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538.) Last Sunday was Easter Sunday, the most sacred day in all of Christianity. I appologize for not posting, my internet went out Friday in the storms. I am in good company though, it seems President Obama also saw fit to remain mum on Easter Sunday. Why is that? He held a Seder meal, he acknowledge muslim holidays, but why does he remain mum on the most sacred Christian holiday? I know last year he got ripped for his comments on Easter sunday, primarly because it was more about muslims, jews, hindu’s, and atheist than it was about Chrisitans. Now I am not going to attack him for not giving an Easter statment, afterall he is a Christian as well, and like a good Christian he was with his family, and attending church. Now where the first family attended church was something of interest. They went to Shiloh First Babtist Church in Washington D.C. The sermon was delivered by Dr. Wallace Charels Smith. Now most of the media reported on what the Obama’s where wearing, and how great it was to see them going to church, they missed the real meat of the story. For example, what was the topic of the easter sermon? Was it about the resurection and the cleansing of sin? Or was it about white oppression? If you guess white oppression you were right. Dr. Wallace talked about how his infant grandson’s gurgling was him saying “I am here … they tried to write me off as 3/5 a person in the Constitution, but I am here right now … and is saying I am not going to let anybody from stopping me from being what God wants me to be” This man is a racist. These comments alone do not prove that but his past comments do. A youtube search will reveal some very interesting comments that have run from this mans mouth. “Anytime you can have the kind of hate-mongering that continues in the hallowed halls of talk radio it show that Barack’s presidency has not solved the problem”, “Now Jim Crow wears blue pin stripes … and he doesn’t have to wear white robes anymore, because now he can wear the protective cover of talk radio, or can get a regular news program on Fox. He doesn’t have to wear his white garments anymore” Relating Fox news to the Klu Klux Klan? Really? Because Bill O’rielly wants to string people up, because Glenn Beck does not denounce racism and is not a viticm of it himself, Because Juan Williams is clearly a racist.  Here is my favorite of Dr. Smith’s comments “Even such venerable saints as Rush Limbaugh know the lines they are not to cross. But any of their constituency can hear clear the same vile filth spewing forth in their statements that was once the purview of Robert Shelton and members of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizen’s Council” This man is nothing more than a hate monger. Rushlimbaugh doesn’t call for discrimination against black people, he doesn’t call for their execution. The only reason they hate Rush Limbaugh is because he reports against what the progressive left, led by Barack Obama (who just happens to be black), and that is not allowed. He is deliberatly trying to continue the streight face lie that if you are on the right and disagree with President Obama, you are clearly a blood thirsty racist who hates black people and want them to live on the streets like mongral dogs. Which is clearly not true.  Are their racist people on the right, yes, but their are also racists on the left. THe marxists god Karl Marx wanted to exterminate the jewish people,some of the members of the new black panthers called for the killing of “white cracker babies”. But to say Fox news and talk radio is a cover story of the klan is to be spreading the ideals of racism yourself.  The pool reporter said President Obama sat knoding to this mans sermon. So this is two pastors both of which spew that the white man is out to keep the black man in the dirt. When does it become a trend? Will President Obama outs this pastor as well? Will he have trouble finding yet another radical hate speak pastor in time for next years Easter Sermon? Find out next time.

539.) Rolling right along PResident Obama has said for the second time this month basically that the reason America is great is because of how much the government spends. “I will not reduce our deficit by sacrificing the things that have always made America great. The things that have made Americans prosper” then in the same speech he said, “The America we know is great not because of our skyscrapers or the size of our GDP. It’s because we’ve been able to keep two ideas together at the same time,” Obama said. “The first idea is that we are all individuals endowed with certain inalienable rights and liberties; that we are self-reliant; we are entrepreneurs. We don’t expect others to do for us what we can do for ourselves, and we don’t really like people telling us what to do” at first was estatic, that he would say something like this, he finally understood what made America great, then he ruined it by bringing up point number two, “that we’re all in this together; that we all look out for one another, that I am my brothers keeper, that I am my sister’s keeper”. Okay to start off this second statment is not false that is what makes America great that we the individuals come together to help our neighbors. The issue here is that he is not talking about you and I helping the poor in the way we see best. Be that a mission trip where you build an paint a fence for a widow, or working in a soup kitchen, or donating to a charity, or even just talking to someone less fortunate than you letting them know someone cares. What the President is talking about is taking your hard earned money and giving it, wether you want to or not, to those who have not earned it. YOu have no say in the distribution of the funds or the aid. You can not make sure it goes to the people who actually need it, instead of the people who are just milking the system. What the President is talking about is resdistribution of wealth. To justify this he plays at the roots of the American belief system. The vast majority of the American population holds deep religious roots to either Christianity or Jeudism. Both of which are taught the lessons from what the christians call the old testament. The qoute that President Obama used “I am my brothers keeper” comes from the book of Genisis. God comes to Cain and asks him where Abel is,  Cain replied to the lord “Am I my brother’s keeper?” of course Cain new where Abel was he had just killed him. Does President Obama know the truth behind the words he likes to use so much? If he does, how does forcing me to give my money to him so he can redistribute it as he sees fit, make me my brother’s keeper?  How does that make me repsonsible for my brother? I do believe in helping others. I am a proud member of a Boy Scout troop, I grew up in the troop every monday standing before God and swearing to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverant.  Helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind all of which are fulfilled by being chartiable to those around me.  I don’t need the government to be charitable for me. Now on to the facts, President Obama says he will not cut the deficit by cutting the programs that made America great. It was not the programs that made America great, it was the people who made America great.  The New Deal, the largest alphabet soup in federal history, failed to save the economy from the great depression most true economist will tell you that it was actually an economic failure responsible for making the great depression worse. The truth is if President Obama will not cut the deficit by changing these programs so that they run more efficently, so that they use less money, he cannot cut the deficit. In 2010 defense spending acounts for 14% of the federal budget, the interest on the debt acounted for 18% of the budget, where anti poverty programs, social security, and medicare make up 40% of the federal budget, the all the odds and ends functions of the government such as the EPA, DOE, DOC, Department of Homland Security, congress, and the executive branch only makes up 18% of the federal budget.  We cannot cut the debt without looking at how to trim and reform these programs. Any attempt to this though is refered to as trying to kill the poor, feed the rich, racism, and baciscally an attempt bring about the ending of the world. We cannot tax ourselves to prosperity, we have to cut, will it be painful, probably, but that is where we come in. It is time to prove the progressives wrong, time to become a community once again. Time to look out for one another. Check in on our neighbors, make sure they are alright, help that person on the side of the road.  Have these programs actually made us great? Or have they split apart our community, caused us to get lazy?

540.) President Obama has launched a new investigation in to the rising gas prices. He has set the DOJ lose to look for evidence of price manipulation of gas at the pump. Of course it is the evil oil companies that have to be behind it. So we must waste our nations limited financial recources to research it. I wonder if the Presidents little group will look into the relationship between the price of gas and the value of the dollar. The fact that gas prices go up as the value goes down? Why is the value of the dollar going down? Is it because of oil prices? No it is because President Barack Obama has gone on a spending spree, bailing out Unions, buying up automakers, and to pay for it we have had to print more money, which has led to inflation. I doubt we will see anything along those lines, it will only find that it is the evil oil companies fault.

541.) President Obama is locking horns with the states again. This time he had his sights set on the State of Ohio. Ohio recently passed a law that limited public unions collective bargining powers, and removed their ability to strike. President Obama of course ran his 2008 campaign on union dollars cannot let this law stand. Even though the greatest progressive FDR stated that government employees should not have collective barganing rights. President Obama said that states should not use the finiancial crisis to erode away collective barganing rights, then and I qoute he said, “Let’s make sure that we’ve got shared sacrifice, that we make sure that the burden doesn’t just fall on one set of folks” Everytime the commander and cheif speaks he lets loose torrent of hypocrisy in an attempt to drown the foolish.  He doesn’t want shared sacrifice he wants the burden to be born soley by those who are the producers in this country. The people who own small businesses, the people who make this country run. Of course the progressives will blast this comment by saying “you only want to help millionairs and billionairs, you don’t know the hardships of the working class” We have heard it all before. President Obama doesn’t truely believe in the rich giving more, otherwise he would not have accepted a tax return.  Governor Kasich is right, President Obama needs to wake up and realize that he is President now, he actually has a job to do, its time to focus on what the American people think he should be working on, like cleaning up the financial mess that he has created for our children. If he can get that done, then if he has anytime left, worry about helping his union buddies.

542.) President Obama has finally released his birth certificiate. President Obama said, ” I have to say that over the last two and a half years I have watched with bemusement, I’ve been puzzled at the degree to which this thing just kept on going” he then said, ” know that there’s going to be a segment of people for which, no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest. But I’m speaking to the vast majority of the American people, as well as to the press. We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve. And I’m confident we can solve them, but we’re going to have to focus on them not on this” You have better stuff to do Mr. President?  You are right that this country does not have the time for this silliness. Maybe instead of standing by and watching with bemusement you could have put it to bed. Sole responsiblity for this issue surviving is Barack Hussien Obama. All he had to do was disclose the birth certificate. Barack Obama let the birther argument last for two years. He fueled the fire by spending millions to hide it. The birther issue was of Barack Obama’s making, and it is about time he puts it to bed. (note i do realize that it was infact Hilary Clinton who brought the issue up.) I would also like to point out he said that he doesn’t have time to focus on this, he has better stuff to do, like going to the Oprah show, because that is going to help fix our debt.

  1. 538)  One of the reasons why racism will never end…539)  If we’re our brother’s keepers, the way he intends… then why does low income housing not have front porches?  Remember, THAT’S what makes a community.  People gathering together on their own.  Forcing them together only creates a mess.540)  There is no investigation.  It’s smoke and mirrors.  Firstly, major chain stations MUST charge a higher amount by LAW.  Yes, regulatory laws that force them to line their pockets.  This was to “protect” smaller stations from being priced out of competition.  Second, oil is traded on the dollar world-wide.  Which means, if the dollar drops, the value of oil doesn’t change, but the price (in dollars) goes up.  So, when the dollar drops, price of oil goes up, we get a double-hit.  OPEC has more control and does more damage than the oil companies do.541)  Funny how he says that after he froze the pay for federal employees for 2 years (folks who, by the way, are not allowed to strike).  Shared burden would be forcing public sector employees to share in that burden, instead of getting raises while everyone else’s is flat, free medical, when everyone else pays premiums, free pensions, when most people’s pensions are gone.542)  Making sure the Constitution is upheld is “silliness?”  I notice how he says that, yet remained silent when McCain had to jump through hoops to prove he was eligible…

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