536.) President Obama has come out guns blazing against the Republican Budget calling it radical, and we all know President Obama is the one to go to if you need to understand moderation. He said in a town hall meeting on April 20th, 2011, “Because the last point I’ll make is this. Nothing is easier than solving a problem on the backs of people who are poor or people who are powerless or don’t have lobbyists or don’t have clout. I don’t think that’s particularly courageous” Nothing is easier than sovling problems on the backs of the poor and down troden. Well to start with that is not the Republican plan. Any changes to a government program does not mean that you are going to cause the poor to die in the streets.  He is trying to make a political point, and he is of course lying. The President’s own plan talks about cutting spending from medicare and medicaid. No it is hard to save money at the cost on the poor. I know that President Obama would have you think that Republicans are all blood thristy monsters feeding on the blood of elderly aspestos victims, but the truth is that they are people just like you and just like me. It ways heavy on anyone mind when dealing with these programs, the Republicans have something that PResident Obama does not have, faith in their fellow Americans. Faith that you and I will rise up and step into the role the government once played. Resume our role as a community, and take care of one another. The Republicans have the courage to announce their plane, while President Obama hides behind smoke and mirrors. No President Obama it is not easy to save the nation on the backs of the poor.  What is easy is to attack a former President, blame him for your political failings. What is easy is taking from the producers to pay for you spending spree and Union bail outs. It is easy to hide your beliefs and coware behind a wall of lies and slander. It is not the GOP, or conservative Americans who are looking or the easy road, it is you.

537.) President Obama called out his oppenets in congress at a funderaiser in San Fransico on april 20th. “There are climate change deniers in Congress and when the economy gets tough, sometimes environmental issues drop from people’s radar screens, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that unless we are able to move forward in a serious way on clean energy that we’re putting our children and our grandchildren at risk. So that’s not yet done”  Okay global warming, climate change, has been pretty much debunked and exposed for the con job that it was. When C02 rates continued to climb and temperatures  failed to continue the trends. When the climate gate scandel was revieled, it pretty much did away with any creditability the climate change group had.  The evidence does not match the theory.   We are putting our children and grandchildren at risk, and we are doing that by foolishly chasing a fantasy. We cannot afford to poor money that we do not have into green energy solutions which will not work. Windmills are only 3% efficent, hydroelectric requires the building of a massive dam, solar requires a sufficent amount of sun light. None of these solutions are effcient enough to implement in this country. Suplement is fine so long as it is not on my dime, but they cannot power the nation. The sun is not always out, wind is not always blowing, and not everyone has a access to a river to build a dam on.  President Obama and his progressive fallowers are the morgating the future of our nation and putting the next generation at risk by doing it, all in order to fight a none existant problem. They are not climate change deniers, they just opperate in the real world.

  1. [Okay global warming, climate change, has been pretty much debunked and exposed for the con job that it was.]Seriously? Climate change is a SCIENCE, not an opinion. There are equations to back up the theory, statistics to back up the talk, proof to back up the concept.

  2. The problem with partisan politics is that it lives to justify its own existence.  A party leader here recently stated, in all earnest, that a society without partisanship is like a driver taking a journey without a road map.I am a political independent.  I have not belonged to a party since 1981, and will not, ever again.  I do have a “road map”, that determines for whom I vote.  For Obama, or anyone else, to approach other people as “his(her) opponents” is an outmoded figment of the imagination.The time has come to go to a non-partisan system of government, top to bottom.

  3. If Trump comes to power, there will be more wars. 

  4. It’s time for revolution, I believe. The whole system is corrupt.

  5. @GodlessLiberal – Climate change, as you guys are calling it now, does exisit, I guess I should clarify, the theory of man made climate change, has been largely proven to be a fruad. Climate Gate comes to mind. It started as global warming, our C02 emissions were causing the planet to warm.  The planet was getting warmer, and it seemed to have started at the beginning of the industrial revolution. What is odd is that in 2008 Acording to a stufy by the Hadley Center for Climate Prediction the tempetures have droped world wide for the last 12 months. The drop was so sever in fact that it wiped out all global warming that has accured in the last century.Evidence china had its coldest winter in 100 yearsWisconson had the most snow fall sense record keeping beganAmerica has had the most snowcover in 50 years.There have been record amounst of Antartic Sea Ice,Record cold in Minnestora Texas Florida Mexicao Australia Iran Greece South Africa Greenland Argentina Chile and the list continues.Baghdad has seen the frist snow fall in all of recorded historyand if that is not enough to proove that man made global warming, and global warming as a whole has ended and that People such as Al Gore are just trying to make your life harder is that all 4 major tempeture tracking outlets, Hadely Nasa’s GISS, UAH, and RSS have all released their updated data, and all the data says that global temperatures have dropped over the last year.The global drop have been within the range of .65C and .75C which is large enought to wipe out allmost all the global warming that happened over the paste century. This is the biggest jump in tempertures that has ever been recorded.The data prooves that co2 emmissions are not the biggest factor in the worlds tempeture. The true source of global temperture changes is solar activaty. This massive drop in global tempetures was caused by a drop in solar activity.If you would like to read the professionaly writen artical here is the link http://www.dailytech.com/Temperature+Monitors+Report+Worldwide+Global+Cooling/article10866.htm Further more even though c02 emissions continue to climb their has been no significant warming sense 1995.  for more information see point 235.  @Mal_P – Similar to President Obama. Oh sorry, we have more not wars.  @BooduhX3Belly – Revolution? The system is not beyond saving there is no need for revolution. We the people create this government, if the system is corrupt it is because we allow it to be. Radicals lay in weight for just such a catastrophy to take place, so they can sweep in and change our country into what they want.  We have a government for the people by the people. Stand against corruption, call it out where you see it. If we join together against the corruption that now stems from the once pure halls of our American Republic we can reestablish the princibles of representitive government that we once held dear. This will not be easy, it requires you taking an active role in campaigning for the people who you think will solve this problem. Revolution, bullets and bombs, death, pain and suffering, look to libya, is that really what you think will save this nation?@mtngirlsouth – AMen to that.

  6. @obamawatch – You realize we’re talking climate, not weather, right? Ignoring whether or not man made climate change is real for the sake of this argument, you’re looking at one year, when climate is looking at decades upon decades together. Climate fluctuates. It’s like saying “July wasn’t THAT hot. Sure, there were 17 days above 100 degrees, but remember that one day where it was rainy and 50?”

  7. Mugo60 said:

    @GodlessLiberal – It is futile to discuss ANYTHING with this wingnut. You have to remember that people like this can’t reason. They seem to have been born that way.

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