Growing Government, Attempt at Rewriting History, Presidential Waste

The holidays are winding down, and I will hopefully be able to update more, and once again be part of the Xanga community.  and now to business.

482.) The Democrats Climate Change Bill, aka government power grab bill, was struck down by congress earlier this year.  President Obama has a plan though, don’t you worry. The economy killing regulations that failed to pass through the law making body of the government, are now being made into rules by one of President Obama’s many puppet orginizations the EPA. As is a progressive standard, when the legal and morally proper methode fails, He is going to back door the regulations of the petroleum refineries and power plants. The head of the EPA said “These standards will help American companies attract private investment to the clean energy upgrades that make our companies more competitive and create good jobs here at home.” For a preview of the great jobs and roaring economy to come from this methode of control look to the crumbling economy of Spain.

483.) President Obama has made yet another attack against the princibles of our Republic. You see in part of the small compromise that the President made to with converatives to get his power grab bill passed he had to remove things such as the nationalization of health care (aka socialized medicine), and of course language that many said would lead to Death Panels. Well now that the bill is law, President Obama has decided to reinstate the language that was in the bill. So once again, here is an example of PResident Obama’s complete and utter lack of respect for the law. His belief that Government is All Powerfull, that he is not bound to the confines of our will. Not only is he ignoring the law yet again, President Obama is once again guilty of a commiting a vial attack against man kind. He is attempting to manipulate and distort the actions made in the past administration.  Yes that is right, in order to paint himself as innocent of any connection to an action that has caused a massive stir in the hearts of Americans he is pointing the blame of his favorite whiping boy Former President Bush. He claims that this language was approved and signed by President Bush. However this is a streight face lie. You see the legislation in question is known as the Medicare Improvement for Patients and Providers Act of 2008. This act was passed by the Pelosi Controlled house, and by the Reid controled Senate.  Now for any progressives reading this who are ignorant to how the government works, once the bill is passed by both houses of congress it is then sent to the President who is then supposed to read the bill then either sign it or veto it. In the case of the Medicare Act of 2008 President Bush vetoed it. Now that does not mean that it is the end, no the bill then goes back to congress where it can be overrode. Guess what happened in 2008, the progressives in congress overrode that veto. The bill then becomes law. So yes it was inacted in the Bush Administration, but it was not inacted by President Bush. It was and continues to be a progressive policy.  So lets wrap it up, lack of respect for the law, the process of the government, and of course a great sign of cowardice on the Part of President Barack Obama.

484.) President Obama has come out and praised the reject progressive controlled congress for the work they did in the lame duck session of congress. He said it was the most productive lame duck session in decades. Well there is a reason for that. It has been largely considered by law makers sense the 19th century that a lame duck session congress does not have the authority to act on matters other then in emergencies. Now there exisists no statute in the consitution as far as I am aware that limit the powers of a lame duck congress. I know it is hard to believe that i am not going to be citing the consitution or the federalist papers about this practice.  I am siting this under citing this under arrogance and disrespect. The was a clear message sent in november, that the nation was not going to stand for the ineffective big government policies of the current progressive congress.  It was clear, they lost there seats for their views and their actions.  This can be and in my opinion should be seen as a lost of their mandate to act outside of an emergency. An example would be how President Bush stepped in at the end of his term to prevent the banks from failing and GM from collapsing. He proped things up so that they would last long enough for the new President and the new Congress to be seated. Do not misinterpret this as an endorsement of the policies inacted, I am merely using them to demostrate the moral limits of what a lame duck session should do.  I do not see things such as the Dream Act, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Start Treaty, The 911 First Responders Aid bill,  do not fall under emergencies.  All of those where things that needed to be adressed but not by a lame duck session.  President Obama’s support and praise for the actions taken by the lame duck congress shows a lack of respect for the complete and total authority of the American People.

485.) President Obama went on a lavish vacation to hawaii for Christmas. He took his girls and his wife to the land of his childhood to spend Christmas in the the warm wash of the tropical sun, the soothing sound of waves crashing on the pure white beaches. A wonderful trip that anyone would love to have. Well we can all feel like we have taken it, because we paid for this one.  Yes President Obama’s trip to Hawaii cost the United States Tax Payer $1,474,200. We where generous in our Christmas gift to the President this year. Here is the break down of the cost from an artical writen by a Hawaiin reporter. 
         a.) Mrs. Obama’s early flight out cost us around $63,000 (white house dosser)
         b.) President Obama’s round trip flight cost us $1,000,000 (GAO Estimate)
         c.) Housing in beachfront homes for Secret Service and Seals in Kailua ($1,200 a day for 14 days): $16,800      
         d.) Costs for White House staff staying at Moana Hotel: $134,400 ($400 per day for 24 staff) – excluding meals and other room costs 
         e.) Police overtime: $250,000 (2009 costs reported by Honolulu Police Department) 
         f.) Ambulance: $10,000 (City Spokesperson)

Now right off the bat i can see several ways the President Could have save money, not including the most obvious one, which is to just stay in Washington D.C.  First, Mrs. Obama should not have left early. If her husband paid for the ticket out of his own pocket, maybe, but on the tax payers dollar she should left with her husband. By cutting down on air fair we are able to save $63,000 on this dream vacation.   Rather than using beach front homes for the Secrete Service and seals in kailua why not use military accomidations.  There is another 16,800 dollars off the bill.  The President Himself could have stayed at a Presidential house used in the past by Bill Clinton.  The White House Staff could have stayed on base as well, look another 134,400 dollars off the bill. President Obama’s waste of tax payers dollars to fund his wife and his world travels need to stop. We are in a debt crisis and he is spending like a GM executive. You know I think I talked about this once before. He demonized the executives of the automakers for flying on jets to D.C. to ask for money from the tax payers. He is doing the same exact thing. Demanded a tax hike on Americans because the country is running a deficit yet he continues to live the high life on the tax payers dollar. Hypocrisy at its best one of the few talents of President Obama.

486.) President Obama’s tax cut compromise violate the Consitution. Not in the fact that it hikes the estate tax, or anything like that but in the process it took to be passed.  It originated in the Senate, was passed then went to the house where it was also passed.  Does anyone see where this bill ran afoul with the law? If not you are probably a progressive. Let us quote the document that defines the limited powers of the federal government shall we? “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives”  how do governments raise revenue… through taxes.  Tax bills are to start in the house then go to the senate. President Obama had a chance to act and stand up for the Constitution of the United States, to demand that the government act within the constrants of the law that we the rulers of this land have set for it. He didn’t. I wanted the tax cuts to continue, but I also want a nation of law not a nation of want. Why is it so hard for President Obama to fallow the law?

  1. Progressives feel they are above all else and especially the law.

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