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523.) President Obama gave a speech on energy production on Wensday March 30th 2011.  In his speech he tried to come off as being pro energy, and sell his new energy policy. As you can imagen several issues have to be addressed.
         a.) In his speach President Obama said, “Today, we’re working to expedite new drilling permits for companies that meet these standards. Since they were put in place, we’ve approved 39 new shallow water permits; and we’ve approved an additional 7 deepwater permits in recent weeks. When it comes to drilling onshore, my Administration approved more than two permits last year for every new well that the industry started to drill. So any claim that my Administration is responsible for gas prices because we’ve “shut down” oil production might make for a useful political sound bite – but it doesn’t track with reality”  While they may have allowed some drilling permits the truth is they shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico illegally for months.  The first deep water drilling permit issued after the moretorium was lifted went not to an domestic oil producer, but to a small company from Brazil called Petro Braz. A company that George Soros owned a large share in and recieved a massive gift from the United States government. So we gave them a permit to drill in the United States, so we can buy oil from Brazil instead of an American based company.
        b.)  President Obama is pushing for bio fuels. He said, “our Air Force used an advanced biofuel blend to fly an F-22 Raptor faster than the speed of sound. In fact, the Air Force is aiming to get half of its domestic jet fuel from alternative sources by 2016. And I’m directing the Navy and the Departments of Energy and Agriculture to work with the private sector to create advanced biofuels that can power not just fighter jets, but trucks and commercial airliners.”  He acts like an f-22 flying faster than the speed of sound required an act of God.  An F-22 has something called super cruise, that means that is is able to travel at almost two times the speed of sound without the use of its afterburner. So this makes me wonder, why is it a miracle that the F-22 was able to go faster than the speed of sound while using a bio-fuel blend?  In most cases biofuels are less efficent their their fossile fuel counterparts. It takes more of them to get the same kick as it would if fossile fuels were used. I think the use of the F-22 was little more than an attempt to make bio-fuels sound cool and impressive. 
        c.) In his speech he said, “Still, there are few breakthroughs as promising for increasing fuel efficiency and reducing our dependence on oil as electric vehicles” Electric vehicles are a progressive wet dream. They act as if we start using electric vehicles all of the worlds troubles will come to an end. they act as if the electric car will single handedly stop global warming. The truth is that electric cars might sound cool, there are aspects that I like such as instant torque, but they are more impratical than President Obama’s spending habits. Only people who don’t understand the automobile push for things like electric cars.  Here are some things to think about.  Charge time, if you own an electric car you have to think about how long will your charge last, and how long will it take to recharge the car. Now, if you run out of fuel you go to a gas station and it takes about 8-10 minutes to fill up your tank. An electric car if you run out of power, it takes you 6-12 hours to recharge you battery. think about this, the radio, fan, headlights, and power steering all take power.  In the case of a normal car these are provided power by a battery or hydrolic system that recieves its power from the engine. In an electric car all of that will be a drain on the battery and affect your range. So imagen you are in your electric focus, which can go 100 miles to a charge, you decide to go for a drive on a nice summer evening. You have your radio on, your heater on, and your head lights on, how do you think that will affet your range, you think you are still going to get 100 miles to that charge?  No.  People who want electric cars do not understand how the systems in a car work. In the scenario above I mentioned a heater, very important if, like most Americans, you live in a place where there are both warm and cold seasons. In a traditional car your heater uses the coolant from the engine to heat your car. The coolant passes through the engine and becomes quite hot, it is then pumped through what is called the heater core which works much like a mini radiator. A fan then blows air through the fins on the heater core, the air is thus heated and capable of warming the passanger compartment. The now much cooler coolant then travels back to the radiator and repeats the cycle. Running your heater actually serves to cool the engine helping it run slightly more efficently.  An electric car does not have an engine, and thus it does not have engine coolant, so the heater must opperate somewhat differently.  Think of a small space heater, an electric current is going to pass through an element which will heat up, a fan will then blow air over that element and into the cabin of the car. Heating an element in this way presents a compromise either you heat a large element that will be able to warm the cabin of the car but draw a lot of juice, or heat a small element which won’t drain the battery but struggle to keep it above freezing in the car. For an example of this form of heating look to the volkswagon beetle. The beetle did have an engine but it was air cooled, meaning it didn’t have engine coolant. To heat the interior air was blown over the exhaust manifold into the cabin. Many beetle owners can atest to the wonders of having to scrap the inside of their windshields in the cold Ameircan winter mornings.  Here is the biggest issue of all, people the President included, think that electric cars will cut down on polution. You won’t be burning gas so the car will be clean. The truth however is that electric cars are no cleaner than their internal combustion counterparts.  First off the batteries on these things are an ecological nightmare there are areas in Canada that have been permanently destroyed because of producing these batteries.  Second it appears that they do not understand the princibles of physics. It takes X amount of energy to move an object  over distance Y.  No mater how the energy is applied it will still require X amount of energy to cover that distance. How efficiently it is done is another question, how much energy is waisted is another aspect, but at the end of the day the same net ammount of energy will be required. The electricity to power these cars has to come from somewhere. Does the President think it is just a magical energy feild that springs forth from the walls? The electricity used to power the car comes from a power plant. Most power plants in the United States burn Coal. Coal is not a clean energy source now is it. So yes we will take the evil smog producing automobiles off the road and reduce the amount of emissions that come directly from them, but we will replace those emmissions with ones from a coal fired power plant. As I said the same ammount of energy will be needed,   we are merely going to shift where it comes from.  President Obama and his supporters will shout “We can use wind energy”, “we can use solar”, “or we can use nuclear”. All of these alternatives are highly enefficent.  Wind energy is a joke, wind farms run at something like 3% efficency, and Solar only works in areas that get a lot of sun thus eliminating half of the country, look at Spain and see how their green economy turned out, do we really want that here? There is of course the nuclear option however President Obama shut down the Yuka mountain storage facility eliminating our ability to store the spent nuclear rods. Even the breeder reactor which is highly efficient and vastly cuts down on radioactive waste still has some refuse to deal with, but now thanks to the President we have no place to store it.  Here is an interesting thought, I remember the President saying “under my plan of a cap and trade system energy prices would necessarly sky rocket”  So we will trade $4 to $5 gasoline for doubling our electric bill… Electirc cars are a neat idea but unfortunatly they are not a viable option.

524.) Just when I thought that we have found all the dirty deals in President Obama’s healthcare bill, another one works its way to the surface.  In the bill there was a provision worth $5,000,000,000, five billion dollars, to Unions, State public employee systems, and big corporations to subsidize benfits for early retirees. So far the program has paid out $2,000,000,000 to various of the above entity. Knowing this administration and their progressive tendencies it comes as no suprise that the largest single recipient of this bailout has been a Union, the United Auto Workers union to be exact. So far they have recieved $206,798,086 of our tax payer dollars. Just a nice little give back for helping keep progressives in power over the years. I guess this was on of those items that Nancy Pelosi said they had to pass the bill for us to know it was in it.  It is because of waist like this that our country in in a debt crisis.


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