The Election Results, Interview,

466.) President Obama still doesn’t get it, after his parties beating in the mid term election he remains ignorant to the American Peoples beliefs on his administrations actions.  He skirted the question of wether or not the election was a referendum on his policies, and said that he thinks we are still just upset because the economy is bad. He ignores that half of the American people don’t want his health care bill, that with a few exceptions everyone who campaigned on their vote for healthcare reform was defeated. Nope he plans on continueing his march towards socalism. 

467.) President Obama recently compared his health care plan to the one insituted in the state of Massachesetts by former Republican Govenor Mitt Romeny. He said “We thought that if we shaped a bill that wasn’t different from bills that had previously been introduced by Republicans, including a Republican Govenor of Massachusetts who’s now running for President, that we would be able to find some common ground there and we couldn’t.” He is basically sying that the Republicans would not copperate with his progressive agenda. There are just a few points where the Presidents comment is either false or a misleading.
          a.) President Obama said that Mitt Romeny is running for President.
                The Truth: Mitt Romeny did run in the Republican primary in 2007.  He did not get enough votes so he never did get the nomination to run for President. He has yet to announce that he is running again.   So he is not running for President.
         b.) President Obama speaks of trying to get the Republicans to support the health care bill, that if they brought the something to the table the Republicans would work with them.  The concept of a Republic is give and take. The democrats where unwilling to work with Republicans, just as much as Republicans would not work with Democrats.   President Obama didn’t need Republican support, he either want out right rejection or a blind fallowing, both of which he thought would devistate their ability to be reelected. If they voted against it, the democrats would be able to say that the GOP wanted to steal healthcare from you. If they voted for it they would lose their conservative base. If I am wron gwhy then did the PResident not try to force a compromise amongst hte parties. If he truely wanted a bipartisan bill, why would he not take steps to insure that GOP ideas would be included?  Well some will point to the health care summit and say “he did he did he had a summit for Republicans to work with Democrats” Well the problem with that theory is how he conducted that summit. Yes he went and heard the arguments and wants from the GOP then said well we will have to go forward and elections have consequences.   He clearly did not listen. He did not adopt the want to allow health insurance to be bought a crossed state lines, he did not include anything about tort reform.  They did give up the public option, but that was not to get Republican support, that was a move to get it passed conservative Democrats.   They would not slow down and actually read the bill, they could not justify the contents of the bill as they did not know what was in it. Nancy Pelosi said that they would have to pass it for us to know what was in it.  The idea of cooperation is a two way street. Democrats vote for the bill with out even reading it because it was backed by their party, the Republicans stood against it on a party line, and because they listened to the American people.  Cooperation would have ment Dmeocrats listening to Republicans ideas and Republicans listening to Democrats ideas.  Fi you don’t wan tthat or think you need cooperation then don’t cry fowl when you strong arm you way to get a bill passed and in so doing tick off the entire population of the country. Again I would like to point out that President Obama did not actually need any Republican support. This want for Republican cooperation was nothing more then a political tatic, one not needed if he would simply listen to the American people instead of communists and radicals.

*note this is not an argument against the health care bill, this is about the direct attempt by the President to mislead the American people.

468.) President Obama side stepped a question asked of him about the monitization of the United States debt by the fed. He did say that the fed “doesn’t take orders from the White House,” He also said that “the Fed’s mandate, my mandate, is to grow our economy”  he then said that it is not only good for the United States but good for the world.  Well here is the problem. The fed bought united states debt, to do this they printed 600 billion dollars. What that does is devalue the dollar. That means that you have to spend more money to buy the same good.  This goes along with what one of President Obama’s major supporters George Soros wants, an orderly decline of the United States dollar.  I would like to point out that Germany attempted this same strategy after world war I. Anyone who knows history will tell you how well that didn’t work.  President Obama had the capability to stand against it and say “monetizing the debt is a bad idea” he will say the police acted stupidly, he will attack the Supreme Court, yet he won’t stand up against the Fed? Why, could it be because he wants to bring down the dollar? Could it be because he is fallowing the principles of Saul Alinsky?  Just as a side note, Mr. President your mandate is not to grow our economy. Your mandate is to be a check on the congress to make sure they act within the letter of the law, and to execute the laws of the United States. That is what your job is.  The President has the same amount of control over the fed as he does over the Supreme Court. You see the President appoints the 7 memeber board, who is approved by the Senate, and they serve for 14 years. The Chairman of the Fed is chosen by the President Of the United States to serve for 4 years. So Yes President Obama does have control of the Fed, he reappointed Ben Bernanke to the Head of the Fed. So he is either covering for something, trying to mislead the American People, or he is lying.

  1. Well said.  My surprise was his address to the press when over and over again he talked of miscommunication, misunderstanding of what he has been trying to do.  It sounded to me lilke he was saying that conservatives are too ignorant to see his brilliance.  Obviously he has not been my favorite President but I never really held anything against him other than politics which blows with the wind.  But saying conservatives are too dense, too stupid to understand; to me was a personal insult far beyond the range of politics.

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