Summer of Recovery, Attacks on The GOP, Spending, Obama on the Consitution, The Deficit

456.) President Obama dubed the summer of 2010 to be the “Summer of Recovery”. The porkulus bill was finally going to work, the economy was going to roar to life and everything was going to be a utopia as he claimed it would.  Well According to the New York Times  “Across the U.S., Long Recovery Looks Like Recession” But before we jump to conclusions, I mean we know the new york times is a radical republican funded right wing conspiracy operation. Lets look at the numbers.
        a.) At the current rate of job growth the American People are going to have to wait for 9 years before we reach the job level that we had at the beginning of the recession.
        b.) Commercial Vacancies have sky rocketed around the country. It would take a decade at current rates to fill them.
        c.) Median Housing Prices are recoverying at a snails pace, it will be 13 years before they return to pre-recession levels.
Now Once again I will point to the lessons of history.  The article points that we have fallen into a “new normal” and it could last for years. This is very similar to the handling of the Great Depression by not only President Herbert Hoover but by President Franklin Roosevelt as well. They too believed that massive government spending could jump start the economy. When it failed for Hoover, FDR took many of the plans that Hoover had made and poored more money into them, he was postive that the problem was that the government was just not spending enough.  What they thought was helping actually made the depression last longer.  President Hoover, President Roosevelt, and now President Barack Obama are now all guilty of the same sin. They failed to look to the past,  for guidence and learn a lesson from the mistakes made.  They ignore the actions take to stave off the depression of the early 1920’s, which was actually worse then the start of the depression.  Calvin Coolidge and Warren G. Harding saw the troubles of the 1920’s the economic crisis and took action.  Herbert Hoover was a member of the cabinet at the time and he told the President that he had to do more, the government had to step in to help the people. Calvin Coolidge acted quickly. He gave a massive sweeping tax cut for every American, and cut government spending.  The result was not economic doom and termoil as the progressive left would have you believe, instead it was the largest boom of economic activity the country has ever seen. Coolidge let the American economy free and it soared.  FDR and Hoover gave the country control and regulation, and the economy withered and died on the vine. The evidence is clear on how to fight depressions.

457.) President Obama is running the Democrat campaign on fear. He is trying to implant the ideas that terrify Americans, and is claiming that the Republicans are going to insitute them.  For example President Obama has been running around the country claiming that the GOP plans to cut education funding. Fallowing the Republicans release of their plan called Pledge to America,  President Obama said,  “And when you ask them, well, how would you pay for some of this stuff, they don’t really have good answers, But one way they would pay for it is to cut back our education spending by 20 percent and eliminate about 200,000 Head Start programs, and reduce student aid to go to college for about 8 million students.” That is a drastic claim by the President and if it is true, it needs to be brought to light so as the American People can cast judgement upon it.  But just how does this claim measured by the scale of truth?   The Republican Pledge to America  doesn’t say anything about cutting education spending. The document is 48 pages long, and it does not mention the word Education anywhere. President Obama also said that the Tutition Tax Credit , and I quote “could be repealed if Republicans take over. They’ve already proposed to cut education spending by 20 percent” So says the President of the United States, however yet again no where in the document does it mention the tax credit.  However to his credit there might be some truth to his claim. The Tax credit he is speaking of is part of the failed porkulus bill. The Republicans do plan on ending the porkulus spending if they are elected and take over the congress. It seems then that President Obama is right and that I need to delete this entire rant. However once again the truth has to rear its ugly head. The tax credit President Obama speaks of is set to expireat the end of the year.  So tell me how is it that the Republicans are going to end this tax credit when it will in fact it will no longer be on the books  before the Republicans are sworn in.  The truth is that once again President Obama is playing on the fears of Americans, and is flat out lying to try to help democrats retain the control of congress that they have abused and prooven themselves unworthy of holding.

458.) I would like to point out that President Obama said “And when you ask them, well, how would you pay for some of this stuff, they don’t really have good answers,”  The President acts pretty much the same way. When asked how he would pay for the porkulus bill I am pretty sure he said something along the lines of we would grow our way out of debt. That is not a good answer.  Nothing like a little bit of good ol’ fashion hipocracy. How hard is it to just run on your merits. If you are proud of the porkulus bill and its “results”, if you are proud of passing a health care bill, if you are proud of running up the deficit, why not run on those points? Run on those points or admit you where wrong.

459.) Just found this. More evidence of President Obama’s distaste for the Consitution of the United States. The Consitution is the supreme law of the land it is a binding contract between the people of the United States and the Government that WE created.  It is not allowed to opperate outside of the perimeters that we bound it too. President Obama and the rest of the progressive movement seem to think that the consitution is little more then a worn out document that doesn’t actually apply to the way government is to be runned. this is primarly from a lack of moral fiber, but more because the consitution stands in the way of the Tyranny that the progressives plan to unleash. As promisded more evidence of his disdane for the Consitution from President Obama’s mouth  he said that the US Consitution “reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day” He swore an oath to uphold the consitution, how can he uphold a document he holds so little respect for.  (

460.) Under President Barack Obama the United States of America exceeded $1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion dollars) in deficit spending for a second year in a row. The United States Government has had to barrow 37 cents of every dollar they spent this year. I recall people crying and screaming about the deficit President Bush racked up in his term as president. By comparison President Bush’s highest deficit of just over $400,000,000,000 (400 billion dollars) seems like hardly anything to worry about. I would like to note however any deficit spending by the government no matter how small or well intentioned is wrong, it is theft from the future generations. The government must stop this wastefull spending, or it will either A collapse, B look a lot like Greece, C be a pawn to china. I do not want to scare people,  but the ways of the world are clear, we are racking up a debt that we cannot spend, PResident Obama and the Progressives continue to push more un-paid for wastefull spending.

  1. 456)  His idea of learning from the past is the same as FDR.  He still thinks he needs to spend even more.  That or he knows exactly what he’s doing which is even scarier…457)  The democrats could put us all in jail too.  It has just as much validity as his claims458)  Proof that he is a treasonous pig and needs to be impeached!459)  He doesn’t care.  He doesn’t have to pay it back and his precious little girls will be set for life anyway.  It is the middle class that takes the brunt of the pain from gov’t over-spending.  Congress should all be impeached if they can’t balance the budget, especially the ones who vote for over-inflated spendings…

  2. I strongly agree with this blog, friend. It’s time for a conservative victory to overtake this nation. It is time for the liberals to face defeat and the conservatives to re-emerge. By the way, did you know that Sharron Angle is leading Prince Harry Reid in Nevada? Here in my homestate of Texas, Rick Perry seems to be winning against his Democratic challenger, Bill White, who was the sorriest mayor ever to run my hometown of Houston, Texas.I can tell you many negative aspects of Bill White. He spent so much money on wasteful programs, that he had to borrow money from local police and firefighter pension bonds. Sound familiar to Obama? Under his mayoral tenure, the number of illegal aliens and the number of crimes committed by them steadily increased, to the point of where Houston is known as a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. Our streets are almost overrun with illegals, and our citizens suffer as a result. If White was to become governor, you can imagine what he’d do to the entire state of Texas. He’d ruin it.As for Sheila Jackson Lee, she denies ever being a member of ACORN. Well, I have proof she was and probably still is a member of that evil organization. I saw her at an ACORN meeting when I was sixteen, speaking racial bias about how black people were, quote, “being denied equality and rights”, and even going on about the so-called “evils of the white man”. That was what caused me to break my allegiance to the Democrats and become a conservative. Believe me, friend, her and Mario Gallegos are both members of that rogue organization, whatever they say.Good post!S.C.

  3. @grim_truth – as always i agree with you but please leave his kids out of this. I get the point you where trying to make but it is a slippery slope once the children are brought in. @Sammie_The_Great – I agree it is time for an end to the progressve era. As your example demonstrates all progressives are the same. but remember do not confuse progressive and conservatve with democrat and republican.  JFK was a Democrat and Reagan originally was a Democrat. John McCain is a Republican but he is definatly a progressive. Bob Taft of Ohio was a republican but he spouted off progressive ideals as well.

  4. How is it possible that he ever had anyone vote for Him, it is a terrifying thing that a person as unqualified as he is could take the throne in the United States of America.

  5. @WhenHateIsTheOnlyOption –  Admiration is easily destroyed once it is discoverd that the man has no honor.  The hope? Hope is a faint weak feeling. Knowledge is much stronger, when you know that you can solve your own problems, you no longer have a need for hope.  I have always said Don’t Hope, Know.  America now Knows what President Obama really stands for, we have seen his true colors, and so hope has given way to knowledge, and knowledge is power. @presently_clandestine –  Never say throne there is no American throne. President Obama is merely the best lier who ran in 2008. He bempted us with our wildest dreams and then riped them away and revealed them to be nothing but dust in the wind.

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