Who needs checks and Balances, Executive power, Health Care, Issues with Egypt, The EPA

499.) President Obama claims that he wants to make America the best place in the world to do business, and that he wants to cut regulations, why is it then that when legislation to do just that is being proposed in congress, he is already threatening to veto it. I personally think that he is making this threat because the legislation would limit the administration to regulate c02 gas emissions.  President Obama was unable to get the job killing cap and trade bill through the congress full of democrats, but don’t think that he is going to put an end to his plans oh no, now he is wants to do it through executive power (not creepy at all). Congressional action trumps executive order so he cannot allow a bill that would limit his awesome power to be passed. Limited government what a terrible idea, President Obama is looking out for us don’t you worry.

500.) President Obama went on the air and said to the people of Egypt that he hears them. That he talked to the president of Egypt about stepping down.  He hears them, he offers them support. “Over the last few days the passion and the dignity that has been demonstrated by the people of Egypt has been an inspiration to people around the world, including here in the United States and to all those who believe in the inevitably of human freedom.  To the people of Egypt, particularly the young people of Egypt, I want to be clear.  We hear your voices” He is offering the protesters of the Middle East support, yet he ignores, insults, and lies about the Tea Party in America. It’s nice to know that President Obama is more concerned about them then he is about the concerns of the people for whom he works.  I do have to say though that he is giving them somewhat of the same treatment. He is trying to redefine what it is that they are angry about. When the Tea Party first assembled on tax day to protest the massive amount of government spending and the tax hikes we feared would come as a result, President Obama straight face said let’s not pretend that this is about taxes, this is about health care cost. Now with the situation in Egypt he is acting as if the protesters should be singing his praises, because the President of Egypt is stepping down in eight months. That is not what the protesters want; they want him to step down now. At least he is still trying to tell people what it is they want overseas, I am glad that it is not just a slap in the face reserved for Americans.

501.) The Health Care law that President Obama loves so much was found unconstitutional by a second judge; this was mentioned in the previous post.  President Obama is not one to let a little thing like checks and balances get in his way, don’t you worry the regulations and mandates will be imposed upon us yet.  President Obama’s administration has said that it has no intentions of slowing down the implementation of this now deemed unconstitutional law. The administration said “we will continue to operate as we have previously.”   Full steam ahead, this is the third time the administration has spat in the face of the judicial branch of the nation’s government. The first time was when the president called out the Supreme Court for their ruling on campaign funding, the second time being when they reinstituted the drilling ban in the gulf after the courts struck it down, and now when the a judge rules a law unconstitutional and they plan on implementing it any ways.  It is quite clear that President Obama only believes in our system of government when it works in his favor.  Checks and Balances are nothing but a hindrance to him.

502.) Last month President Obama allowed the EPA to start regulating emissions from power plants and other polluters for the first time.  This was part of his energy plan that he tried to get through a democrat controlled congress and it fell flat on its face. I think the idea that energy prices would “necessarily sky rocket” turned most people off to the president’s plan.  However President Obama does not believe in the concept of Checks and Balances, unless it helps him reach his political goals.  Something as simple as the law making body refusing to take more power, shouldn’t slow down the President’s progressive agenda. After all, global warming is a scientific fact and comes from the most reliable sources imaginable, and there is absolutely no evidence disproving it. Well except for the fact that no serious global warming has occurred sense 2000, and sense 2008 the planet has steadily cooled. There is also that pesky fact that Al-Gore stands to make a killing on the carbon exchange market if the plan is implemented. Oh I almost forgot that Al-Gore contradicts himself on this theory all the time, I vaguely remember in 2000 being told that soon snow would be a thing of the past, kids just wouldn’t know what snow was, yet Al-Gore now claims that all of the snow that has been dumped on the East Coast this year, was caused by the warming (doesn’t really make sense).  So clearly man made global warming is 100% clear cut fact, and just because we the un-washed masses, and the evil Republicans (who couldn’t have stopped the legislation if they wanted to) can’t understand the dangers of climate change, should not be any reason for the President’s plans to be stopped.   The President didn’t get what he wanted through congress, the gate was closed, so he decided he would climb the fence and just use executive power to give the EPA the power to regulate C02 emissions.  This was wrong, has already been done. Fast forward one month, and suddenly the possible effects of this outrageous power granted to the EPA has become evident. Many in America feared that new regulations would stall our economic recovery worse than it already has been, and it turns out that they were right.  Construction on power plants around the country has stalled, costing the nation money and jobs.  President Obama has decided that there are a few of these projects that deserve an exemption from the new rules (social justice at its finest). One such project is the Avenal Power Center, a 600-megawatt power plant, is exempt from new regulations on C02 and N02.  So President Obama circumvented congress to get what he wants, then he grants waivers so some people don’t have to follow the law.  Just why is it that the Avenal Power Center is so special that it gets the first exemption?  I have a thought on this, the head of President Obama’s Council of Jobs and Competitiveness, Mr. Jeffery Immelt, just happens to be the CEO of GE. I am 100% positive that it is just a coincidence that the Avenal Power Center was fully equipped by GE.   President Obama believes in social justice, not equal justice.  This is what leads to some people being more equal than others.  Jeffery Immelt and GE have broadly supported the Obama Administration, so it is only fair that they be above the law.  If President Obama wants to make a new law that will hurt the economy and save the environment he better be willing to enforce the law fairly.  This practice of “wavier for supporters” is a clear and cut example of the federal government abusing its power to regulate, and President Obama abusing his power as an executive.  Corruption at its finest.

503.) President Obama said in his State of the Union address that he wants to reign in government spending. He wants to freeze it at it currently unsustainable level.  I am glad to hear him say that he wants to reign in government spending; he and his progressive allies in Washington have been spending money faster than Al-Gore can lie about global warming. Unfortunately we have heard this before, he ran against the spending President Bush had racked up. He complained about President Bush’s spending in his first State of The Union, but he continued spending. Yet in a speech he gave on February 3rd President Obama told people in Pennsylvania that if they are willing to build green buildings the government is going to help them. He explained how he is willing to create artificial market forces to push the economy towards one set up like the failure in Spain.  He then said “If you’re willing to make your buildings more energy efficient, we’ll provide new tax credits and financing opportunities for you to do so. So you show us the best ideas to change your game on the ground; we’ll show you the money.” We’ll show you the money. That is an interesting claim, he is talking about tax credits, so are they really showing them any money? If they are going to give them a tax credit that means the government is not really showing them any money, they just are taking less, so this is proof that the President doesn’t understand principles of how a government of the people, by the people works.  If you are a progressive and you believe that the government owns the money and just gives us some to live on, President Obama has reneged on his promise to reign in government spending. We’ll show you the money, how can we cut spending if President Obama is handing it out left and right to people willing to fall for his green energy plans.  Whichever way you want to look at it there is a massive issue in his statement.

504.) In all the uproar surrounding Egypt I just realized I forgot to mention the Start Treaty. President Obama got it through the senate, and he signed it.  This is part of his plan for a nuclear free world. In signing the treaty President Obama also got another feather in his cap as he was able to deal another blow to the realtionship between the United States and our greatest ally the United Kingdom of Great Brittian. The Russians demanded that they be given information on the United Kingdom’s nuclear capability.  The treaty between the United States and Russia was not supposed to affect the United Kingdom, but when the Russians demanded more information on the UK’s missle defenses President Obama was only too happy to see what he could do. His administration lobbied the United Kingdom to give up their secrets to the Russians, the United Kingdom of course refused. They want to maintain an element of secrecy when dealing with people like the Russians who are famous for being very trustworthy (that was hard to type even in jest).   President Obama doesn’t care, he doesn’t care that the United Kingdom doesn’t want Russia being able to verify how many missles they have.  President Obama only cares about getting his agenda accomplished, so even though the UK told him no, President Obama agreed to give the Russians the serial numbers of all the Trident Missles that the United States has provided to the Uk.   President Obama truely believes in the ends justifying the means.  He wants a nuclear free world so he is willing to take an ax to the relationship to America’s strongest ally, to get the russians to agree sign the treaty.  Why would he worry about it, after all if he sells the British down the river not only does he get the start treaty passed, but he also gets to fire yet another salvo in his blood fued with the British. 

Trivia Question: Before he shot President Kennedy, from what country did Lee Harvey Oswald get kicked out of?

  1. You know that the president’s power of veto is… part of the checks and balances, right?You are in serious need of a civics lesson.  There is a difference between someone not agreeing with you and them being a batman villain.  At least when bush was president we didn’t have to invent things to bitch about.  None of this “Look, he might VETO something!!!  OMG the dictator is going to FORCE his WILL upon his SUBJECTS!!!1” crap.

  2. @agnophilo – Well lets see, the reason I bring that up is because he is only vetoing it because when he tried to have congress pass it, it failed, so he decided to use executive power, something he was against when PResident Bush was in office, and just gave the epa the power to do it.  Now that congress is trying to reign in his power, he is going to veto it because he and his agenda is the only thing important. Is it his right to veto, yes, what my issue is here that he refuses to wake up and realize that the people do not want the epa to do this, and the PEOPLE are the people who hold the power in this country and he is but our worker.Haven’t heard from you in a while, glad to see that you are still around. Been well?

  3. Politicians conveniently ignore the fact that “Government” has no money, except what it confiscates from citizens.  As for executive orders, they have never before been so freely wielded.

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