Federal Blunders, Issues with the Economy,

570.) Barack Obama has given aid to the Mexican government to fight wild fires, he claims that he is standing with the victims of massive tornados, but after seeing his idea of help, I am not sure the victims are any better off.  Here is a picture of what FEMA has deemed a house safe to live in, and that is not eligable for financial aid because of insufficient damage.





This is a great example of the big government utopia that President Obama has invisoned for us. Don’t worry kids the government will help us.

571.) President Obama said in his campaign that he wanted to bankrupt the Coal Industry, and that under his plan of a cap and trade system energy prices would “necessarily sky rocket”. Well cap and trade fell flat on its face when it was exposed for the con job that is, but will that stop our devoted President from bringing down the coal industry and making our energy prices jump, of course not. President Obama has kept pushing for new reforms, he just has decided to do it through regulation sense he cannot do it within the confines of the law. The EPA is pushing new regulations which have pressured AEP to shut down 11 power plants, eliminating over 500 jobs. What do you think that is going to do to the price of our electricity? Is that going to help our economy? Oh I know we could replace them with solar or wind farms…. right….

572.) During his 2008 campaign against George W. Bush, I mean John McCain, President Obama vowed to banish special intrest groups from Washington D.C., changing the culture of Washington D.C. So the question arises, has he, is this one of the few campaign promises that he kept? Well 184 of 556 of President Obama’s bundlers (large donors) or their spouses, landed nice jobs in the administration, or very nice federal contracts. Now it is true that President Bush did give jobs to bundlers, but in just the last two years President Obama has hired more than President Bush did in eight. Payin off them there good ol’ boys who gots you elected, yup he’s changed the culture of corruption in Washington alright, he made it worse.

573.) The economy, that thing that President Obama keeps saying is getting better dispite all evidence pointing to the contrary, is most likely to be the key issue of the election of 2012.  President Obama being an brilliant politician knows this, and knows he is going to have to defend his miserable track record. Now rather than saying he was wrong, his plan didn’t work, and he is going to try a different direction, one not documented in the tomes of history as a perpetual failure, President Obama has decided to do what it is he does best and pass the blame.  “The other thing that happened though, this goes to the point you were just making, is there are some structural issues with our economy where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers,” President Obama said about unemployment.  “If you see it when you go to a bank you use the ATM, you don’t go to a bank teller. Or you go to the airport and you use a kiosk instead of checking in at the gate.” So efficency, automation, the new fangled age of technogagets is causing the down fall of our economy…. right.  What President Obama is claiming is that ATM’s are a 21st century invention that are just now bringing a downfall to the American way of life.  ATM’s have been around sense at least the late 1980’s. So they aren’t new, they have been around for a while.  The second half of President Obama’s claim implies that the use of these fancy automated teller machines is causing the removal of hundreds of jobs from the American economy. Well unfortunatly for President Obama, like most things he says the facts do not back his claims. from 1998 to 2008 the number of ATM’s in the country more or less doubled, from 187,000 to 401,500. So if what President Obama says is true that means that the market for bank tellers dried up and disapeared. Well, from 1998 to 2008 the number of bank tellers went from 560,000 to 600,500. Why then did the President make these comments which are plainly false? Well I believe the answer is fairly simple and comes in two parts. First, President Obama likes to behave like a child, he refuses to accept blame for anything, and he will not and cannot allow himself to be viewed as wrong. He always tries to pass the blame off onto someone else. This brings me to the second point. President Obama only has a few people that he likes to shift blame to, George W. Bush, Republicans, the evil middle class Americans of the Tea Party, and of course the banks. By claiming ATM’s are displacing people from their jobs he is able to keep the blame of the failing economy on those evil monsters who live on walstreet, rather than on the power hungry beasts of corruption that lurk within the once noble halls of Washington D.C.

574.) The Constitution of the United States is a document that outlines the exact parameters of the government. It sets up each of the three branches then defines the powers that each of them has. Then with the Tenth Ammendment binds the federal government to the powers outlined in the consitution. This document does not give the government power, it limits its power. Legally the government is only allowed to opperate within these laws. Under the consitution the power to declare war lies souly with the congress. For the United States to go to war there must be approval from congress. Once war is declared the President is commander and cheif of the armed forces. Congress did give the President the ability to wage war for 60 days without consent from congress in what is known as the War Powers Act.  President Barack Obama believes the consitution and the concept of a country of law is old fashion and most likley racist. He is more of a “country of men” sort of man. Were laws don’t really apply to the people in power, unless they aren’t him. You see President Obama has brought upon this country a third military conflict in the middle east with his non-war war in Libya. By law, passed by congress, the President of the United States has the ability to wage war for 60 days without the approval of congress. This window of military action expired for the Libyan campaign on May 20th 2011. President Obama has shown no signs of ending the war as he is required by law. He has basically said to congress that he doesn’t need their approval.  The justification for continueing the non-war war is that the United States has not been involved in hostilities sense NATO took over on April 7th. What he hopes that we the American people are too stupid to understand is that the United States is a major part of NATO. How the military alliance is set up basically means that the United States is still to some degree spear heading the operation. He is hoping that we buy the idea that just because boots aren’t on the ground we aren’t involved in hostilities, although call me a simpleton but I am pretty sure air strikes are pretty hostile.  It is not just right wing anti-Obama power hungry monsters who think the President is in violation of the law, the Pentagon’s General Counsel Jeh C. Johnson, and the acting head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Council Caroline D. Krass both say that the United States activities in the NATO air war amount to hostilities under the War Powers Resolution. President Obama has decided in a rare move to reject this view and adopt the one of his administration own legal counsel.  Presidents do have the power to make this choice but it has very rarely been done. This is an exellent example of President Obama’s arrogance, to ignore advice from Military Counsel, someone who might have a little more military experince, AND ignore the advice from a member of the  Justice Department’s Legal Council who might know more about how the legal system will view these actions highlights his arrogance. No no experts ha what fools they stand against me so clearly they are wrong, I am only going to listen to people who bend the laws to meet what I want them to be, what a great way to think, and run a country.  If George W. Bush did this President Obama would have been one of the first people in line to start crying to the hills how horrible he is.

575.) President Obama’s Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsacks went on the offensive the other day when the Senate put their sites on ending the waste that comes from the government subside for Ethanol production. “The Administration supports efforts currently underway in the Senate to reform and modernize tax incentives and other programs that support biofuels. However, today’s amendments are not reforms and are ill advised. They will lead to job loss as our nation begins its economic recovery and pull the rug out from under industry, which will lead to less choice for consumers and greater dependence on foreign oil”. There are some nice buzz words in there, Foreign Oil, Economic Reccovery,  Pull the Rug Out, those all are words that get people fired up. Pulling the rug out from under and industry, oh no!  What Secretary Vilsacks forgot to mention is that Ethanol is nothing more than a pipe dream. How nice would it be to be able to just grow our fuel. The problem is that Ethanol is horribly inefficient; it takes more energy to make ethanol than it produces.  In the United States we have a lot of corn that is why these people want to use it to produce ethanol. The question that the Obama Administration doesn’t want to address is why is it that we have a lot of corn in this country. Well, we have a lot of corn because we like to eat a lot of corn. We feed corn to our cows, and we like to eat cows. We use corn to make sweeteners for soft drinks and candies. President Obama master plan to save the planet and our economy is to burn our fuel in our cars. What does he think, what do you think, will happen to the prices of food when we start using it for gas? Perhaps you have already seen the consequences. Our food prices are going up, because we are taking a massive portion of what we eat to fulfill a pipe dream of a progressive movement gone wild.  Do high foods prices help stimulate the economy? You know I think we tried something like this in the Great Depression.  Many thought that the problem was brought on by low prices so the government bought up a bunch of cotton to try to drive up the cost of cotton to help the economy. The government paid people to not farm parts of their land to help drive up prices. If I remember correctly, this plan didn’t work well.  

  1. 570)  Or when he turned a blind eye to the victims of the flooding in New Jersey and denied any federal aid.  571)  Typical progressivism.  Destroy the economy in the name of “progress.”  Do we need to do something about finding new energy sources?  Yes.  But not at the cost of the American working family.  But him and his ilk are rich folks who work for the gov’t, what the hell do they care?572)  He also promised transparency, an economic recovery, among other things that never materialized.  The only promises he kept are the ones that put Americans out of work.573)  It’s further proof that he doesn’t care about anything but himself.  Someone has to build those ATMs and kiosks. Someone has to maintain them.  They create jobs, and he doesn’t like that.  (And of course, not to mention he was wrong about ATMs costing jobs and how the numbers of tellers has increased.)574)  And not to mention, we still don’t even know who the hell we’re fighting over there or who our allies (the rebels) are!575)  You just can’t subsidize innovation.  Ethanol CAN be a good fuel.  When made correctly.  Brazil uses huge amounts of ethanol.  Which is why they drill so much.  They can just sell it.  The difference is that Brazil uses sugar cane to make their ethanol, which is much more efficient than corn. 

  2. @grim_truth – i don’t think it is sugar cane it is sugar beats i think. If it can’t stand on its own two legs it shouldn’t stand at all.

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