525.) President Obama has changed his tone sense the November election, now it is no longer “elections have consequences” or we’ll go ahead and if people don’t like it that’s what elections are for. No now that he is no longer in the majority suddenly everything has become compromise. I almost died of a heart attack when I heard him say “You want everybody to act like adults, quit playing games, realize that it’s not just ‘my way or the highway” about the budget.  What about him telling Republicans they can come along for the ride but they can’t drive. The analogies of driving into a ditch and not letting the people who got you there drive? The debt is largely President Obama and the progressive left’s fault. Yes we had a big debt after former President Bush, but President Obama has made his debt look like Childs play. The debt is now at 14 trillion dollars, and President Obama wants to cut billions. Even the republicans aren’t truly taking things seriously yet. The election last year was about big government, and big debt, and the need to get rid of both of them. That should have been made painfully clear to big spenders like the President.  President Obama then went on to say “So Democrats and Republicans need to get together, work through their differences, keep the government running so we can focus on keeping this economy growing, focus on things like clean energy, driving down gas prices. That’s our job. That’s what people want to see — results”   That is not their job. Their job is not to grow the economy, to push for green energy; their job is to stay the hell out of the way.  Pushing for green energy jobs will turn out no different for us than it did for Spain, President Obama’s attempt at growing the economy has resulted in a 14 trillion dollar debt and a failure across the board.  Yes the economy has begun to turn around, slowly, and is show hints of life, but he promised that the porkulus bill would keep unemployment under 8% and he was wrong. He wasted 787 billion dollars and we got nothing out of it. This all points to President Obama choosing to remain ignorant to the true feelings of the American people. We are tired of the spending we understand the debt is too high, we want cuts, and he wants more spending. 

526.) President Obama and the progressive left have begun getting their pieces in place to use the government shut down to achieve a political check mate on Republicans and once again be free to start spending us into oblivion. To do this they have to create a panic. They have once again brought out the scare tactics to paint Republicans as heartless wretches. Nancy Pelosi has even said that the cuts proposed by the Republicans will cause old people to die in the streets. To hear the left, if the government shuts down the world will fall into a fiery abyss with Karl Rove and Dick Cheney laughing manically at our pain and suffering. President Obama has said the fallowing;

“At a time when the economy is just beginning to grow, where we’re just starting to see a pickup in employment, the last thing we need is a disruption that’s caused by a government shutdown”,

“When government shuts down, it means that small business owner that’s waiting to get a loan, suddenly no one’s there to process it, It may turn out that somebody who was trying to get a mortgage can’t have their paperwork processed.”

 “Folks who were planning a vacation to Yellowstone. Well it turns out the national parks, suddenly you are closed, you’re outta luck. You may have to try to figure out if you can get your money back for that resort you were going to stay at. I mean, you know these are things that affect ordinary family’s day in, day out. And it affects our economy”

All of the claims by President Obama and the rest of the progressive left rely on you remaining ignorant to what a government shutdown really means. They want you to think that a government shutdown will be the end of all things. This is part of their ideology; they want everyone to be dependent upon the government to survive. The truth is that a government shutdown will not be the end of the United States of America. You won’t suddenly starve to death if you are over 65.  A government shut down does not mean that the government actually stops functioning, it just cuts all none essential (as they were referred to when this threat loomed in 1995 when a republican house tried to balance the budget with a democrat president) employees. Here is what will happen in a government shutdown.  
        Social Security: people receiving Social Security benefits would not be affected. The social security employees would face furlough days.
        Homeland Security: critical functions such as border patrol will continue
        Mail Delivery: While the Federal Government owns the post office, it is self funded so yes you will still get your mail.
        Air traffic Control: Deals with public safety, so it is exempt from a government shutdown.
        National parks: yes they will be shut down. But animals at the zoo will still be fed, and the monuments maintained.
        IRS: would close, but yes you still have to pay taxes
        U.S. Small business administration: would shut down, so you can’t get a loan guaranteed or a direct loan from the government. That doesn’t mean you can’t get one from oh I don’t know… A BANK.
       Veterans Benefits: would go largely unaffected.
So no the world will not end, the government will go into cost savings mode. The left would have you believe that this has never happened before that a government shutdown is a rare thing that only evil republicans want. In 1995 this same battle took place, progressives didn’t want to balance a budget, the same threats and sob stories came up, but conservatives held their ground and shut the government down. Did the economy fall apart in the mid 90’s?  Did the country fall into oblivion in the mid 90’s?  No instead President Clinton got credit for balancing the budget when he had in fact opposed it.  The government shuts down every year for multiple days for federal holidays. The government shut down multiple times during the Carter administration.  It will not be the end of the world. Progressives are only making it sound like that so they can exploit it politically.


  1. The dems also play the blame game. They blame republicans for wanting too many cuts.  Well, if they had just done their job last year and passed a budget when they should have, this wouldn’t even be an issue.  Lay it how you want, but this mess is the dems fault, plain and simple.

  2. I can just imagine all of them sitting in the oval office last night drinking, snorting lines of coke, making appointments for hookers, etc. and all they were really discussing was how they were going to get paid and how they could stick it to the tax payers.  It can’t be a coincidence this is happening when tax returns should be going out to those who filed early.

  3. @godfatherofgreenbay – not that i think they did, but that does make me wonder what would a party with Barack Obama John Behnor and Harry Reid look like, you definatly have an age gap there….

  4. Mugo60 said:

    C’mon people, they’re moving money around in circles, and you know it!

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