A war is raging for the heart of the United States of America. The two factions have been mared in a bloodly onslut for countless years.  Tyranny and corruption on one side, and liberty and commonsense on the other. For far to long the side of liberty has been beaten back and villified as something to be feared.  Today a new battle has begun. The power of the people is rising, our victory is within our grasp. If we stand today and vote on princible rather then greed, the bums in Washington will be sent home and no longer can do any more damage to the system of Republican Government that served this nation for over 200 years. A system that made us the most power country in the world.   But if the voice of liberty wins out the day, we cannot celebrate. We cannot rest. The Gasden Flag must not dissapear from the horizion.  We must send a message to the political elites, we will no longer stand for the lies and corruption that have plagued the sacred halls of the American Captial.  This is an important election, but the election of 2012 is far more important, for it is then that we reset the proper presedent.  For if the officals we elect today fail to fallow our orders, we must vote them out and elect an entirely new group. Vote them all out untill we get someone who will listen and vote the way they are told. Untill we get someone who will stand for the rule of law, not the rule of theory and feelings.  Go out and vote today, vote to restore the consitution, vote to restore the rule of law, vote to end the insanity of the progressive era.

  1. The biggest problem is that too many people have assumed for too long that “republican” is synonymous with “conservative”. And as soon as we get conservative in the right spot, they get corrupted.

  2. Bravely spoken. In a time of tyrants and dictators, we must remember that it is our will, and not theirs, that is the law of this land. As Winston Churchill said, “This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning.” In much the same way, this rang true for my homestate of Texas, which as you may know, fought a long, hard war for its independence from the tyranny of Mexican dictator Santa Anna. They defeated us at Goliad and the Alamo, but Sam Houston, our founding father and the greatest defender of liberty for Texas, said that God would save Texas. And he was proven right at the Battle Of San Jacinto, where he and his army defeated the Mexicans and won our freedom, even though they were starving and outnumbered.In other words, friend, learn from Sam Houston’s example–God will stand by those who fight for liberty and freedom. He will be their avenger. You and I have a common enemy–tyranny. We are brothers of the same cause. The God who made heaven and earth will do battle for us. All we have to do is have faith and believe in him.S.C.

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