Goverment Control… Extending the Current Tax Rates…. Continuing The Battle to Remove God

479.) President Obama is getting ready to sign a bill into law, that steals the right to have a bake sale for a school fund raiser from the American people, and give it to the federal government. Allow me to clarify, what I am saying is that President Obama is getting ready to sign a bill into law that gives the federal government the power to regulate school fundraisers… hmmm… oh an expansion of government. Tryanny.

480.) President Obama said monday night that he would not allow the tax rate to remain the same unless we extend unemployment benifits for 13 more months… meaning people will have been able to stay on unemployment for 3 years. He says that we cannot afford to keep the current tax rate because it will cost the government too much money. In the same breath he complains about the tax rate for the rich costing too much money he says he wants to extend unemployment…. The man shows his true progressive ties. This deal prooves his mindset. He doesn’t care about the deficit. Instead he is merely trying to kill the work of his predecesor under the diguse of fighting the debt that he has racked up.  I must also point out that the current tax rate is not costing the government anything. You cannot claim that your current salary is costing you 15,000 dollars a year because the person who you share an office with makes that much more.  The goverment does not give you money, they can only take.  A tax hike like President Obama is threatening is taking more money from the private citizens. He acts as if he is allowing us to make money because he is all powerful.  monday night proves, he is a big government tyrant, he is an elitisest, and one of two things, either A.) he is completely incompetent, B.) he is practicing the princibles of saul alinsky.

481.) President Obama is continuing his quest to delete God from the United States ( a very socialist goal).  President Obama said that our national moto was “In the United States, our motto is E pluribus unum — out of many, one,” Our national Motto is In God We Trust. That is not out of many one. Now if President Obama did not have an issue with remembering the word Creator when he quoted the Declaration of Independence, I would not think as much of this. Not only is it embarassing to have a President who continually lies or screws up quotes and mottos, it is a clear example of his progressive and yes marxist tendencys. A War on God in America, led now by the President, yet many will call me a fool, claim that I am just blowing it out of Proportion, or a barry hater. But the majority of those will be die hard progressives and marxist themselves, so of course they will try to disprove what I have said. They will resort to tactics like “no you are lying” calling me names,  or just calling me imature. But the truth is as clear as crystal.

This is just a side note. Tax Cuts do not cost the government anything. Not one dime. What tax cuts do, is save the American Public money. The government gets its money by taking it from our pockets. Tax cuts let us keep more of our money. They allow us to save or spend money as we see fit. If you are against tax cuts you can write a check and donate that money to the Federal Government. I don’t see any of the elitest like President Obama or Harry Reid or Anthony Weiner donating their paychecks. Progressives act as if they are giving us money, that they are gracious enough to let us common weak minded pond scum have some pennies to buy our bread and water. What cost the government money is the wreakless spending that has infested the elitests in Washington for far to long. President Obama is responsible for 90% of the national debt now. The 787 billion dollar stimulus bill. Two possibly Three years of unemployment, bailing out GM Who paid for that.. Oh that is right we did. President Obama cracked his knuckles and slipped his hands into our pockests, our kids pockets, and our grand kids pockets and happily took the money he needed from our bill folds. Oh and another thing, The debate in Washington is not about tax cuts, it is about maintaining the tax rate that has been in place for the past decade. These are not cuts, they are set in stone tax rates.  Not passing them is a tax hike.  

  1. I don’t know who would be. Threating to kill the economy unless a third year of unemployement benfits are passed. Then calling the GOP hostage takers. Immature and dangerous, not good qualities to boost about.

  2. Actually, either one can work. Both have been used as the motto of the US, and “E Pluribus Unum” is the historically older one dating back to the 1790s. Hence why it appears on all US currency.”In God We Trust” has only been used since 1956 following a law signed by President Dwight D Eisenhower, however this law did not replace E Pluribus Unum, just added it.

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