550.) President Obama has announced, get ready this will be a shock, that he will send economic aid to Jordan. Where did this money come from? Do to the actions of this President our nation has been brought to the edge of a the financial abyss. We have no money, yet this President seems to think he should keep giving our none existant money to other countries. He won’t help Texas but he will help Jordan. 

551.)  President Obama still doesn’t understand the financial burden that he has placed upon an already cash strapped nation. He has announced in his speech to the Arab World on thursday that he will forgive over one million, $1,000,000.00, dollars of Egypts debt. 

552.) President Obama has suddenly begun pushing for immigration reform again. He has put the ball in congress’s court and is now demand action, saying “Comprehensive immigration reform is not only an economic imperative or a security imperative, it is also a moral imperative”. He has also said with a streight face, “We’ve gone above and beyond what was requested by the very Republicans who said they supported broader reform as long as we got serious about enforcement.All the stuff they’ve asked for, we’ve done” First off, they haven’t gone above and beyond, they have barely even started. The boarder fence is nowhere near completion, they have shut down the virtural fence, and even though President Obama has sent more men to the boarder you have a greater likely hood of running into someone in Alaska than you do one of those gaurds. Second, I love how with election looming, the debt ceiling looming, and his popularity sliding, suddenly immigration reform has become priority number one. Why the change? could it be that he is desperatly seeking to secure his political base? Could it be possible that this President who thrives on theatrics is trying to create a deversion from the massive debt that he and his progressive allies have racked up?  I think so. Is immigration an important issue, yes, but they can’t pass something as simple as a budget that doesn’t add to the deficit, how are they ever going to tackle something as complicated as the boarder.

  1. 550) and Egypt, and Mexico.  He also turned down federal aid for the massive floods that hit Northern New Jersey a few weeks back as well.  How does literally giving our money away help the economy?  It doesn’t.551)  And yet every American has to pay their bills…552) What has he done about immigration that the GOP has asked?  The borders are still wide open.  He is pushing for immigration reform to increase his voter base by granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.  He has done nothing about immigration.  Reform isn’t needed.  Enforcement is!

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