457.) Attacking the Tea Party

President Obama said in an interview with the Rolling Stones “There’s no doubt that the infrastructure and the financing of the Tea Party come from some very traditional, very powerful, special-interest lobbies. I don’t think this is a secret. Dick Armey and FreedomWorks, which was one of the first organizational mechanisms to bring Tea Party folks together, are financed by very conservative industries and forces that are opposed to enforcement of environmental laws, that are opposed to an energy policy that would be different than the fossil-fuel-based approach we’ve been taking, that don’t believe in regulations that protect workers from safety violations in the workplace, that want to make sure that we are not regulating the financial industries in ways that we have. There’s no doubt that there is genuine anger, frustration and anxiety in the public at large about the worst financial crisis we’ve experienced since the Great Depression. Part of what we have to keep in mind here is this recession is worse than the Ronald Reagan recession of the Eighties, the 1990-91 recession, and the 2001 recession combined. The depths of it have been profound. This body politic took a big hit in the gut, and that always roils up our politics, and can make people angry. But because of the ability of a lot of very well-funded groups to point that anger — I think misdirect that anger — it is translating into a relevant political force in this election.” Barack Obama 2010

Contempt, arrogance and willful ignorance area all symptoms of the disease that currently infects the sacred halls of the American Republic.  Elitism is the most dangerous cancer that can infect a republic founded on the principle of representative government. The men and women who we send to those marble halls are entrusted by their friends, family, and neighbors, with a sacred task.  We send these people to the shrine of democracy to represent out views to the national convention.  They are sent to be a bridge for the voices of their friends and family to travel to the gathering of the states.  They are supposed to represent our opinions and our wishes. The system is not working. Not because it is somehow flawed, but because it has been infested with a dangerous virus. Corruption and villainy now spread from the once pure temple of liberty. The messengers have assumed upon themselves the mantle of master. They ignore our will like a stray hound. They act in their interest or the interest of some misguided philosophy. They operate outside of the law that we the true masters of the country laid down to pen up the monster a Federal government can become.  The beast of federal power has been unleashed. Government as the American people laid it out was a servant created by the people to serve the people. We built a pen for the federal monster, a pen you might know better as the United States Constitution.  Inscribed on this parchment are the bounds, limits, and conditions that we agreed to be governed by. We had a contract of freedom with the government, a contract they have violated.  In this current Era of Elitism the government has broken the contract and violated the terms of their charter. They have begun taking freedoms and liberty from the pockets of America fathers and mothers.  The neighbor we sent to represent us have transformed from John Smith to representative smith they have locked themselves in our marble fortress and turned a deaf ear to the cries from home. Our pleas and wishes fall upon the remorseless stone walls of the capitol. The small cries of individual men cannot begin to put a dent into the armor of the elitist pigs who dare call themselves our representative.

   The country stands upon the brink. We are desperately searching for a return to honor and virtue. Decades of lies and deceit have left us strained and frustrated.  With the collapse in 2008 desperate stressed people are now being squeezed and that is causing tensions to rise. In our free fall into oblivion we caught sight of a group of people who claimed to be up on top of the lip of the valley. They promised to through us the rope of change, and to save us from poverty and despair. They promised to fix the economy, to end the horrendous spending and growth of the federal government.  They claimed to be a new generation, a generation of trust, honor, virtue. They made themselves out to be outsiders, as being free of the taint of Washington Corruption, making them capable of cleaning up the infection in our government. Desperate to restore our country, desperate to restore a sense of decency we thought to be long gone America turned to a group of people we did not fully understand. In our haste we elected a greater evil then we ever could have imagined.  The walls between Washington and the rest of the country did not come down as so many of us thought. Instead those we sent to clean up the city and restore the balance of power made the walls higher, and brought in a the elitist plague.

   The reason the tea party exists is not to simply reinstate the elites and thugs of the previous generation. They do no seek to install yet another corrupt thug from the dark depth of the political vault. The tea party exists because President Barack Obama and his progressive allies have lied and stole from us.  The progressives have nudged us down a dead end road. Now it is time for their newest lap dog, President Barack Obama to earn his keep and nudge us off the edge of the cliff into the tyrannical abyss of communism.  They seek a world where everyone is equal, where everyone shares an equal amount of the pain and suffering at the bottom of the food chain.  We have seen what’s at the end of this road and we know that we do not want to go any further. We the American people have been pushed one too many times. Average Americans are tired of government telling us how to live our lives. This isn’t about the rich, this isn’t about the poor. This is not about some rich cooperation, or talking points of worthless Republicans, or oblivious Democrats.   It is not even about communism or capitalism. This is Tyranny or Liberty.  You must choose a side. On one side sits the coiled snake of the Tea Party, on the other sits the strong headed mule of President Obama on the other.  One believes in letting you live your life as you so choose. The other plans on letting you live your life as they see fit. All the way from the type of car your drive, the way you spend your money, all the way down to the kind of light bulb in your Childs night light.  The Tea Party does no t gather to protect something as insignificant as the company they work for. They gather to protect the blessings of liberty they have been bestowed upon us, for our posterity.  I will admit I am a proud member of the tea party, and I cannot speak for us all, no one man can.  But I know when My Father and myself depart for a gathering we do not do so because we are told to. We gather because we believe in the cause of freedom and liberty. Each generation has had to fight for the right to be free. This is our fight.

   The Tea Party represents a large portion of Americans who had all but given up on the principles of our founding, people who had been asleep, blind to the usurpation of our freedoms. They are not some rabid hoard of soulless golem conjured up by the devils in corporate America. They are not brain dead hill billys who spend their days pickin their nose and chasing after their sisters.  They are your friends, your neighbors, your brothers and your sisters, and they are legitimately concerned with the road President Obama has taken this country down. They drive from all parts of the country to Washington D.C. and voice their opinions and pray that their cries will be heard. President Obama responds by turning a deaf ear to them. He openly admits that he all but ignored the largest gathering on the mall in history. He fled the city to campaign for a corrupt agent of the progressive disease when they march to speak against his health care bill.  He dares to tell the Tea Party that they aren’t really mad about taxes and growing government, they just want health care (). Then this most recent assault in which the President tries to say that we are legitimately angry, but we are just confused about who we are angry at, all are example of why we march on DC. It is this attitude of superiority, and the contempt in which he views the concerns of the American People, the audacity to tell us what we really think, the audacity to attack and smear people who oppose his views rather then debate the merits of each, and let’s not forget the charades and gimmicks he pulled to make his health care bill look like it was bipartisan. We are not children; magic tricks like those will not work on us anymore. These acts of arrogance   are what sound the call for the Tea Party to gather, not some mustache twirling villain sitting in a smoke filled parlor.  The plain and simple fact is that the Tea Party exists because of President Obama.   Because President Obama continues to slap us in the face and insult our pride and honor. The tea party exists because President Obama continues to piss on us without even the courtesy of calling it rain. 
  President Obama came to power because we were asleep and in the dark. I am guilty as much as anyone else. I did not take him seriously and backed down from far too many debates that might have changed the minds of voters. For President Obama to achieve his goal and push through his agenda he needs us the American People to remain asleep and in the dark. The Tea Party is a threat to him and his agenda. It is a vaccine to his virus, an aware populous will not allow a criminal to steal their rights under the disguise of politics and compassion. That is why the Gadsden flag flies once again.  


  1. Powerful and incredible!  Spot on and I’d rec this a billion times if I could!

  2. I think there are a lot more Americans who are fed up than the ones who think he is doing a great job. The recent rally compared to the one by Beck shows that. They had to fund it, bus them in, pay their way and print their signs for them, and still the turnout was not as big. 

  3. Apparently you were blind to the usurpation of your freedoms until Obama came into office. 

  4. @obamawatch – In fact you did. Many of us on the left are wondering what took you guys so long. We’ve been dealing with this ever since Clinton signed the PATRIOT act into law, and to a lesser degree, ever since Reagan & Co. gave corproations new rights against individuals. Consider the West Virginians who are now having their land mooninized by huge energy companies.

  5. @socialdemocracyforall – I have been wondering how long it will take you guys on the left to admit the these large government programs are not working. The new deal actually making the Great Depression worse, the Carter Era, and the Era of Woodrow Wilson which saw limitations on freedom of speech and much more.  Now we have President Obama repeating the same mistakes.  By the way clinton did not sign the patriot act into law, I think you are thinking of President Bush, I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure that is a bush thing.

  6. The liberals are Obama’s lap dog now. As soon as he won the election he stopped listening to his own electorate. His true agenda is far more moderate than most progressives like to admit. Basically, he never intended to have universal health care. His approval of stimulus grants to large corporations prove that he is hardly a leftist.

  7. @socialdemocracyforall – He never intended for universal health care? He said in his campaign that he was for a single payer system. He is either a lier or he stands for the idea of a communist health care system. The porkulus bill prooves he is not a leftest? How so the government giving money to people to do work. That is the princible of the left. Someone of the Right would never have considered it. Moderates maybe, but a true conservative would not.  His buying GM prooves he is a communist. Judge him by the company he keeps, his own words. Obamawatch wrote some great posts about that, going through his buddies and their communist leanings.

  8. @obamawatch – I know the New Deal didn’t revive the economy from a Wall Street standpoint (the war did that), but it did offer hope and employment to many Americans out of work. Some of the programs our government has passed since then have been really helpful in softening the impact of this Depression on the average American worker. Countries with large social safety nets do tend to have high unemployment figures, but in their cases, not having a job doesn’t have to mean starving. Hence the usefulness of “big government”.Naturally being a socialist I have different ideas than the so-called “liberal elite” … for instance, we could institute a lottery draft worker program for people who accept welfare payments on a constant basis. Get them to work alongside the people who currently service government buildings, build roads, etc. and train them with new skills so that they are more likely to get hired.Another thing we could do is make sex offender status confidential to employers when the industry does not involve access to the type of persons the sex offender committed crimes against. Considering how easy it is for people to get on those lists and how it basically condemns a person for life, plus how the laws haven’t stopped sex crime, I think a revision is in order.Raising taxes on personal income for the super rich is another good idea that would help us out of our current deficits. I explain why on my blog, probably ten or twenty entries back. In short it gives the government more resources to build and maintain infrastructure, and society depends on infrastructure. Plus, in the coming fuel crisis, only countries with good electric transport networks are going to see their economies come out on top. Keep in mind our road, rail, and electric networks were mostly built by government funds with a 90+% tax rate on the rich.

  9. @socialdemocracyforall – Those plans are great in theory, but all we need do is look to greece for how they end. raising taxes on the rich is a very bad idea. That hurts the economy. The rich are the people who create jobs.   I will point to the depression of the early 1920’s, they cut taxes and government spending and the economy boomed.  The best government is the government that governs least that has been proven time and time again. The problem with socalism is eventually you run out of other peoples money.

  10. @callmekozmo – Turning GM back over to private management proves that he is NOT a Communist. I’m not defending either Communism or Obama, but I thought you might like to know that.

  11. @socialdemocracyforall – buying up a private company screwing the people who owned stock in it, unless of course they where union members. Typical leftest behavior, perhapes communist was a bit harsh. But a man of the center he is not. GM should have been allowed to fail. They made a deal with the devil, and it screwed them. They should have been allowed to fail. Ford did not take a government bail out and using free market logic they returned to profitablity much quicker then government owned GM. I will admit I was shocked to see GM sold back, but untill every last share is in the hands of the private market, I am holding my opinion about the man. He loves failed economic plans.

  12. @callmekozmo – easy there kozmo you are starting to get a little out of hand. Try to keep this civil.

  13. @obamawatch – You don’t think it’s slightly inappropriate to refer to the 20s as an economic boom? That was a false boom, like the one that happened from the 90s to 2007, when our house of cards started to fall. Our economy is built on debt, not responsibility. In one of my economics classes in 2006 a fellow student presented evidence that conditions then were very similar to the US in 1929 just before the crash.

  14. @socialdemocracyforall – The crash brought about once the progressive Herbert Hoover came into power. He was a progressive light, but a progressive none the less. So no I really don’t. If the economy had been allowed to recent like it had been in 1921 ( the early 20’s crash was actually worse then the crash of 1929)  the great depression would not have been so great.

  15. @obamawatch – this conversation is interesting, however off the subject of the post. If we could i would like to work our way back to that. I try to keep things on subject, if you wouldn’t mind.

  16. Evidentally some of your commenters who say “all is well because……” obviously has never been fishing.  When you catch a fish, especially a large one…you play him…pull..then release a bit…pull and release a bit until the fish is so tired it doesn’t fight the line anymore and you can pull it in the boat with no problem…It is also no different than a pool ‘hustler”…let the “rube” win some an lose some until the “big money” comes.  Then the hustler cleans the table.  Don’t pay attention to the crumbs that are thrown out….as the man says, “Follow the money”. (The Bilderburgs, the Rothchilds, The Rockefellers and about 150 more).  They know the game and have played it well for years.

  17. @callmekozmo – Oh, I’m with you on that. GM doesn’t even produce its cars in America anymore.Personally I would like to see the tea party groups organize and come up with a list of exactly what they believe should be done to remedy the things they are protesting against, all while maintaining or bettering the current living standard for working class and poor Americans. I would also like to know how they plan to rebuild the middle class without the support of programs like Social Security and Medicare taking the burden of caring for the sick and elderly off of our hands (financially speaking). When they finally get together with some policy groups and staple out what they expect to happen if their candidates win, I might feel a little more at ease about the Tea Party groups’ agenda(s). Or I might not. But I still want to see a coherent manifesto of sorts. I think the American people in general want to know what direction the Tea Party is taking. Until it finally clarifies that, the rumors are going to stick. Racism against Obama/black people, Objectivist Rand worshipers, etc. – what exactly is the Tea Party? I realize that you (blog author) can’t answer that, but I’m hoping that somebody will in the next month or so.

  18. @socialdemocracyforall – actually that comment about GM is not entirely true.  GM builds the Buick LaCrosse, Lucerne and Enclave, The Cadillac CTS, DTS, and STS-V, the Chevy corvette, cruze, malibu, and Tahoe, GMC also build its Yukon here as well.  The Tea Party is quite simple to understand really. They want smaller governmet. They understand that there are two options Liberty and Tyranny. The Tea party is a group of average Americans who want a smaller government who spends responsibly and keeps its fingers out of our lives. It is not the governments responsibilty to make sure that everyone is happy and provided for. It is their own responsibility to do so. America is a land where if it can be dreamed it can be done. That does not mean that every dream comes true, that does not mean that everyone makes it. Only those who are willing to put forth the efforts, endure the hardships, and embrace the sacrifices will make it. Those who sit and wait for things to get better will flicker out like a candle in the wind.  That is what the tea party stands for. They stand against the Tyranny of socalism.

  19. @obamawatch – As an American socialist I object to your mischaracterization of my political views as tyranny.First things first: We both love the democratic process, Constitutional, elected governments and the liberties granted to us in our Bill of Rights. There is no political party in America, with the exception of the Communist Party (barely 5,000 members strong, and even that’s iffy), and perhaps a small segment of fear-mongering neocons, that wants to do away with any of our liberties. You have to realize that there is no comparison between the democratic socialism of the progressives in the West and the inhumane regimes that were set up via bloody revolutions by Third International (Communist) movements across the world. If you think the views of US socialists have anything to do with that, then you are, as Loborn often says, hallucinating. After all, it was a socialist who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance.Tyranny comes from a Greek word, turannos, which Plato defines as, “one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics — against his own people as well as others.” (Glad, B. (2002, March). Why Tyrants Go Too Far: Malignant Narcissism and Absolute Power. Political Psychology, 33. Retrieved May 15, 2010, from JSTOR database) – Wikipedia citation from “Tyrant”.If you consider Socialism to be tyranny, then look into the Declaration and you will find what the Founders considered tyranny to be:For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offencesFor abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.These are some of the reasons the Founders of our country called George III a tyrant. The only governments comparable to this today would be those under authoritarian Communism, Zimbabwe, some of the theocratic regimes in the Middle East, and some of the former Soviet Republics.Now, let’s stop calling socialism tyranny. For one there’s no universally accepted definition of socialism, so when you say tyranny we who are socialists just assume you are slandering us as Communists.We can have a debate on whether or not socialism is good or bad for the economy. You can honestly criticize it by saying it does not work, it does not accomplish its goals (economically empowering the working class and improving their standard of living), and that it discourages economic growth. All of those are things that can be debated. But now that you know what socialism is not, it would be extremely dishonest of you to continue to call it tyranny.

  20. @obamawatch – Even those cars that are produced in the US by GM usually have a high percentage of foreign components. I have actually worked for a business that sold GM cars … so I’ve seen on the cars themselves the percentage of how much was made here.I think you could have stopped with saying the Tea Party wants a smaller more limited government as far as its ideals are concerned. My question is, I want to know how it intends to do that without harming the welfare of the American people, or if it intends to do that while harming the welfare of the American people. I doubt you would do so willingly. If you have a button to push that would immediately turn off free school lunches, free public education, Social Security payments to the elderly, Medicare insurance to keep you from having to pay your dad’s medical bills, food stamps and continued unemployment benefits for the millions of people seeking roughly a few hundred thousand jobs, and other programs, would you push it, knowing the desperation that would cause? Considering how many Americans are out there looking for jobs and the small number of jobs they are haggling over, it would seem that getting rid of any government aid to the people would be a bad idea. So I hope the Tea Party can take a pragmatic approach to things. Set aside ideology a moment and come up with some real policy ideas.

  21. Liberty cannot exisit when there is a large federal government.  The absence of Liberty is tyranny.  How can someone claim that a federal government that tells me what I can and cannot eat, can and cannot drive, what type of light bulb i can have in my house, what kind of power plants we want in our country, that I must buy health care. That I must pay into a ponzy scheme (aka social security). How can there not be tyranny when I am forced to buy something I don’t want? How can there not be Tyranny when I am told I cannot have a light bulb.  You pointed  out that Tyranny means one who rules without law,” That pretty much sums up the socalist President Obama in a nut shell. Where in the consitution does it say that he can force me to buy health insurance, where in the Consitution does it give the power to the president to grant a title of nobility (Czar), where in the consitution does it grant government the right to buy a private company, steal from its share holders, give it over to the union, and then retain a 60% ownership of that company untill they see fit. That is ruling with out law. They ignore the law and rule above it. Socalism is tyranny.

  22. @socialdemocracyforall – Welfare of the American people, teh best way to protect the welfare of the American people is to get rid of the federal goverment from the system. Some things hurt to do, but that is what neighbors are for. Private America needs to become more responsible for their neighbors and the government prevents that. The welfare state is unsubstainable. We as a nation cannot afford these big programs that you so desperatly think we should have. The countries economy is not large enough to support it. Raise taxes kill the economy put more people on the governments bill.  You need to take a look yourself at getting rid of ideology and realize that the socalist ideals that you put forth are exactly the ideas that have put the country in this situation in the first place. Trying to insure that everyone can get a home, lead to the housing crisis, trying to give everyone medical care is how you get waiting lines a mile long, oh and care rationing. If you cut the government back and cut taxes you will unleash the American work force, and the number of jobs will increase. I have said this multiple times.

  23. It is important to remember that governmetn has no money, the people have money, government just steals it.

  24. @obamawatch – That’s state capitalism or corporatism. Socialism has an agenda which is to turn the ownership of society over to those who maintain it (the American worker), not those who benefit from its mechanisms (the government and special interests). It Obama was a real Socialist we would all be much better off right now.

  25. @obamawatch – “If you cut the government back and cut taxes you will unleash the American work force, and the number of jobs will increase.”I find this to be a rather shocking admission. Cutting government will take away essential services, and cutting taxes will do nothing for the majority of the American work force. Yes, they will be unleashed, in a manner quite similar to Tea Party rallies right now. The only difference will be that there will be ten times the number of people attending and most of them will be carrying hammers and sickles! What you’re basically dreaming up is a complete disassembling of the current economic system, which would have even more drastic effects on the realities of American life than the Communist revolution it will eventually inspire. You’re saying that government regulation prevents corporations from conducting their business ethically? I call bullshit on that.I think you’ve been reading too much Tolstoy with a generous helping of Randian mammon worship.

  26. @socialdemocracyforall –  Cutting taxes will do nothing for the majority of the American people, you are wrong. Cutting taxes makes it cheaper to opperate in this country which means more jobs.  Or you can continue the failed polices of President Obama and the Progressive movement of throw money at the problem and have the situation only get worse. You know over 10% unemployment government spending is a great way to go.  Just wait untill he raises taxes on the rich.  I think you are off on how many socialist and marxist are actually in this country. I will point to the left’s 10 2 10 rally verus that 8 28 rally of Glen Beck. I think you have been reading too much at the huffington post. Socalism is theft. You take fromt he person who risked everything to create a company and give it to the workers. It works really well take a look at Greece that is where the current plan is taking us. One option works, one option doesn’t.  The only way to fix our country and secure it for the future generation is to return to the princibles of the founders, which are as far from socalism as you can possibly get.

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