LAW, Healthcare, Dream Act, Gitmo trial failure.

472.) President Obama is a man who does not believe in law. He does not believe it applies to him, the government, or his supporters. This has been made painfully clear by his granting 111 waivers to businesses and unions dealing with the insurance requirement in his beloved health care law. If it is a law, it should apply to everyone, no one should get a waiver. This shows two things. The first is it is a clear example of President Obama’s belief in social justice vs. equal justice as only a select few were choosen to get this waiver. The second is to cover up what I have warned about all along. This law will cost many Americans their health care coverage and force us into the federal pool, along with hurting new job creation. President Obama is trying to mask this by granting temporary waivers. I think he believes us to be imbicles and that we will forget about the bill if he can keep up an illusion for a couple more years. But we will not fall for it, we already saw the rabits ears stiking out of the hat, he is not fooling us.

473.) Well I was doing some digging and I found something interesting. I do really get tired of talking about the healthcare reform law, but I guess when there is a bill over 2000 pages long, and not even half of the law makers think it is important to read them, we are going to find a lot of problems.  This time what I found was a tax increase, shocking I know. The democrats added at the last minute a added a sales tax on the sale of a home. Now many people will not have to pay it. If you make under 200,000 dollars a year you are fine. However… I thought the President Promised no new taxes for those making under 250,000 dollars a year.

474.) President Obama is calling for the senate to pass legislation called the Dream Act. The dream act failed to pass in september of 2010. He wants them to try again.  What the Dream Act is, is basically a dream of the democrats and most progressives in congress it is a happy way to say amnesty. What the act does is allow the young criminals who crossed our border (illegal immigrants) to gain citizenship if they go to college for two years or serve in the military. I have no problem with the later of the two options, if they believe in the security and the blessings that American Citizens get to enjoy so much that they are willing to earn it by protecting those liberties, they deserve to be citizens. However going to school for two years in my opinion should not be a path to citizenship. What sacrifice does going to college entail? How does college prove that you are deserving of being an American Citizen? My father didn’t go to college is he any less deserving? Will that option be open to those who come here legally? How are they going to pay for this college education? Are the criminals going to be allowed to go to a public college which is funded by people who are here legally and pay taxes to fund that insitution? If they are here illegally and the progressives crack down on hiring illegals how are they going to afford to pay for tuition? Oh I know the progressives can create another unfunded government program to pay for their college education and rack up our grand childrens debt even hire. They can drive the country one step closer to suffering the same fate as Greece, Ireland, the USSR, and the Roman Empire.  This is nothing more then an attempt by the left to back door unpopular policies( aka amnesty) to buy off a minority vote. It is designed to keep the country divided down racial lines. Anyone who votes against it they will brand, in President Obama’s own words “enemy” and a racist. 

475.) President Obama wants to hike taxes because we cannot afford our current low tax rate. He wants to raise taxes yet he will do nothing about government spending. Sense taking office in 2009 the federal government has added 141,000 new workers, this number does not include census, military, or postal workers, and President Obama wants to add 125,000 more. The number of federal workers that make over 150,000 dollars a year has doubled sense President Obama took office. He created a deficit commission to deal with the shockingly high deficit, that would seem to discredit any notion that he isn’t concerned with government spending. However, he has yet to listen to this commisions recomindations. The President wants to give a 1.4% pay raise to 2.1 million federal employees.  Now how does that compare with recomendations from the deficit commission. Well the commission recomended a pay freeze over the next three years, along with cutting 10% of the federal work force.  It is interesting to note that 600,000 federal workers are Union members, that is interesting… so Unions get a tax payer funded pay raise, while private sector workers are going to be forced with a tax increase which will result in a pay cut. The heritage foundation has pointed out that if all federal workers where paid the same as their private sector counterparts the United States Tax Payers could save 47 billion dollars. Yet President Obama has show no sign of cutting the number of workers, or cutting payroll, or freezing pay raises.  He won’t cut the size of government, he is only interested in cutting the size of your pay check. Don’t worry the government knows how to spend it better then you do.

476.) The first GITMO detany to go through a civilian trail was acquitted on 276 counts of murder and attempted murder and five conspiracy charges. He was found guilty only on the minor charge of “conspiracy to damage or destroy U.S. property with explosives”.  The man in question is Ahmed Gahailani. This is one of the men who were responsible for the 1998 terror bombing of the American embassy in Kenya and Tanzinia that killed 224 people. He helped provide the explosives and the trucks used in the Attack. This is an Al-Queda opperative, who doesn’t wish harm against the United States, he wishes to destroy it and its people.  He now faces the posibility of 20 years to life in a United States Prison. Is this the fate that awaits the master minds of 911? Are they going to be acquitted of the murders they are responsible for? These men are not citizens of the United States, they claim to be enemy combatants, they are not civilians. This is President Obama’s grand plan. I can honestly say it disgusts me.

  1. It is utterly amazing to have an anti-American subversive as President of the United States. I  don’t see how we can possibly undo the damage. The federal bureaucracy is so vast and powerful that it provides a field of dreams for those who wish to destroy America.

  2. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – We destroy their network one step at a time. But we must start. We must stand up to progressive thugs. George Soros, Barack Obama, Nancey Pelosi must not be allowed to decide what America is. We have to stand up to the left every chance we get.

  3. 472)  It’s also proof that even he knew how bad this bill was473)  That’s why they start calling them “fees”  It’s equal to a lie, but you won’t see much of anyone call him on it…474)  Why is it more important to them to grant ANYTHING to illegals before dealing with the tax cuts…475)  It’s interesting… federal employees that are actually responsible for tax dollars (like myself monitoring defense contracts) I get paid less than my counterparts in the private sector and am not union.  Also, it’s worth noting that every tax increase in history has been followed by a reduction in tax revenue, and tax cuts result in higher tax revenues.476)  People still refuse to acknowledge the fact that trials in civilian courts for enemy combatants are actually against the Geneva Conventions.

  4. @grim_truth –  well of course they refuse to admit that, because that would be fallowing the rules, and the progressives hate fallowing the rules. Those are for us commoners.

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