The Boarder, Acting “Presidential”, Abandoning Americans

545.) President Obama gave a great campaign speech in Texas.  Here he was talking about immigration reform. He said that Republicans will never be satisfied. Then he decided to turn into a child. He decided to degrade a large portion of the American population and said, “Maybe they’ll need a moat.nMaybe they’ll want alligators in the moat” Really? Is this the way we want our President to act?

546.) President Obama said in El Paso “They wanted a fence. Well, that fence is now basically complete” Now the past has shown that President Obama is not exactly good with numbers, or history. This is yet another clear cut example of that. It is true that many conservatives wanted a border fence on our southern border with Mexico. In 2006 a law was passed that required the construction of a 700 mile double layer fence on the border with Mexico. To hear President Obama talk you would think that 500 or 600 miles of the fence has been put up, after all he said that is was basically complete. However, the truth, supported which is supported by facts, is not on President Obama’s side. According to the Department of Home Land Security only 5% of the fence has been built. 5%, or about 36.3 miles has been built. There is no class in the wold were a 5% is passing, there is no bank in the world that would consider paying 5% of a loan as mostly paid off.  The fence is mostly not built. It is mostly a government failure. This is nothing more than a political lie from President Obama, little more than a vain attempt at making his rivals look childish. I don’t take kindly to being lied to Mr. President, not that you care, you after all are the political elite I am but a lowly commoner.  

547.) Fires rage a crossed the scortched plains of Texas. An area great than the size of Rhode Island and Deleware combined is now transforming from grass land into a scare on the face of the world. Out of desperation the Texas government reached out to the federal government in the hope of finding some aid. President Obama rejected the Texas govenors request for aid. 9,000 fires a cross the states have destroyed over 400 homes and yet the president refuses to help, when is it a disaster? I can understand this to some degree though, we are in a financial crunch and there have been other states affected by major storms, it is a balancing act, which area is least likely to be able to recover on their own. That is where I was going to leave this story, that is until I found out about some of President Obama’s other actions. Two specially equiped C130 cargo planes left from Peterson Air Force Base Colorado to go help fight fires in northern MEXICO! President Obama refused to help a State in the United States of America, a patch of land where people whom he swore to protect call home, but he sends help to another country? I could understand sending them to another state that might have needed them more, but to send them to another country is just madness. It is going to cost us money to opperate those planes, if we are going to spend it, to fight fires, why are we spending it in another country as opposed to helping our own citizens? Why is it that President Obama is willing to turn his back on desperate Americans the help people in another country? Imagine if President Bush had done this.  I just cannot even begin to imagine what the President was thinking, I do not want to sound shallow but I wonder if it was a poltical move. I don’t think that this man is that shallow, that heartless that he is willing to let a state burn to the ground to make an example out of political opponets, but I just can’t find a reason why he would do this. There is no good reason. He ignored American cries for help to help someother country. He let these planes fly over the disaster area to go help the mexicans. The term redistribution of wealth comes to mind.

548.) President Obama has had a long history of stiring up controversy, it seems to be his favorite pass time. It is easy to hide bad policy behind controversy I guess. The latest in his long line of bad ideas is inviting a man by the name of  Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. more commonly known as the Rapper Common, to a celebration of American poetry.  For those of you who don’t know Common is a rapper known for having very controversial lyrics in his songs. For example “Tell the law my Uzi weighs a ton … I hold up a peace sign but I carry a gun”, I think that speaks for itself. Why would President Obama invite someone like this to the White House? How did the President even come into contact with a man like this. Well the New Hampshire Journal find the answer to that question. The Rapper Common is an acolyte at the church of none other than Jeremiah Wright. While President Obama eventually seperated himself from Rev. Wright, Common still defends hims. Common has said, “What I picked up from the pews…was messages of love”. A message of love, Mr. Common must not have been at the church when Rev. Wright shouted “not God Bless America, God *expletive deleted* America”, or how about when he said America was responsible for the 911 attacks and said that “America’s chickens are coming home to roost”. Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, defended the invitation of Common to the White House saying that the President doesn’t support the lyrics that raised here, then by saying “we do think some of the reports distort what Mr. Lynn stands for more broadly in order to stoke controversy”.  Right calling for buring Bush, and supporting convicted cop killer Black Panther member Assata Shakur isn’t controversial. Mr. Carney then proceded to say that President Obama appreciates how Common gets kids to focus on poetry… right…. support cop killers kids oh yeah and if you don’t like the President burn him in effigy. So to sum this up, he writes songs about killing cops and buring the President in Effigie, he supports Jeremiah Wright, and all this means that he gets to go hang out with the President of The United States. Remember back on the campaign trail when Senator Obama said “judge me by the company I keep.” What does hanging out with the Rapper Common say about President Obama? Oh and before you progressives start destroying your key boards with your angry responses I am not the only one who is disturbed by Common going to the White House,  The New Jeresy State Police Union has also come out against the rapper appearing at the function. Says a lot.

549.) President Obama is a very clever man when it comes to making back doors for his policies. The most recent example comes from a recent town hall meeting. President Obama said “I think what we’re going to end up having to do probably is to set some targets, and say, you know, those targets have to be hit if not automatically, some cuts and tax increases start taking place”. Isn’t that clever of the President, it gives him a win win situation. This would allow him to either force the Republicans to give up on plans that would actually reduce the deficit basically allowing his spending spree to continue, OR allow him to do something that he has wanted to do from day one, hike taxes on the producers in the country. Either way he wins, he either defeats his political opponets or succeeds in redistributing the wealth something he dreams about doing.  Don’t you just love how he wants to just slip that into the fray like “oh its no big deal”. He holds the strings in this situation. He has final say. Even if the Republicans and the Democrats come together and make a budget with cuts, if President Obama doesn’t like it he just merely says “Veto” and up our taxes go. The progressives were fine with running the government last year without a budget, so I doubt the President has any problems with holding up cost cutting measures to achieve his own political goals.

  1. 545)  Just showing his true colors again, and his disdain for what Americans want.546)  Either he’s clueless (which is dangerous) or he’s a flat-out liar (which is dangerous)547)  appalling doesn’t even cover how I currently feel over this….548)  Again, showing his true colors.  Art?  Poetry?  All the artists and poets out there, and he picks a guy who supports killing cops…  go figure…549)  History has shown over and over again, raising taxes isn’t the solution.  It’s cutting the budget.  You get your budget below your revenue, THEN work on the revenue.

  2. @grim_truth –  Progressives don’t understand money issues.  When your family is in financial trouble it is natural to want more money, but honestly it is going to come down to cutting your costs to actually get you out of debt.

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