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538.) Last Sunday was Easter Sunday, the most sacred day in all of Christianity. I appologize for not posting, my internet went out Friday in the storms. I am in good company though, it seems President Obama also saw fit to remain mum on Easter Sunday. Why is that? He held a Seder meal, he acknowledge muslim holidays, but why does he remain mum on the most sacred Christian holiday? I know last year he got ripped for his comments on Easter sunday, primarly because it was more about muslims, jews, hindu’s, and atheist than it was about Chrisitans. Now I am not going to attack him for not giving an Easter statment, afterall he is a Christian as well, and like a good Christian he was with his family, and attending church. Now where the first family attended church was something of interest. They went to Shiloh First Babtist Church in Washington D.C. The sermon was delivered by Dr. Wallace Charels Smith. Now most of the media reported on what the Obama’s where wearing, and how great it was to see them going to church, they missed the real meat of the story. For example, what was the topic of the easter sermon? Was it about the resurection and the cleansing of sin? Or was it about white oppression? If you guess white oppression you were right. Dr. Wallace talked about how his infant grandson’s gurgling was him saying “I am here … they tried to write me off as 3/5 a person in the Constitution, but I am here right now … and is saying I am not going to let anybody from stopping me from being what God wants me to be” This man is a racist. These comments alone do not prove that but his past comments do. A youtube search will reveal some very interesting comments that have run from this mans mouth. “Anytime you can have the kind of hate-mongering that continues in the hallowed halls of talk radio it show that Barack’s presidency has not solved the problem”, “Now Jim Crow wears blue pin stripes … and he doesn’t have to wear white robes anymore, because now he can wear the protective cover of talk radio, or can get a regular news program on Fox. He doesn’t have to wear his white garments anymore” Relating Fox news to the Klu Klux Klan? Really? Because Bill O’rielly wants to string people up, because Glenn Beck does not denounce racism and is not a viticm of it himself, Because Juan Williams is clearly a racist.  Here is my favorite of Dr. Smith’s comments “Even such venerable saints as Rush Limbaugh know the lines they are not to cross. But any of their constituency can hear clear the same vile filth spewing forth in their statements that was once the purview of Robert Shelton and members of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizen’s Council” This man is nothing more than a hate monger. Rushlimbaugh doesn’t call for discrimination against black people, he doesn’t call for their execution. The only reason they hate Rush Limbaugh is because he reports against what the progressive left, led by Barack Obama (who just happens to be black), and that is not allowed. He is deliberatly trying to continue the streight face lie that if you are on the right and disagree with President Obama, you are clearly a blood thirsty racist who hates black people and want them to live on the streets like mongral dogs. Which is clearly not true.  Are their racist people on the right, yes, but their are also racists on the left. THe marxists god Karl Marx wanted to exterminate the jewish people,some of the members of the new black panthers called for the killing of “white cracker babies”. But to say Fox news and talk radio is a cover story of the klan is to be spreading the ideals of racism yourself.  The pool reporter said President Obama sat knoding to this mans sermon. So this is two pastors both of which spew that the white man is out to keep the black man in the dirt. When does it become a trend? Will President Obama outs this pastor as well? Will he have trouble finding yet another radical hate speak pastor in time for next years Easter Sermon? Find out next time.

539.) Rolling right along PResident Obama has said for the second time this month basically that the reason America is great is because of how much the government spends. “I will not reduce our deficit by sacrificing the things that have always made America great. The things that have made Americans prosper” then in the same speech he said, “The America we know is great not because of our skyscrapers or the size of our GDP. It’s because we’ve been able to keep two ideas together at the same time,” Obama said. “The first idea is that we are all individuals endowed with certain inalienable rights and liberties; that we are self-reliant; we are entrepreneurs. We don’t expect others to do for us what we can do for ourselves, and we don’t really like people telling us what to do” at first was estatic, that he would say something like this, he finally understood what made America great, then he ruined it by bringing up point number two, “that we’re all in this together; that we all look out for one another, that I am my brothers keeper, that I am my sister’s keeper”. Okay to start off this second statment is not false that is what makes America great that we the individuals come together to help our neighbors. The issue here is that he is not talking about you and I helping the poor in the way we see best. Be that a mission trip where you build an paint a fence for a widow, or working in a soup kitchen, or donating to a charity, or even just talking to someone less fortunate than you letting them know someone cares. What the President is talking about is taking your hard earned money and giving it, wether you want to or not, to those who have not earned it. YOu have no say in the distribution of the funds or the aid. You can not make sure it goes to the people who actually need it, instead of the people who are just milking the system. What the President is talking about is resdistribution of wealth. To justify this he plays at the roots of the American belief system. The vast majority of the American population holds deep religious roots to either Christianity or Jeudism. Both of which are taught the lessons from what the christians call the old testament. The qoute that President Obama used “I am my brothers keeper” comes from the book of Genisis. God comes to Cain and asks him where Abel is,  Cain replied to the lord “Am I my brother’s keeper?” of course Cain new where Abel was he had just killed him. Does President Obama know the truth behind the words he likes to use so much? If he does, how does forcing me to give my money to him so he can redistribute it as he sees fit, make me my brother’s keeper?  How does that make me repsonsible for my brother? I do believe in helping others. I am a proud member of a Boy Scout troop, I grew up in the troop every monday standing before God and swearing to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverant.  Helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind all of which are fulfilled by being chartiable to those around me.  I don’t need the government to be charitable for me. Now on to the facts, President Obama says he will not cut the deficit by cutting the programs that made America great. It was not the programs that made America great, it was the people who made America great.  The New Deal, the largest alphabet soup in federal history, failed to save the economy from the great depression most true economist will tell you that it was actually an economic failure responsible for making the great depression worse. The truth is if President Obama will not cut the deficit by changing these programs so that they run more efficently, so that they use less money, he cannot cut the deficit. In 2010 defense spending acounts for 14% of the federal budget, the interest on the debt acounted for 18% of the budget, where anti poverty programs, social security, and medicare make up 40% of the federal budget, the all the odds and ends functions of the government such as the EPA, DOE, DOC, Department of Homland Security, congress, and the executive branch only makes up 18% of the federal budget.  We cannot cut the debt without looking at how to trim and reform these programs. Any attempt to this though is refered to as trying to kill the poor, feed the rich, racism, and baciscally an attempt bring about the ending of the world. We cannot tax ourselves to prosperity, we have to cut, will it be painful, probably, but that is where we come in. It is time to prove the progressives wrong, time to become a community once again. Time to look out for one another. Check in on our neighbors, make sure they are alright, help that person on the side of the road.  Have these programs actually made us great? Or have they split apart our community, caused us to get lazy?

540.) President Obama has launched a new investigation in to the rising gas prices. He has set the DOJ lose to look for evidence of price manipulation of gas at the pump. Of course it is the evil oil companies that have to be behind it. So we must waste our nations limited financial recources to research it. I wonder if the Presidents little group will look into the relationship between the price of gas and the value of the dollar. The fact that gas prices go up as the value goes down? Why is the value of the dollar going down? Is it because of oil prices? No it is because President Barack Obama has gone on a spending spree, bailing out Unions, buying up automakers, and to pay for it we have had to print more money, which has led to inflation. I doubt we will see anything along those lines, it will only find that it is the evil oil companies fault.

541.) President Obama is locking horns with the states again. This time he had his sights set on the State of Ohio. Ohio recently passed a law that limited public unions collective bargining powers, and removed their ability to strike. President Obama of course ran his 2008 campaign on union dollars cannot let this law stand. Even though the greatest progressive FDR stated that government employees should not have collective barganing rights. President Obama said that states should not use the finiancial crisis to erode away collective barganing rights, then and I qoute he said, “Let’s make sure that we’ve got shared sacrifice, that we make sure that the burden doesn’t just fall on one set of folks” Everytime the commander and cheif speaks he lets loose torrent of hypocrisy in an attempt to drown the foolish.  He doesn’t want shared sacrifice he wants the burden to be born soley by those who are the producers in this country. The people who own small businesses, the people who make this country run. Of course the progressives will blast this comment by saying “you only want to help millionairs and billionairs, you don’t know the hardships of the working class” We have heard it all before. President Obama doesn’t truely believe in the rich giving more, otherwise he would not have accepted a tax return.  Governor Kasich is right, President Obama needs to wake up and realize that he is President now, he actually has a job to do, its time to focus on what the American people think he should be working on, like cleaning up the financial mess that he has created for our children. If he can get that done, then if he has anytime left, worry about helping his union buddies.

542.) President Obama has finally released his birth certificiate. President Obama said, ” I have to say that over the last two and a half years I have watched with bemusement, I’ve been puzzled at the degree to which this thing just kept on going” he then said, ” know that there’s going to be a segment of people for which, no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest. But I’m speaking to the vast majority of the American people, as well as to the press. We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve. And I’m confident we can solve them, but we’re going to have to focus on them not on this” You have better stuff to do Mr. President?  You are right that this country does not have the time for this silliness. Maybe instead of standing by and watching with bemusement you could have put it to bed. Sole responsiblity for this issue surviving is Barack Hussien Obama. All he had to do was disclose the birth certificate. Barack Obama let the birther argument last for two years. He fueled the fire by spending millions to hide it. The birther issue was of Barack Obama’s making, and it is about time he puts it to bed. (note i do realize that it was infact Hilary Clinton who brought the issue up.) I would also like to point out he said that he doesn’t have time to focus on this, he has better stuff to do, like going to the Oprah show, because that is going to help fix our debt.

536.) President Obama has come out guns blazing against the Republican Budget calling it radical, and we all know President Obama is the one to go to if you need to understand moderation. He said in a town hall meeting on April 20th, 2011, “Because the last point I’ll make is this. Nothing is easier than solving a problem on the backs of people who are poor or people who are powerless or don’t have lobbyists or don’t have clout. I don’t think that’s particularly courageous” Nothing is easier than sovling problems on the backs of the poor and down troden. Well to start with that is not the Republican plan. Any changes to a government program does not mean that you are going to cause the poor to die in the streets.  He is trying to make a political point, and he is of course lying. The President’s own plan talks about cutting spending from medicare and medicaid. No it is hard to save money at the cost on the poor. I know that President Obama would have you think that Republicans are all blood thristy monsters feeding on the blood of elderly aspestos victims, but the truth is that they are people just like you and just like me. It ways heavy on anyone mind when dealing with these programs, the Republicans have something that PResident Obama does not have, faith in their fellow Americans. Faith that you and I will rise up and step into the role the government once played. Resume our role as a community, and take care of one another. The Republicans have the courage to announce their plane, while President Obama hides behind smoke and mirrors. No President Obama it is not easy to save the nation on the backs of the poor.  What is easy is to attack a former President, blame him for your political failings. What is easy is taking from the producers to pay for you spending spree and Union bail outs. It is easy to hide your beliefs and coware behind a wall of lies and slander. It is not the GOP, or conservative Americans who are looking or the easy road, it is you.

537.) President Obama called out his oppenets in congress at a funderaiser in San Fransico on april 20th. “There are climate change deniers in Congress and when the economy gets tough, sometimes environmental issues drop from people’s radar screens, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that unless we are able to move forward in a serious way on clean energy that we’re putting our children and our grandchildren at risk. So that’s not yet done”  Okay global warming, climate change, has been pretty much debunked and exposed for the con job that it was. When C02 rates continued to climb and temperatures  failed to continue the trends. When the climate gate scandel was revieled, it pretty much did away with any creditability the climate change group had.  The evidence does not match the theory.   We are putting our children and grandchildren at risk, and we are doing that by foolishly chasing a fantasy. We cannot afford to poor money that we do not have into green energy solutions which will not work. Windmills are only 3% efficent, hydroelectric requires the building of a massive dam, solar requires a sufficent amount of sun light. None of these solutions are effcient enough to implement in this country. Suplement is fine so long as it is not on my dime, but they cannot power the nation. The sun is not always out, wind is not always blowing, and not everyone has a access to a river to build a dam on.  President Obama and his progressive fallowers are the morgating the future of our nation and putting the next generation at risk by doing it, all in order to fight a none existant problem. They are not climate change deniers, they just opperate in the real world.

530.) President Obama’s tax return came in and I found something odd, he donated almost 15% of his income to charity, thats not really odd that is great, what I find odd is that he had a tax refund. Why on earth would he accept a tax refund? He should give that money back to the government sense afterall people like him need to be sacrificing more. Well I guess just other people who make as much money as him, so long as it is not him.

531.) PResident Obama spoke about how Coal was the energy source of the past, the problem with it being that it causes health issues like Asthema. President Obama said, “The challenge with coal is that although it’s very cheap, it’s also dirty. And it can create the kinds of air pollution that not only is contributing to climate change but is also creating asthma for kids nearby” He then said, “You got asthma? Okay. And so sucking that stuff in is not ideal, So what we’ve said is, let’s invest in clean coal technology that potentially can capture some of these particulates and some of the carbon dioxide that’s going into the atmosphere.” Well we all know President Obama knows everything about anything, so clearly he can’t be wrong about this. Except he is.  This is an out and out lie about Coal.  President Obama acted like C02 released from the plant is what causes asthema, so breathing causes asthema. The radical right wing organization National Institute of Health (NIH) stated that the cause of asthema is unknown, but it probably stems form a combination of genetic and enviromental factors, as well as early viral infections.  I think I missed the big story here, it has nothing to do with President Obama lying about coal, the real story here is that President Obama has found the cause of asthema. I mean surely he would not just be picking a serious health issue that plagues kids to scare people into hating coal. They tried it with global warming, that failed, they tried it with climate change, and that failed because the truth came out, now lets try going for the kids. 

532.) The S&P changed the outlook on the United States debt from Stable, to negative. The Obama Administration resonded promptly just as you would expect by saying they are wrong, the economy is roaring and healthy.  “We think that the political process will outperform S&P expectations” said Jay Carney the new Press Secretary, “As for its political analysis, we simply believe that the prospects are better”. Well the Administartion says they are better, they clearly must be. 14 trillion dollars in debt, a President unwilling to admit that he has a spending problem, and an out of control progressive movement, yup nothing to worry about. I know I am going to to believe the Obama Adminstration before I believe S&P…. because afterall they did discover teh cause of asthema.

533.) The Obama Administration is making a run on our guns. President Obama is once again going to try to create new regulations to get done what he could not get passed through legislation, something I think he bashed President Bush for doing.  As stated President Obama is making a run at our second Ammendment rights, the right that protects all of the other rights. This time they are going after shot guns. For those of you who do not know a shot gun is defined as a smoothbore fire arm for firing small shot to kill small birds or other animals. It is important to note that buck shot and slugs can also be fire from a shot gun for killing larger game.  What the Obama Administration seeks to do is change the meaning of the term sporting use. A term that congress illegally applied to guns in order to decide which ones could be taxed. Basically they want to assume that the only thing a shot gun might be used for is what they deem a traditional sport. Forget plinking, or having one because you want one, or defending your home. The ATF has decided that if your shot gun has a folding or collapsable stock, flash suppressor, 5 round magazine, light enhancing devices, excessive weight, and many more it would now be considered illegal.  Bascially if you have a feature that makes the gun better at being a gun, it is illegal.  All of this is outside the realm of the governments power the consitution bans the government from interfering with private citizens gun rights. “a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed.” Now there ar those who will say “see this is about militias,” well they are wrong because, and the courts have held this up, in the days of the founders laws often had fancy introductions, but they do not affect the core of the law, the right of the people to own and bare arms shall not be infringed.  They will point out the word regulated, but again their lack of historical knowledge shines through, the word regulated back in the days of the founders ment trained, so basically a well trained militia, so a bunch of average people who are able to put lead on target.  I do not know how a man who used to be a teachers assistant for a class on the consitution would be unable to understand that the government cannot interfer with gun rights.  This whole issue stems from the fact that progressives live in a world of theory. If it is illegal to own a gun, gun crime will go down. But the truth is that no, banning guns does not decrease gun crime, because a criminal is not going to worry about breaking a gun law if he is about to go rob a bank.  He is going to prison already what does he care.  President Obama is trying to solidify federal power, an unarmed populus is made up of subjects, an armed populus is made up of citizens.  Which would you rather be?

534.) President Obama hosted a Seder for the third year in a row, at the Seder he reflected upon the reason for passover and the lessons it can teach us today “The story of Passover…instructs each generation to remember its past, while appreciating the beauty of freedom and the responsibility it entails. This year that ancient instruction is reflected in the daily headlines as we see modern stories of social transformation and liberation unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa”. Passover recalls teh story of the bondage and suffering of the Jewish people in Egypt and their eventual exodus. The Moeses story if I am not mistaken.  However I find it odd that celebrating Jewish liberation, President Obama has to comment on uprising in muslim countries, many of which have ties to organizations that want to wipe the jewish culture off the map.  That would be like going to an Easter dinner and talking about how great it is that hammer and nail companies are seeing an economic boom. 

535.) I had to laugh at this, in a speech in West Virgina President Barack Obama said, “we can’t spend more than we take in”. So I guess we are supposed to ignore every spending messure up untill this point right? I guess the first two years of his term as President were a fluke now he really is going to start saving money, probably by taking more of ours.

527.) President Obama announced his new budget agenda. He wants to cut $4,000,000,000,000.00 dollars, (four trillion) over the next twelve years. Our debt right now is $14,000,000,000,000.00 dollars. I wonder what intrest on $14 trillion dollars over twelve years is. He still is not serious about the debt. He is getting there though, ten years from now he might get there.

528.) In his budget speech President Obama said, “We have to live within our means, we have to reduce our deficit, and we have to get back on a path that will allow us to pay down our debt” Live within our means, that means that we are going to cut spending down to being within or lower than the amount of money brought into the government through taxes right? Wrong, to the PResidient living within our means means making some cuts but raising taxes as well. Raising taxes in a bad economy because that won’t hurt anything.  The country does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Progressives will cry and whine about this untill the cows come home, but that is all there is too it. The Bush Tax Rates were on the books for ten years, the government knew how much money the government brought in, and yet they choose to spend more.  It is not the amount of revenue that brought us into debt, it is the the government ignore its revenue and just spending what it wants that brought us here.

529.) In his budget address President Obama once again put the blame for the this debt crisis on the shoulders of fomer President Bush. “But after Democrats and Republicans committed to fiscal discipline during the 1990s, we lost our way in the decade that followed.  We increased spending dramatically for two wars and an expensive prescription drug program – but we didn’t pay for any of this new spending.  Instead, we made the problem worse with trillions of dollars in unpaid-for tax cuts – tax cuts that went to every millionaire and billionaire in the country; tax cuts that will force us to borrow an average of $500 billion every year over the next decade” This causes my blood to boil. Yes President Bush did spend more than he should have, but earlier in the speech President Obama mentioned that in times we had to barrow money to pay for wars, he accepted that. How did he pay for his actions in Libya? Where did that money come from?   TAX CUTS DO NOT COST MONEY! He is lying to your face hoping that you continue to exisit in self ordain ignorance. It was the spending. The government spent more money than it brought in, that is the plain and simple truth. The govenrment doesn’t lose money because you get to keep money. That is like saying you lost money because your neighbor got a raise. You don’t pay for tax cuts, you can’t pay for them, because it is not an expense. Only a socialist, communist, or a tyrant would view it this way.

525.) President Obama has changed his tone sense the November election, now it is no longer “elections have consequences” or we’ll go ahead and if people don’t like it that’s what elections are for. No now that he is no longer in the majority suddenly everything has become compromise. I almost died of a heart attack when I heard him say “You want everybody to act like adults, quit playing games, realize that it’s not just ‘my way or the highway” about the budget.  What about him telling Republicans they can come along for the ride but they can’t drive. The analogies of driving into a ditch and not letting the people who got you there drive? The debt is largely President Obama and the progressive left’s fault. Yes we had a big debt after former President Bush, but President Obama has made his debt look like Childs play. The debt is now at 14 trillion dollars, and President Obama wants to cut billions. Even the republicans aren’t truly taking things seriously yet. The election last year was about big government, and big debt, and the need to get rid of both of them. That should have been made painfully clear to big spenders like the President.  President Obama then went on to say “So Democrats and Republicans need to get together, work through their differences, keep the government running so we can focus on keeping this economy growing, focus on things like clean energy, driving down gas prices. That’s our job. That’s what people want to see — results”   That is not their job. Their job is not to grow the economy, to push for green energy; their job is to stay the hell out of the way.  Pushing for green energy jobs will turn out no different for us than it did for Spain, President Obama’s attempt at growing the economy has resulted in a 14 trillion dollar debt and a failure across the board.  Yes the economy has begun to turn around, slowly, and is show hints of life, but he promised that the porkulus bill would keep unemployment under 8% and he was wrong. He wasted 787 billion dollars and we got nothing out of it. This all points to President Obama choosing to remain ignorant to the true feelings of the American people. We are tired of the spending we understand the debt is too high, we want cuts, and he wants more spending. 

526.) President Obama and the progressive left have begun getting their pieces in place to use the government shut down to achieve a political check mate on Republicans and once again be free to start spending us into oblivion. To do this they have to create a panic. They have once again brought out the scare tactics to paint Republicans as heartless wretches. Nancy Pelosi has even said that the cuts proposed by the Republicans will cause old people to die in the streets. To hear the left, if the government shuts down the world will fall into a fiery abyss with Karl Rove and Dick Cheney laughing manically at our pain and suffering. President Obama has said the fallowing;

“At a time when the economy is just beginning to grow, where we’re just starting to see a pickup in employment, the last thing we need is a disruption that’s caused by a government shutdown”,

“When government shuts down, it means that small business owner that’s waiting to get a loan, suddenly no one’s there to process it, It may turn out that somebody who was trying to get a mortgage can’t have their paperwork processed.”

 “Folks who were planning a vacation to Yellowstone. Well it turns out the national parks, suddenly you are closed, you’re outta luck. You may have to try to figure out if you can get your money back for that resort you were going to stay at. I mean, you know these are things that affect ordinary family’s day in, day out. And it affects our economy”

All of the claims by President Obama and the rest of the progressive left rely on you remaining ignorant to what a government shutdown really means. They want you to think that a government shutdown will be the end of all things. This is part of their ideology; they want everyone to be dependent upon the government to survive. The truth is that a government shutdown will not be the end of the United States of America. You won’t suddenly starve to death if you are over 65.  A government shut down does not mean that the government actually stops functioning, it just cuts all none essential (as they were referred to when this threat loomed in 1995 when a republican house tried to balance the budget with a democrat president) employees. Here is what will happen in a government shutdown.  
        Social Security: people receiving Social Security benefits would not be affected. The social security employees would face furlough days.
        Homeland Security: critical functions such as border patrol will continue
        Mail Delivery: While the Federal Government owns the post office, it is self funded so yes you will still get your mail.
        Air traffic Control: Deals with public safety, so it is exempt from a government shutdown.
        National parks: yes they will be shut down. But animals at the zoo will still be fed, and the monuments maintained.
        IRS: would close, but yes you still have to pay taxes
        U.S. Small business administration: would shut down, so you can’t get a loan guaranteed or a direct loan from the government. That doesn’t mean you can’t get one from oh I don’t know… A BANK.
       Veterans Benefits: would go largely unaffected.
So no the world will not end, the government will go into cost savings mode. The left would have you believe that this has never happened before that a government shutdown is a rare thing that only evil republicans want. In 1995 this same battle took place, progressives didn’t want to balance a budget, the same threats and sob stories came up, but conservatives held their ground and shut the government down. Did the economy fall apart in the mid 90’s?  Did the country fall into oblivion in the mid 90’s?  No instead President Clinton got credit for balancing the budget when he had in fact opposed it.  The government shuts down every year for multiple days for federal holidays. The government shut down multiple times during the Carter administration.  It will not be the end of the world. Progressives are only making it sound like that so they can exploit it politically.


523.) President Obama gave a speech on energy production on Wensday March 30th 2011.  In his speech he tried to come off as being pro energy, and sell his new energy policy. As you can imagen several issues have to be addressed.
         a.) In his speach President Obama said, “Today, we’re working to expedite new drilling permits for companies that meet these standards. Since they were put in place, we’ve approved 39 new shallow water permits; and we’ve approved an additional 7 deepwater permits in recent weeks. When it comes to drilling onshore, my Administration approved more than two permits last year for every new well that the industry started to drill. So any claim that my Administration is responsible for gas prices because we’ve “shut down” oil production might make for a useful political sound bite – but it doesn’t track with reality”  While they may have allowed some drilling permits the truth is they shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico illegally for months.  The first deep water drilling permit issued after the moretorium was lifted went not to an domestic oil producer, but to a small company from Brazil called Petro Braz. A company that George Soros owned a large share in and recieved a massive gift from the United States government. So we gave them a permit to drill in the United States, so we can buy oil from Brazil instead of an American based company.
        b.)  President Obama is pushing for bio fuels. He said, “our Air Force used an advanced biofuel blend to fly an F-22 Raptor faster than the speed of sound. In fact, the Air Force is aiming to get half of its domestic jet fuel from alternative sources by 2016. And I’m directing the Navy and the Departments of Energy and Agriculture to work with the private sector to create advanced biofuels that can power not just fighter jets, but trucks and commercial airliners.”  He acts like an f-22 flying faster than the speed of sound required an act of God.  An F-22 has something called super cruise, that means that is is able to travel at almost two times the speed of sound without the use of its afterburner. So this makes me wonder, why is it a miracle that the F-22 was able to go faster than the speed of sound while using a bio-fuel blend?  In most cases biofuels are less efficent their their fossile fuel counterparts. It takes more of them to get the same kick as it would if fossile fuels were used. I think the use of the F-22 was little more than an attempt to make bio-fuels sound cool and impressive. 
        c.) In his speech he said, “Still, there are few breakthroughs as promising for increasing fuel efficiency and reducing our dependence on oil as electric vehicles” Electric vehicles are a progressive wet dream. They act as if we start using electric vehicles all of the worlds troubles will come to an end. they act as if the electric car will single handedly stop global warming. The truth is that electric cars might sound cool, there are aspects that I like such as instant torque, but they are more impratical than President Obama’s spending habits. Only people who don’t understand the automobile push for things like electric cars.  Here are some things to think about.  Charge time, if you own an electric car you have to think about how long will your charge last, and how long will it take to recharge the car. Now, if you run out of fuel you go to a gas station and it takes about 8-10 minutes to fill up your tank. An electric car if you run out of power, it takes you 6-12 hours to recharge you battery. think about this, the radio, fan, headlights, and power steering all take power.  In the case of a normal car these are provided power by a battery or hydrolic system that recieves its power from the engine. In an electric car all of that will be a drain on the battery and affect your range. So imagen you are in your electric focus, which can go 100 miles to a charge, you decide to go for a drive on a nice summer evening. You have your radio on, your heater on, and your head lights on, how do you think that will affet your range, you think you are still going to get 100 miles to that charge?  No.  People who want electric cars do not understand how the systems in a car work. In the scenario above I mentioned a heater, very important if, like most Americans, you live in a place where there are both warm and cold seasons. In a traditional car your heater uses the coolant from the engine to heat your car. The coolant passes through the engine and becomes quite hot, it is then pumped through what is called the heater core which works much like a mini radiator. A fan then blows air through the fins on the heater core, the air is thus heated and capable of warming the passanger compartment. The now much cooler coolant then travels back to the radiator and repeats the cycle. Running your heater actually serves to cool the engine helping it run slightly more efficently.  An electric car does not have an engine, and thus it does not have engine coolant, so the heater must opperate somewhat differently.  Think of a small space heater, an electric current is going to pass through an element which will heat up, a fan will then blow air over that element and into the cabin of the car. Heating an element in this way presents a compromise either you heat a large element that will be able to warm the cabin of the car but draw a lot of juice, or heat a small element which won’t drain the battery but struggle to keep it above freezing in the car. For an example of this form of heating look to the volkswagon beetle. The beetle did have an engine but it was air cooled, meaning it didn’t have engine coolant. To heat the interior air was blown over the exhaust manifold into the cabin. Many beetle owners can atest to the wonders of having to scrap the inside of their windshields in the cold Ameircan winter mornings.  Here is the biggest issue of all, people the President included, think that electric cars will cut down on polution. You won’t be burning gas so the car will be clean. The truth however is that electric cars are no cleaner than their internal combustion counterparts.  First off the batteries on these things are an ecological nightmare there are areas in Canada that have been permanently destroyed because of producing these batteries.  Second it appears that they do not understand the princibles of physics. It takes X amount of energy to move an object  over distance Y.  No mater how the energy is applied it will still require X amount of energy to cover that distance. How efficiently it is done is another question, how much energy is waisted is another aspect, but at the end of the day the same net ammount of energy will be required. The electricity to power these cars has to come from somewhere. Does the President think it is just a magical energy feild that springs forth from the walls? The electricity used to power the car comes from a power plant. Most power plants in the United States burn Coal. Coal is not a clean energy source now is it. So yes we will take the evil smog producing automobiles off the road and reduce the amount of emissions that come directly from them, but we will replace those emmissions with ones from a coal fired power plant. As I said the same ammount of energy will be needed,   we are merely going to shift where it comes from.  President Obama and his supporters will shout “We can use wind energy”, “we can use solar”, “or we can use nuclear”. All of these alternatives are highly enefficent.  Wind energy is a joke, wind farms run at something like 3% efficency, and Solar only works in areas that get a lot of sun thus eliminating half of the country, look at Spain and see how their green economy turned out, do we really want that here? There is of course the nuclear option however President Obama shut down the Yuka mountain storage facility eliminating our ability to store the spent nuclear rods. Even the breeder reactor which is highly efficient and vastly cuts down on radioactive waste still has some refuse to deal with, but now thanks to the President we have no place to store it.  Here is an interesting thought, I remember the President saying “under my plan of a cap and trade system energy prices would necessarly sky rocket”  So we will trade $4 to $5 gasoline for doubling our electric bill… Electirc cars are a neat idea but unfortunatly they are not a viable option.

524.) Just when I thought that we have found all the dirty deals in President Obama’s healthcare bill, another one works its way to the surface.  In the bill there was a provision worth $5,000,000,000, five billion dollars, to Unions, State public employee systems, and big corporations to subsidize benfits for early retirees. So far the program has paid out $2,000,000,000 to various of the above entity. Knowing this administration and their progressive tendencies it comes as no suprise that the largest single recipient of this bailout has been a Union, the United Auto Workers union to be exact. So far they have recieved $206,798,086 of our tax payer dollars. Just a nice little give back for helping keep progressives in power over the years. I guess this was on of those items that Nancy Pelosi said they had to pass the bill for us to know it was in it.  It is because of waist like this that our country in in a debt crisis.