President Obama chose to ignore once again the words our creator.  The opening to the Declaration of Independence is supposed to read We Hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. These wordds do not stem merely from the religion of the founding fathers. These words come streight from the mind set of men who were held captive to the idea that there are those who are born kings.  All men are created equal and the Creator giving us our rights go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other.  President Obama’s statement deletes the creator because it goes against the progressive movement to state that God gave us our rights. President Obama believes that government gave man their rights, this is a gross mis-reading of the orginal intent of the founders if there ever was one.  In Europe it was believed that there where some men who were born better then others, some born to be kings, some born to be slaves. The founders knew differently they knew that their creator bestowed upon the common man the same gifts as those who claimed to be destined to rule.  They knew that the kings where no better suited for leadership then they where.   God gave man the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even if you are not religious you need to understand this, government did not give us our rights, and this is critical because if government gave us these rights, then government can take them away. It makes government all powerfull.  President Obama’s omition of the words our creator was no accident, but part of a continued distortion of the history of America and intent of the founding fathers.

463.) President Obama has been going after Republicans for supposedly accepting forgien aid in this election cycle. If I where the President I would not be drawing attention to people accepting forgien aid because, he did in his 2008 Presidential campaign. You see he recieved a donation from a farmer by the name of Monir Edwana. Monir claimed to live in Rafah Georgia. Upon a quick look at the map, Rafah Georgia does not exisist. Rafah is in the Gaza Strip. In fact Monir Edwana lives in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. In this camp there is a phone bank that campaigned for Senator Barack Obama.  Is it too much to ask for clean honest politics, where the canidates win us over with their beliefs and their actions? The hypocrisy is enough to make me want to gag.

464.) President Obama’s newest push on the campaign trail is a frightening one. Of course it says that Republicans are evil, and it includes his typical racism, but the new language that President Obama has chosen to use is frighting.  In a radio interview that aired on October 25, President Obama said “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us,’ if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it’s gonna be harder and that’s why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November 2.”  He then said, in reference to those who stand for enforcing the law “Those aren’t the kinds of folks who represent our core American values.” He is singling out a individual racial group, and telling them to punish their enemies.  He is telling a group of people to Punish anyone who stands for enforcing the law.   That is what it comes down to. It is illegal to hop the boarder in this country wether you come to work, or you come to run guns. If you hop the boarder you are a criminal. President Obama stands against enforcing the law. He knows that the crimes commited by the progressives have destroyed their chance at reelection, before the progressive utopia can be fully realized. In a vain attempt to retain his power, he is dividing the country as countless progressives have done before, right down the lines of race, religion, and class.  We are gonna punish our enemies,  who would have ever thought they would hear an American President say that in reference to American citiziens.

465.) President Obama gave a speech on monday October 25 in Rhode Island. In this speech, he said “we can’t have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back” Here is my problem with this statement, the Republicans he mentions are the elected Representatives of their repsective state. they represent the voice of the middle class, lower class, and upper class citizens. President Obama is saying that unless mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters vote for democrats that their opinions are not important. By ignoring the opposition, and refusing to listen to their opinions, President Obama is telling those people that they don’t mater. 


456.) President Obama dubed the summer of 2010 to be the “Summer of Recovery”. The porkulus bill was finally going to work, the economy was going to roar to life and everything was going to be a utopia as he claimed it would.  Well According to the New York Times  “Across the U.S., Long Recovery Looks Like Recession” But before we jump to conclusions, I mean we know the new york times is a radical republican funded right wing conspiracy operation. Lets look at the numbers.
        a.) At the current rate of job growth the American People are going to have to wait for 9 years before we reach the job level that we had at the beginning of the recession.
        b.) Commercial Vacancies have sky rocketed around the country. It would take a decade at current rates to fill them.
        c.) Median Housing Prices are recoverying at a snails pace, it will be 13 years before they return to pre-recession levels.
Now Once again I will point to the lessons of history.  The article points that we have fallen into a “new normal” and it could last for years. This is very similar to the handling of the Great Depression by not only President Herbert Hoover but by President Franklin Roosevelt as well. They too believed that massive government spending could jump start the economy. When it failed for Hoover, FDR took many of the plans that Hoover had made and poored more money into them, he was postive that the problem was that the government was just not spending enough.  What they thought was helping actually made the depression last longer.  President Hoover, President Roosevelt, and now President Barack Obama are now all guilty of the same sin. They failed to look to the past,  for guidence and learn a lesson from the mistakes made.  They ignore the actions take to stave off the depression of the early 1920’s, which was actually worse then the start of the depression.  Calvin Coolidge and Warren G. Harding saw the troubles of the 1920’s the economic crisis and took action.  Herbert Hoover was a member of the cabinet at the time and he told the President that he had to do more, the government had to step in to help the people. Calvin Coolidge acted quickly. He gave a massive sweeping tax cut for every American, and cut government spending.  The result was not economic doom and termoil as the progressive left would have you believe, instead it was the largest boom of economic activity the country has ever seen. Coolidge let the American economy free and it soared.  FDR and Hoover gave the country control and regulation, and the economy withered and died on the vine. The evidence is clear on how to fight depressions.

457.) President Obama is running the Democrat campaign on fear. He is trying to implant the ideas that terrify Americans, and is claiming that the Republicans are going to insitute them.  For example President Obama has been running around the country claiming that the GOP plans to cut education funding. Fallowing the Republicans release of their plan called Pledge to America,  President Obama said,  “And when you ask them, well, how would you pay for some of this stuff, they don’t really have good answers, But one way they would pay for it is to cut back our education spending by 20 percent and eliminate about 200,000 Head Start programs, and reduce student aid to go to college for about 8 million students.” That is a drastic claim by the President and if it is true, it needs to be brought to light so as the American People can cast judgement upon it.  But just how does this claim measured by the scale of truth?   The Republican Pledge to America  doesn’t say anything about cutting education spending. The document is 48 pages long, and it does not mention the word Education anywhere. President Obama also said that the Tutition Tax Credit , and I quote “could be repealed if Republicans take over. They’ve already proposed to cut education spending by 20 percent” So says the President of the United States, however yet again no where in the document does it mention the tax credit.  However to his credit there might be some truth to his claim. The Tax credit he is speaking of is part of the failed porkulus bill. The Republicans do plan on ending the porkulus spending if they are elected and take over the congress. It seems then that President Obama is right and that I need to delete this entire rant. However once again the truth has to rear its ugly head. The tax credit President Obama speaks of is set to expireat the end of the year.  So tell me how is it that the Republicans are going to end this tax credit when it will in fact it will no longer be on the books  before the Republicans are sworn in.  The truth is that once again President Obama is playing on the fears of Americans, and is flat out lying to try to help democrats retain the control of congress that they have abused and prooven themselves unworthy of holding.

458.) I would like to point out that President Obama said “And when you ask them, well, how would you pay for some of this stuff, they don’t really have good answers,”  The President acts pretty much the same way. When asked how he would pay for the porkulus bill I am pretty sure he said something along the lines of we would grow our way out of debt. That is not a good answer.  Nothing like a little bit of good ol’ fashion hipocracy. How hard is it to just run on your merits. If you are proud of the porkulus bill and its “results”, if you are proud of passing a health care bill, if you are proud of running up the deficit, why not run on those points? Run on those points or admit you where wrong.

459.) Just found this. More evidence of President Obama’s distaste for the Consitution of the United States. The Consitution is the supreme law of the land it is a binding contract between the people of the United States and the Government that WE created.  It is not allowed to opperate outside of the perimeters that we bound it too. President Obama and the rest of the progressive movement seem to think that the consitution is little more then a worn out document that doesn’t actually apply to the way government is to be runned. this is primarly from a lack of moral fiber, but more because the consitution stands in the way of the Tyranny that the progressives plan to unleash. As promisded more evidence of his disdane for the Consitution from President Obama’s mouth  he said that the US Consitution “reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day” He swore an oath to uphold the consitution, how can he uphold a document he holds so little respect for.  (

460.) Under President Barack Obama the United States of America exceeded $1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion dollars) in deficit spending for a second year in a row. The United States Government has had to barrow 37 cents of every dollar they spent this year. I recall people crying and screaming about the deficit President Bush racked up in his term as president. By comparison President Bush’s highest deficit of just over $400,000,000,000 (400 billion dollars) seems like hardly anything to worry about. I would like to note however any deficit spending by the government no matter how small or well intentioned is wrong, it is theft from the future generations. The government must stop this wastefull spending, or it will either A collapse, B look a lot like Greece, C be a pawn to china. I do not want to scare people,  but the ways of the world are clear, we are racking up a debt that we cannot spend, PResident Obama and the Progressives continue to push more un-paid for wastefull spending.

451.) President Obama claimed he would be a post racial President, how then can he justify the comment he made in Philadelphia on October 10, 2010. “They’re counting on your silence. They’re counting on your amnesia. They’re counting on your apathy. They’re counting on young people staying home and union members staying home and black folks staying home and middle-class families staying home.”  Black folks staying home, now how exactly does that not stir up racial tensions. How is that not aimed at turning the African American population against the GOP not based on policy but on the terms of Race and Creed. It is racism.

452.) Think back to December of 2008, Then President Elect Obama said” We’ve got shovel-ready projects all across the country that governors and mayors are pleading to fund.  And the minute we can get those investments to the state level, jobs are going to be created.” Advertising shovel ready projects and how federal spending would somehow magically jump start those projects and supercharge the economy.  In august President Obama was bragging about how the stimulus bill had created hundreds of shovel ready jobs, here is a direct quote “almost 100 shovel-ready transportation projects… which are beginning to create jobs.” Yet the economy still has not improved, and unemployment numbers continue to rise. Well now that this childish dream has failed, and history has now proven twice that federal spending does not jump start the economy President Obama has changed his tune. In a recent interview with the New York times President Obama said, “There’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects.”  So President Obama is running away from his own advertising, his own pitch that he used to get the bill passed. It is kind of like when he was trying to pass health care he said that the individual mandate is by no means a tax, then when it comes under fire in the court system he quickly changed his tone and said it is a tax and the government can tax. I find it fasinating that he can get away with changing the key of the symphony, and none of the audiance seems to care. Where is the lame stream media on this… They must have gone to the concession stand to get some nachos when this happened.

453.) President Obama is traveling the country on our dime campaigning for the democrats who helped get him elected. The country is in a recession, we have sky rocketing national debt, and President Obama see’s fit to use the money that we the tax payers give to the government, to travel to 8 states in 10 days and campaign for democrats. I know Presidents in the past have done similar acts, but again I figured this was supposed to be a new era of change and responsibility. Well I guess we have to change and be responsible otherwise President Obama won’t be able to travel the way he does.

454.) President Obama lifted the deep water drilling ban today so long as all the rules are adherd too. I find that an odd statement, sense it was from the stroke of his own hand that opened the door for the BP oil spill to happen. It was Barack Obama himself who allowed  BP to skip enviromental regulations  that would have prevented the spill. Ah the logic of the left, gotta love it.

455.) President Obama said in a recent interview with the New York Times that he has learned his lesson that he should have “let the Republicans insist on the tax cuts” The problem I have with this is that they did insist, and he ignored. He claimes he learned his lesson and yet now he plans on jacking up the taxes on everyone in the country to their highest rate in ten years. The lesson of the stimulus was not that he should have let Republicans insist on tax cuts, no the lesson was that he should have listened to someone other then his economically challenged progressive friends. He should have cut out the pork in favor of the tax cuts, embrace tried and proven economic stimulators, smaller government, lower taxes. But he learned a lesson let them insist on something that will stimulate the economy, but don’t do it, just let them insist. Don’t be fooled he has learned nothing.

458.) President Obama said that if the porkulus bill past the United States Unemployment rate would not go above 8%. Well the unemployment hit 10.1% in september.  President Obama’s response It would have been worse without the stimulus bill. The same thing he said when unemployment hit 8% and then 9%…. I am noticing a trend, when exactly does President Obama admit that he and progressivism have failed, most likely never.

459.) President Obama’s beloved Porkulus bill has been a great example of progressive corruption and incompetence. In the latest scene in the ongoing drama of stimulus failure $18 million dollars went to 72,000 people who where dead. 4.3 million dollars where sent to 17,000 inmates. Thankfully though almost half of the money was returned. President Obama great job.

450.) President Obama has granted 30 companys exemptions from his new health care law. The reason, companys could not afford to pay for the increase in cost to provide low cost health care plans. I wonder Mr. President why it was that companies did not already  affor those plans, maybe it was because they couldn’t afford. I mean every company can’t be GM and expect a government bail out when the UAW runs them into the ground.  This is yet another sign that President Obama has chosen to act as though he was above the law, instead of insuring fair and equal protection under the law, he is picking and choosing who gets to ignore the law and who has to suffer from its crippling effects. 

President Obama said in an interview with the Rolling Stones “There’s no doubt that the infrastructure and the financing of the Tea Party come from some very traditional, very powerful, special-interest lobbies. I don’t think this is a secret. Dick Armey and FreedomWorks, which was one of the first organizational mechanisms to bring Tea Party folks together, are financed by very conservative industries and forces that are opposed to enforcement of environmental laws, that are opposed to an energy policy that would be different than the fossil-fuel-based approach we’ve been taking, that don’t believe in regulations that protect workers from safety violations in the workplace, that want to make sure that we are not regulating the financial industries in ways that we have. There’s no doubt that there is genuine anger, frustration and anxiety in the public at large about the worst financial crisis we’ve experienced since the Great Depression. Part of what we have to keep in mind here is this recession is worse than the Ronald Reagan recession of the Eighties, the 1990-91 recession, and the 2001 recession combined. The depths of it have been profound. This body politic took a big hit in the gut, and that always roils up our politics, and can make people angry. But because of the ability of a lot of very well-funded groups to point that anger — I think misdirect that anger — it is translating into a relevant political force in this election.” Barack Obama 2010

Contempt, arrogance and willful ignorance area all symptoms of the disease that currently infects the sacred halls of the American Republic.  Elitism is the most dangerous cancer that can infect a republic founded on the principle of representative government. The men and women who we send to those marble halls are entrusted by their friends, family, and neighbors, with a sacred task.  We send these people to the shrine of democracy to represent out views to the national convention.  They are sent to be a bridge for the voices of their friends and family to travel to the gathering of the states.  They are supposed to represent our opinions and our wishes. The system is not working. Not because it is somehow flawed, but because it has been infested with a dangerous virus. Corruption and villainy now spread from the once pure temple of liberty. The messengers have assumed upon themselves the mantle of master. They ignore our will like a stray hound. They act in their interest or the interest of some misguided philosophy. They operate outside of the law that we the true masters of the country laid down to pen up the monster a Federal government can become.  The beast of federal power has been unleashed. Government as the American people laid it out was a servant created by the people to serve the people. We built a pen for the federal monster, a pen you might know better as the United States Constitution.  Inscribed on this parchment are the bounds, limits, and conditions that we agreed to be governed by. We had a contract of freedom with the government, a contract they have violated.  In this current Era of Elitism the government has broken the contract and violated the terms of their charter. They have begun taking freedoms and liberty from the pockets of America fathers and mothers.  The neighbor we sent to represent us have transformed from John Smith to representative smith they have locked themselves in our marble fortress and turned a deaf ear to the cries from home. Our pleas and wishes fall upon the remorseless stone walls of the capitol. The small cries of individual men cannot begin to put a dent into the armor of the elitist pigs who dare call themselves our representative.

   The country stands upon the brink. We are desperately searching for a return to honor and virtue. Decades of lies and deceit have left us strained and frustrated.  With the collapse in 2008 desperate stressed people are now being squeezed and that is causing tensions to rise. In our free fall into oblivion we caught sight of a group of people who claimed to be up on top of the lip of the valley. They promised to through us the rope of change, and to save us from poverty and despair. They promised to fix the economy, to end the horrendous spending and growth of the federal government.  They claimed to be a new generation, a generation of trust, honor, virtue. They made themselves out to be outsiders, as being free of the taint of Washington Corruption, making them capable of cleaning up the infection in our government. Desperate to restore our country, desperate to restore a sense of decency we thought to be long gone America turned to a group of people we did not fully understand. In our haste we elected a greater evil then we ever could have imagined.  The walls between Washington and the rest of the country did not come down as so many of us thought. Instead those we sent to clean up the city and restore the balance of power made the walls higher, and brought in a the elitist plague.

   The reason the tea party exists is not to simply reinstate the elites and thugs of the previous generation. They do no seek to install yet another corrupt thug from the dark depth of the political vault. The tea party exists because President Barack Obama and his progressive allies have lied and stole from us.  The progressives have nudged us down a dead end road. Now it is time for their newest lap dog, President Barack Obama to earn his keep and nudge us off the edge of the cliff into the tyrannical abyss of communism.  They seek a world where everyone is equal, where everyone shares an equal amount of the pain and suffering at the bottom of the food chain.  We have seen what’s at the end of this road and we know that we do not want to go any further. We the American people have been pushed one too many times. Average Americans are tired of government telling us how to live our lives. This isn’t about the rich, this isn’t about the poor. This is not about some rich cooperation, or talking points of worthless Republicans, or oblivious Democrats.   It is not even about communism or capitalism. This is Tyranny or Liberty.  You must choose a side. On one side sits the coiled snake of the Tea Party, on the other sits the strong headed mule of President Obama on the other.  One believes in letting you live your life as you so choose. The other plans on letting you live your life as they see fit. All the way from the type of car your drive, the way you spend your money, all the way down to the kind of light bulb in your Childs night light.  The Tea Party does no t gather to protect something as insignificant as the company they work for. They gather to protect the blessings of liberty they have been bestowed upon us, for our posterity.  I will admit I am a proud member of the tea party, and I cannot speak for us all, no one man can.  But I know when My Father and myself depart for a gathering we do not do so because we are told to. We gather because we believe in the cause of freedom and liberty. Each generation has had to fight for the right to be free. This is our fight.

   The Tea Party represents a large portion of Americans who had all but given up on the principles of our founding, people who had been asleep, blind to the usurpation of our freedoms. They are not some rabid hoard of soulless golem conjured up by the devils in corporate America. They are not brain dead hill billys who spend their days pickin their nose and chasing after their sisters.  They are your friends, your neighbors, your brothers and your sisters, and they are legitimately concerned with the road President Obama has taken this country down. They drive from all parts of the country to Washington D.C. and voice their opinions and pray that their cries will be heard. President Obama responds by turning a deaf ear to them. He openly admits that he all but ignored the largest gathering on the mall in history. He fled the city to campaign for a corrupt agent of the progressive disease when they march to speak against his health care bill.  He dares to tell the Tea Party that they aren’t really mad about taxes and growing government, they just want health care (). Then this most recent assault in which the President tries to say that we are legitimately angry, but we are just confused about who we are angry at, all are example of why we march on DC. It is this attitude of superiority, and the contempt in which he views the concerns of the American People, the audacity to tell us what we really think, the audacity to attack and smear people who oppose his views rather then debate the merits of each, and let’s not forget the charades and gimmicks he pulled to make his health care bill look like it was bipartisan. We are not children; magic tricks like those will not work on us anymore. These acts of arrogance   are what sound the call for the Tea Party to gather, not some mustache twirling villain sitting in a smoke filled parlor.  The plain and simple fact is that the Tea Party exists because of President Obama.   Because President Obama continues to slap us in the face and insult our pride and honor. The tea party exists because President Obama continues to piss on us without even the courtesy of calling it rain. 
  President Obama came to power because we were asleep and in the dark. I am guilty as much as anyone else. I did not take him seriously and backed down from far too many debates that might have changed the minds of voters. For President Obama to achieve his goal and push through his agenda he needs us the American People to remain asleep and in the dark. The Tea Party is a threat to him and his agenda. It is a vaccine to his virus, an aware populous will not allow a criminal to steal their rights under the disguise of politics and compassion. That is why the Gadsden flag flies once again.