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477.) President Obama bought GM in 2009. He gave 17% to the UAW which helped to get him elected. Last week President Obama praised the IPO of GM. He acted as if this was proof postive that his plan had worked. The truth is that the United States Treasury lost 4.5 billion dollars on the stocks sold on the first day of trading.  Yet the President says we are well on our way to earning our investment back.  President Obama said that the buy out was the only option. That bankruptcy would have just ended the production of cars and the jobs would have disappeared. However even after the government bought GM they filled for Bankruptcy.  The bail out of GM was a terrible idea, and is a terrifying concept.  The government stole from the private citizens and gave to the Unions. They took wealth from bond holders and gave it to the Unions, this makes investors nervous about investing in bonds.  The ends do not and should not justify the means. What happened at GM was criminal, that is all there is too it. The buy out created a precedent, that it is okay for the government to steal from us, to shred our property rights, so long as it turns a profit for someone.  That is wrong on all levels and never should have happened. To support the GM buy out is to support the idea of legal theft.

478.) North Korea started an artillery attack against South Korea on November 23. It lasted for an hour and a half and left two South Korean soldiers dead. The always wise and well spoken Robert Gibbs gave the White Houses offical position. “The United States strongly condemns this attack and calls on North Korea to halt its belligerent action and to fully abide by the terms of the Armistice Agreement, The United States is firmly committed to the defense of our ally, the Republic of Korea, and to the maintenance of regional peace and stability” Why does the White House think that North Korea will take them seriously. They come out saying that was very bad, be nice or else, but President Obama doesn’t have anything to back up that or else. He has taken every step he can to discredit any threat the United States could make. He told Iran not to develop nuclear reactors or there would be sanctions, well the sanctions were worthless and Iran did it anyways. He supports setting military combatants free in civilian court all to proove a political point.  He underfunds and undersupplys the military in Afghanistan.  Why does the President Think that a stern talking to will make  North Korea shake in its boots? President Obama believes that consiqences are not needed, that just setting boundries works. The President Cannot just condemn the actions, they have to let the North Koreans know that their blatent attacks agaisnt an American Ally will not stand.  President Obama did a great Job of this when the day of the attack he refused to appear in person and actually come out against the attacks, instead he chose to hide and send his puppet Mr. Gibbs out to do it for him.  This prooves that President Obama is not equiped to deal with the reality of the violent world we live in.

472.) President Obama is a man who does not believe in law. He does not believe it applies to him, the government, or his supporters. This has been made painfully clear by his granting 111 waivers to businesses and unions dealing with the insurance requirement in his beloved health care law. If it is a law, it should apply to everyone, no one should get a waiver. This shows two things. The first is it is a clear example of President Obama’s belief in social justice vs. equal justice as only a select few were choosen to get this waiver. The second is to cover up what I have warned about all along. This law will cost many Americans their health care coverage and force us into the federal pool, along with hurting new job creation. President Obama is trying to mask this by granting temporary waivers. I think he believes us to be imbicles and that we will forget about the bill if he can keep up an illusion for a couple more years. But we will not fall for it, we already saw the rabits ears stiking out of the hat, he is not fooling us.

473.) Well I was doing some digging and I found something interesting. I do really get tired of talking about the healthcare reform law, but I guess when there is a bill over 2000 pages long, and not even half of the law makers think it is important to read them, we are going to find a lot of problems.  This time what I found was a tax increase, shocking I know. The democrats added at the last minute a added a sales tax on the sale of a home. Now many people will not have to pay it. If you make under 200,000 dollars a year you are fine. However… I thought the President Promised no new taxes for those making under 250,000 dollars a year.

474.) President Obama is calling for the senate to pass legislation called the Dream Act. The dream act failed to pass in september of 2010. He wants them to try again.  What the Dream Act is, is basically a dream of the democrats and most progressives in congress it is a happy way to say amnesty. What the act does is allow the young criminals who crossed our border (illegal immigrants) to gain citizenship if they go to college for two years or serve in the military. I have no problem with the later of the two options, if they believe in the security and the blessings that American Citizens get to enjoy so much that they are willing to earn it by protecting those liberties, they deserve to be citizens. However going to school for two years in my opinion should not be a path to citizenship. What sacrifice does going to college entail? How does college prove that you are deserving of being an American Citizen? My father didn’t go to college is he any less deserving? Will that option be open to those who come here legally? How are they going to pay for this college education? Are the criminals going to be allowed to go to a public college which is funded by people who are here legally and pay taxes to fund that insitution? If they are here illegally and the progressives crack down on hiring illegals how are they going to afford to pay for tuition? Oh I know the progressives can create another unfunded government program to pay for their college education and rack up our grand childrens debt even hire. They can drive the country one step closer to suffering the same fate as Greece, Ireland, the USSR, and the Roman Empire.  This is nothing more then an attempt by the left to back door unpopular policies( aka amnesty) to buy off a minority vote. It is designed to keep the country divided down racial lines. Anyone who votes against it they will brand, in President Obama’s own words “enemy” and a racist. 

475.) President Obama wants to hike taxes because we cannot afford our current low tax rate. He wants to raise taxes yet he will do nothing about government spending. Sense taking office in 2009 the federal government has added 141,000 new workers, this number does not include census, military, or postal workers, and President Obama wants to add 125,000 more. The number of federal workers that make over 150,000 dollars a year has doubled sense President Obama took office. He created a deficit commission to deal with the shockingly high deficit, that would seem to discredit any notion that he isn’t concerned with government spending. However, he has yet to listen to this commisions recomindations. The President wants to give a 1.4% pay raise to 2.1 million federal employees.  Now how does that compare with recomendations from the deficit commission. Well the commission recomended a pay freeze over the next three years, along with cutting 10% of the federal work force.  It is interesting to note that 600,000 federal workers are Union members, that is interesting… so Unions get a tax payer funded pay raise, while private sector workers are going to be forced with a tax increase which will result in a pay cut. The heritage foundation has pointed out that if all federal workers where paid the same as their private sector counterparts the United States Tax Payers could save 47 billion dollars. Yet President Obama has show no sign of cutting the number of workers, or cutting payroll, or freezing pay raises.  He won’t cut the size of government, he is only interested in cutting the size of your pay check. Don’t worry the government knows how to spend it better then you do.

476.) The first GITMO detany to go through a civilian trail was acquitted on 276 counts of murder and attempted murder and five conspiracy charges. He was found guilty only on the minor charge of “conspiracy to damage or destroy U.S. property with explosives”.  The man in question is Ahmed Gahailani. This is one of the men who were responsible for the 1998 terror bombing of the American embassy in Kenya and Tanzinia that killed 224 people. He helped provide the explosives and the trucks used in the Attack. This is an Al-Queda opperative, who doesn’t wish harm against the United States, he wishes to destroy it and its people.  He now faces the posibility of 20 years to life in a United States Prison. Is this the fate that awaits the master minds of 911? Are they going to be acquitted of the murders they are responsible for? These men are not citizens of the United States, they claim to be enemy combatants, they are not civilians. This is President Obama’s grand plan. I can honestly say it disgusts me.

469.) At the G-20 summit on Friday November 12, 2010 President Obama defended that actions of the Fed. The monetization of the United States Debt has brought up concerns with several countries, the most notable being Germany (after all they tried this plan after WWI). To answer these concerns President Obama said “”From everything I can see, this decision was not one designed to have an impact on the currency on the dollar, it was designed to grow the economy,” designed to grow the economy, so was the porkulus bill and look how well that worked.  The New Deal was designed to grow the economy, the protectionist policies of Herbert Hoover were designed to grow the economy. They didn’t work.  He then said that the actions where designed to prevent deflation because that is a great concern in the United States, here is his direct quote “There was some concern that we had very low inflation, that a huge danger in the United States is deflation and that we have to be mindful of those dangers going forward”   So basically he is admitting that the plain to fight slow inflation and a slow economy is to cause hyper inflation, that is a great plan.

470.) President Obama went on the offensive against China, he was attempting to get a G-20 agreement to pressure China to stop devaluing its currency in order to keep prices low. Well he did not get any such agreement; actually he got quite the opposite response. The leaders of several G-20 countries pointed out that the United States was doing the exact same thing, this of course referencing the actions taken by the Fed to “jump start the economy”.  Another classic example of do as I say not as I do.

471.) President Obama claims that this trip was to create jobs. I do not doubt that might have been his actual goal, however his ideology, and of course political corruption put a rather large limitation on that. President Obama had gone to South Korea in order to finish a free trade deal that might have made 70,000 jobs in the United States. The hopes of this plan would be to allow United States auto makers access to the South Korean market. This plan unfortunately failed. The Question is why? The answer is one that I get tired of saying any more Hypocrisy and corruption.  President Obama was trying to Renegotiate a deal that Former President George W. Bush had worked out in 2007 and has been awaiting approval on the floor of the democrat controlled congress for three years.  There are major concerns about the deal, most of which have been brought up by your favorite union and mine the UAW.  You see there is a massive trade deficit between the numbers of Korean cars sold in the United States vs the number of U.S. cars sold in Korea. The rate is something like 400,000 Korean vs 7000 U.S. Now President Obama his union pals are concerned about that trade gap.  The deal as it stands now would cut all tariffs between our two nations.  In sense the definition of free trade, each company has access to the market, they can all complete on the same playing field.  They are all subject to the same rules and regulations that govern the region that they want to compete. However President Obama and the UAW do not think that this is fair at all. You see there exists another reason for the gap in sales, the emissions and safety standards of South Korea are far higher than they are in the United States.  So it costs more for US auto manufacturers to modify their cars for sale in the South Korean market. Now for those progressives reading this who have a hard time understanding economics  a higher production cost equates to a higher cost to the consumer, and more expensive products tend not to sell as well as a more inexpensive product.  President Obama pushed South Korea to lower its emissions regulations so that American Cars could more easily compete in that market.  I find it odd, I truly do the President Obama is trying to drive up emission standards and regulations here in the United States, but to save his UAW supporters he is trying to strong arm the a smaller country to change its regulations?   I guess you could also chalk this up to another broken promise from President Obama as well.  You see President Obama said in a speech at a General Motors plant in February of 2008 that he would “not sign another trade agreement unless it has protections for our environment and protections for American workers” I found this comment odd then because he put the environment before the workers, I find it odd now because President Obama tried to do just the opposite of what he said in the campaign. I am not standing with the emissions standards, I am standing against the corruption and the dishonesty that President Obama and the Progressives seem to represent. back to my point, South Korea backed out of the deal because President Obama stuck to his ideology.  It was not a free trade agreement. President Obama does not believe in Free Trade, he doesn’t think it is fair that we have to follow the rules in another country.

466.) President Obama still doesn’t get it, after his parties beating in the mid term election he remains ignorant to the American Peoples beliefs on his administrations actions.  He skirted the question of wether or not the election was a referendum on his policies, and said that he thinks we are still just upset because the economy is bad. He ignores that half of the American people don’t want his health care bill, that with a few exceptions everyone who campaigned on their vote for healthcare reform was defeated. Nope he plans on continueing his march towards socalism. 

467.) President Obama recently compared his health care plan to the one insituted in the state of Massachesetts by former Republican Govenor Mitt Romeny. He said “We thought that if we shaped a bill that wasn’t different from bills that had previously been introduced by Republicans, including a Republican Govenor of Massachusetts who’s now running for President, that we would be able to find some common ground there and we couldn’t.” He is basically sying that the Republicans would not copperate with his progressive agenda. There are just a few points where the Presidents comment is either false or a misleading.
          a.) President Obama said that Mitt Romeny is running for President.
                The Truth: Mitt Romeny did run in the Republican primary in 2007.  He did not get enough votes so he never did get the nomination to run for President. He has yet to announce that he is running again.   So he is not running for President.
         b.) President Obama speaks of trying to get the Republicans to support the health care bill, that if they brought the something to the table the Republicans would work with them.  The concept of a Republic is give and take. The democrats where unwilling to work with Republicans, just as much as Republicans would not work with Democrats.   President Obama didn’t need Republican support, he either want out right rejection or a blind fallowing, both of which he thought would devistate their ability to be reelected. If they voted against it, the democrats would be able to say that the GOP wanted to steal healthcare from you. If they voted for it they would lose their conservative base. If I am wron gwhy then did the PResident not try to force a compromise amongst hte parties. If he truely wanted a bipartisan bill, why would he not take steps to insure that GOP ideas would be included?  Well some will point to the health care summit and say “he did he did he had a summit for Republicans to work with Democrats” Well the problem with that theory is how he conducted that summit. Yes he went and heard the arguments and wants from the GOP then said well we will have to go forward and elections have consequences.   He clearly did not listen. He did not adopt the want to allow health insurance to be bought a crossed state lines, he did not include anything about tort reform.  They did give up the public option, but that was not to get Republican support, that was a move to get it passed conservative Democrats.   They would not slow down and actually read the bill, they could not justify the contents of the bill as they did not know what was in it. Nancy Pelosi said that they would have to pass it for us to know what was in it.  The idea of cooperation is a two way street. Democrats vote for the bill with out even reading it because it was backed by their party, the Republicans stood against it on a party line, and because they listened to the American people.  Cooperation would have ment Dmeocrats listening to Republicans ideas and Republicans listening to Democrats ideas.  Fi you don’t wan tthat or think you need cooperation then don’t cry fowl when you strong arm you way to get a bill passed and in so doing tick off the entire population of the country. Again I would like to point out that President Obama did not actually need any Republican support. This want for Republican cooperation was nothing more then a political tatic, one not needed if he would simply listen to the American people instead of communists and radicals.

*note this is not an argument against the health care bill, this is about the direct attempt by the President to mislead the American people.

468.) President Obama side stepped a question asked of him about the monitization of the United States debt by the fed. He did say that the fed “doesn’t take orders from the White House,” He also said that “the Fed’s mandate, my mandate, is to grow our economy”  he then said that it is not only good for the United States but good for the world.  Well here is the problem. The fed bought united states debt, to do this they printed 600 billion dollars. What that does is devalue the dollar. That means that you have to spend more money to buy the same good.  This goes along with what one of President Obama’s major supporters George Soros wants, an orderly decline of the United States dollar.  I would like to point out that Germany attempted this same strategy after world war I. Anyone who knows history will tell you how well that didn’t work.  President Obama had the capability to stand against it and say “monetizing the debt is a bad idea” he will say the police acted stupidly, he will attack the Supreme Court, yet he won’t stand up against the Fed? Why, could it be because he wants to bring down the dollar? Could it be because he is fallowing the principles of Saul Alinsky?  Just as a side note, Mr. President your mandate is not to grow our economy. Your mandate is to be a check on the congress to make sure they act within the letter of the law, and to execute the laws of the United States. That is what your job is.  The President has the same amount of control over the fed as he does over the Supreme Court. You see the President appoints the 7 memeber board, who is approved by the Senate, and they serve for 14 years. The Chairman of the Fed is chosen by the President Of the United States to serve for 4 years. So Yes President Obama does have control of the Fed, he reappointed Ben Bernanke to the Head of the Fed. So he is either covering for something, trying to mislead the American People, or he is lying.

Last night the GOP swept the visible filth from the House of Representatives, and began the process in the Senate. Today however is not a time to celebrate. Today is not the day for sneering or gloating. Today is not the day to rub defeat in the face of the democrats. Most importantly today is not the day to breathe a sigh of relief and to think that the war is over.  My fellow Americans I stand before you now with a heavy heart, I know that you are tired; I know that you want nothing more than this war against our liberties to end. Last night was a possibly a great victory for the cause of freedom and liberty, but it is merely the start. I stand before you now and I have the worst job that anyone can imagine, I have to tell you the fight has not yet even begun. Right now the progressive hoards are regrouping and rebuilding. This machine will not go down quietly; it will not go down with just one defeat. The beginning has just started. Last night was not even the end of the beginning. It has taken 73 relentless years for the progressives to distort the United States of America into something the founders would not even recognize. We cannot hope to undo their destruction with just one election. A change is required in the way we think; we have a tough couple of years ahead of us. We are going to have to let go of the progressive drug, the rehab will be hard. We have to resist the urge to restore the tyrants that brought this country to her knees.  Yesterday was nothing more than a battle. An important battle but we must not sit on our heels. Yes we have voted out a bad batch of crooks and tyrants, but we have also voted in a new group of unknowns. If these individuals cannot stand up to the disease in D.C. then we once again rise up against them and vote them out again.  2012 is the year of precedent. We must a set a new one. We will continue to remove those who are unfit from office, until we find someone who will stand by the law.  Now is not the time to rest, now is the time to step up our attack, go after injustice and corruption faster and harder than ever before. We have caught the progressives off guard and proven that the common man will no longer stand for the Bullshit from Washington Thugs.  A notice has been sent, all politicians are on the block. No one is safe, if you stand with tyranny you will find yourself on the streets, if you stand with liberty you will be given a job, and held to your core principles or suffer the same fate. Do not rest America, the battle to slow President Obama’s agenda is over, the fight to secure our liberties and freedoms is about to begin.

A war is raging for the heart of the United States of America. The two factions have been mared in a bloodly onslut for countless years.  Tyranny and corruption on one side, and liberty and commonsense on the other. For far to long the side of liberty has been beaten back and villified as something to be feared.  Today a new battle has begun. The power of the people is rising, our victory is within our grasp. If we stand today and vote on princible rather then greed, the bums in Washington will be sent home and no longer can do any more damage to the system of Republican Government that served this nation for over 200 years. A system that made us the most power country in the world.   But if the voice of liberty wins out the day, we cannot celebrate. We cannot rest. The Gasden Flag must not dissapear from the horizion.  We must send a message to the political elites, we will no longer stand for the lies and corruption that have plagued the sacred halls of the American Captial.  This is an important election, but the election of 2012 is far more important, for it is then that we reset the proper presedent.  For if the officals we elect today fail to fallow our orders, we must vote them out and elect an entirely new group. Vote them all out untill we get someone who will listen and vote the way they are told. Untill we get someone who will stand for the rule of law, not the rule of theory and feelings.  Go out and vote today, vote to restore the consitution, vote to restore the rule of law, vote to end the insanity of the progressive era.