491.) President Obama is defending the playing of a song at the state dinner given for China. The song comes from a chinese movie that depicts Americans as the bad guys and the PRC Soldiers as the good guys. The lyrics of the song discribe americans as wolves and jackles greated by a hunting rifle.  I understand that the lyrics where not sung, but does that really change the meaning? Would it be considered appropriate to play Dixi Land in the middle of a MLK memorial rally as long as I don’t sing the lyrics? The fact is is that it is a anti-american song and they let it be played at a party on American Tax Payer dollars.

A write up on the state of the union address will be up soon.

  1. Obama has made it very clear that he doesn’t like Amercia the way it was founded.  No matter what Obama believes I believe we have a great nation. 

  2. Sounds like when Gerald Ford invited Queen Elizabeth to a banquet at the White House, and danced with her to the music of “The Lady is a Tramp.”

  3. @SirNickDon – Everybody knows that Gerald Ford was goofy. The Chinese are doing things specifically designed to show what a spineless wastrel lap dog Obama is. America has never had a weaker more incompetent president. And the Chinese are having the time of their lives playing this guy like a cheap bongo drum.

  4. @WhenHateIsTheOnlyOption – a great example of how either the white house is incompetent or ignorant.  I garuntee you if the man started playing dixi we would have heard the comments.

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