518.) Civil war in Lybia, sky rocketing oil prices, a tsunami in Japan, and President Obama chooses to go play a round of golf for the second weekend in a row.

519.) With oil prices sky rocketing, and our wallets shrinking concerns over domestic energy production have come to the for front of Americans a crossed the country. Oil like it or not is needed to power our economy, high gas prices will halt any signs of economic recovery. President Obama’s energy policies have fallen under attack. President Obama addressed concerns about his energy policies and said, “Any notion that my administration has shut down oil production might make for a good political bite, but it doesn’t match up with reality.” He is of course siting that oil production last year reached its highest point sense 2003.  Seemingly President Obama is right he clearly must have done nothing to affect the production of oil. However,  any notion that his administration had any act in aiding the oil production last year, and that he is not negativly affecting oil production in the future might make for a good politcal add, but it doesn’t pass the test of truth.  I would like to take a trip down memory lane, back into the years of the Bush Administration. During those eight years a classic debate raged in the hallowed halls of the captiol building, the debate of course was about drilling for oil in ANWAR. Gas prices were on the rise and concern was sky rocketing oil prices had once again brought the controversial issue to the front lines of American politics. The argument used by the opposing party, in this case progressives, was not only would drilling in ANWAR destroy a prestine natural landscape but it would have no affect on oil prices because it would take ten years for the oil to begin pumping.  So according to the left it take ten years before oil production would affect the market. So what that means is that actions taken ten years ago would just now be affecting the amount of oil produced in the country. Basically the reason oil production was up, was because of actions taken by George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, hey in fact had nothing to do with President Obama’s policies, so he cannot claim that his policies were somehow responsible.  To say that he has not hurt oil production in this country is a streight face lie. Lets apply a little common sense to the situation. President Obama claims that his polices have not shut down oil production, when in fact they have done just that. He ordered a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, when the court struck it down, he put it back into place. That is shuting down drilling.  In 2007 the EPA projected that oil production would be at 850 million barrels in 2010 on public land. Today our total oil production is only at 714 million barrels on public land. That works out to be a 16% decrease in the project oil production.  That means that something changed, something happened that made production slow down and fall short of what it should have been. What caused the discrepency? Surely it was nothing President Bush did, all I heard from 2000-2008 was that President Bush was the devil and existed only to serve big oil. So clearly he would not have done anything to bring down oil production.  President Obama would have you believe that his cancling new leases for exploration, imposing a drilling moratorium, had nothing to do with hindering oil production. Once the final oil projects approved under President Bush have been equated fully into the system, the numbers will stop going up and either stagnate or drop. I am not claiming that if he had not of done these things that oil would be 30 cents a gallon, or that we would be swiming in oil. What I am saying is that President Obama is lying, he is trying to cover his tracks and appear that he is willing to meet people in the middle on oil production. When the truth is we all know he is not. He has said before he is fine with $4 a gallon gas. Is the truth to much to ask for? I guess it probably is sense that would probably cost President Obama the election and that would not be fair.

  1. Remember the outrage when gas went up this high under Bush?  Where is that same outrage?  I guess that outrage is in the same place as the outrage for Obama starting another war.

  2. @grim_truth – most likely, its okay though because President Obama is going to make us like europe and give us the rigidity of mass transportation, no need for expressions of  individuality like cars.

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