Last night the GOP swept the visible filth from the House of Representatives, and began the process in the Senate. Today however is not a time to celebrate. Today is not the day for sneering or gloating. Today is not the day to rub defeat in the face of the democrats. Most importantly today is not the day to breathe a sigh of relief and to think that the war is over.  My fellow Americans I stand before you now with a heavy heart, I know that you are tired; I know that you want nothing more than this war against our liberties to end. Last night was a possibly a great victory for the cause of freedom and liberty, but it is merely the start. I stand before you now and I have the worst job that anyone can imagine, I have to tell you the fight has not yet even begun. Right now the progressive hoards are regrouping and rebuilding. This machine will not go down quietly; it will not go down with just one defeat. The beginning has just started. Last night was not even the end of the beginning. It has taken 73 relentless years for the progressives to distort the United States of America into something the founders would not even recognize. We cannot hope to undo their destruction with just one election. A change is required in the way we think; we have a tough couple of years ahead of us. We are going to have to let go of the progressive drug, the rehab will be hard. We have to resist the urge to restore the tyrants that brought this country to her knees.  Yesterday was nothing more than a battle. An important battle but we must not sit on our heels. Yes we have voted out a bad batch of crooks and tyrants, but we have also voted in a new group of unknowns. If these individuals cannot stand up to the disease in D.C. then we once again rise up against them and vote them out again.  2012 is the year of precedent. We must a set a new one. We will continue to remove those who are unfit from office, until we find someone who will stand by the law.  Now is not the time to rest, now is the time to step up our attack, go after injustice and corruption faster and harder than ever before. We have caught the progressives off guard and proven that the common man will no longer stand for the Bullshit from Washington Thugs.  A notice has been sent, all politicians are on the block. No one is safe, if you stand with tyranny you will find yourself on the streets, if you stand with liberty you will be given a job, and held to your core principles or suffer the same fate. Do not rest America, the battle to slow President Obama’s agenda is over, the fight to secure our liberties and freedoms is about to begin.

  1. Republicans are like that abusive boyfriend you convince yourself isn’t so bad, but then he beats you to a bloody mess one day and you finally leave him and find a new guy who tries to make you happy, except the abusive boyfriend comes around and tries his hardest to make the new guy look like the bad one and convince …you that he can change, so you come running back expecting to not be beat again… But we all know how that turns out.

  2. The new Republicans are going to have to work with Democrats if they want to pass any legislation. You guys are in lala land if you think you can ignore them forever. Without some cooperation there can be no government.

  3. @socialdemocracyforall –  do not link me to the republicans, I am a no Republican, I am a libretarian. I am a conservative who stands by the consitution. So the you guys doesn’t work. If I where a Republican would I be calling for an increased vigil on the government, would I be calling for yet tougher standards to be applied to the government, would I be sending out a warning to Republicans that if they fail to do as they are told they too will end up like the countless democrats they have displaced? I think not.  And no they do not have to work with the democrats. They have to work with the American People, that is where all of you leftist get confused.  @defenseagainstthedarksurveys –  Republicans are nothing of the sort. Progressives, who have worked their way into both the GOP and the Democrat Party are. True Republicans tend to stand on the conservative side, the side of reason. Rhinos as they are often refered stand on the side of the progressises. This election was a clear sign that Americans are sick of the big government that President Obama and the progressives in congress represent.  I

  4. @obamawatch – You guys meaning tea party, however you identify yourself. Almost all of the newbies in Congress are Republicans, though. You can’t deny that.

  5. @socialdemocracyforall – Okay I guess I misread your comment and I appologize for jumping on you like that.  No one can deny that the majority of the new represenatives and senators are Republicans. I will never begin to agrue otherwise.  However, I will argue that the D and the R mean nothing.   Ronald Reagan served in office as both a Democrat and a Republican. John McCain is a Republican but only acts like a conservative to get elected. I actualy was quite angry to see that he kept his Senate seat. The party title means nothing, the morals and the character of the Man mean everything.  We need true representatives in Washington. Someone who not only will listen to the voice of those who employ him, but who will also act within the letter of the law. Procedure and restrictions that exisit on congress are not there because the founders made a mistake, it was supposed to be hard to get anything passed, or done so that way only good peices of leglisation made their way to the desk of the President.  They are important.  So yes the majority of those elected were Republican, but mark my words those men and women will not set foot on the floor of the house and the senate after 2012 if they behave as there predcessors did. I will work to ensure that.

  6. @socialdemocracyforall – So tell me, why is it that you say the republicans have to work with democrats, but not the other way around?  The dems have compromised on NOTHING in recent history.

  7. I’m trying to figure out if this is a joke or not! I mean are people like you real?

  8. What I see and heard today in Obama’s speech was that NOW bipartisanship is important.  Where was that bipartisanship 6 months or a year ago?  And for the first part of his term everything was “Bush’s fault.” “The country was in trouble when he (Obama) started his administration and it would take time to clean it up”.  NOW “We the people just don’t understand him…there is a miscommunication…he is too isolated in the White House to know what the people are thinking” (don’t they have computers in the Whitehouse?  Without leaving the Oval Office he can read Twitter, Facebook, Xanga or any other social site and knonw EXACTLY what the people are thinking).  I am really having a hard time swallowing that story.  Pick up a phone, dial 10 numbers at random over the United States.  I can assure you that if he called here and said “Hi, this is Barrak Obama.  I have about 10 questions I would like to ask you about your thoughts on government and political issues in the United States today.  First, lets talk about the new health care program…are you satisfied? somewhat satisfied? Doesn’t apply in your case?  Somewhat dissatisfied? Or do you think the United States is going to Hell in a hand basket?”  Now would that be so hard to do?  This is mommachatter and I approve this post; the battle has just begun.

  9. mcbery said:

    We were supposed to shut our mouths and stay in the back seat. Well, who’s the abusive person for saying that? The President said that before the election. Not supposed to be partisan now? Well the whole car is full of us now. We’ve gotta kick out the one that’s driving this flying umbrella!

  10. That is the real battle – securing our liberties.  Good post

  11. We’ve set up a network for tracking all of our state and local elected officials. We are going to track their every move to ensure that they live up to what got them there and our Constitution. If they don’t, we’ll do everything we can to have them removed. We’re focused, and will not let up. These people need to understand, they are on probation, regardless of party affiliation.

  12. @Irish_Russian – that is exactly what we need, it is time for Americans to take our country back from the political pigs.

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