Confused on whats important?

581.) The debt crisis is coming to a head, the country is coming to a boil, fueled by the fire of fear, and President Barack Obama is finally ready to actually release a plan, not just details about a plan. Before you get excited though, the plan has nothing to do with the debt ceiling, instead it has to do with the CAFE standards. Yes the President has given up a lot in an effort to get a deal on the critical CAFE standards. Rather than demanding that all automanufactures meet a fleet average of 56.2 MPG, President Obama has agreed to meet the automakers half way and set the CAFE standards at a measly 54.5 MPG by 2025.  Just so you know no car currently in production meets those numbers, and according to most automakers, and engineers this goal is impossible with an internal combustion engine and a car. Even the eco-nerd love box the Prius does not meet those numbers. This CAFE standard is seen as a way to force the market to build cars that the President deems people want to buy. Afterall that is what killed GM, they built big gas guzzlers that no one bought (I have disproven this point countless times see previous points for more information). You see despite what the the President and his progressive allies would have you believe people are not flocking to hybrid compact death trap… I mean ecofriendly cars for salvation from the sky rocketing gas prices. Last year Ford sold twice as many F150’s as all hybrids sold combined.  A Federal study supports the notion that people do not want to buy small hybrid cars, the study says that if the standard is raised sales of cars would drop 14%. So the President is supporting a measure that would hurt our economy. What sends up red flags about this deal is up untill the deal was anounced the automakers where adamatly opposed to this hike, saying that it was impossible. Did the 1.7 mpg change really make the difference, did that really bring the standards within a technological grasp? I doubt it, I imagen the the President’s ties to the UAW had something to do with it, maybe along the lines of I will call of the Union from unionizing new plants if you pull the anti cafe standard adds. I don’t have evidence, but given the history of this President I wouldn’t doubt it.  I believe the progressives cried fowl and through a temper-tantrum when the GOP tried to pass a balanced buget ammendment, which deals with the debt, but it is okay for President Obama to focus on the CAFE standards rather than put out a plan on paper to solve the debt ceiling crisis.


  1. I can’t imagine a car that meets those standards would be very safe.   

  2. @wearywalden – A car like that will be safe when we run out of cheap gasoline and the metal hunks of yesterday, including 9,000 lb cage of steel hummers, no longer roam American highways in search of the next gas station.We had cars like that back in the 1980s and early 90s … for example the Geo and the Honda CRX which both got above 50 mpg. Both very unsafe, of course. Efficient vehicles can be made cheap, but I have a feeling safety standards are going to go before technology fills in the gap. Considering the number of people who ride motorcycles and drive fast cars, though, I don’t think safety is the #1 concern of the average American motorist.

  3. @how2saveaplanet – “Considering the number of people who ride motorcycles and drive fast cars, though, I don’t think safety is the #1 concern of the average American motorist”You do have a point there but for most American mothers, especially those who have small children, safety is the #1 priority.  I do not think many of us mothers are going to give up safety for better gas mileage.

  4. @how2saveaplanet – On that matter though … I don’t think Americans are going to be able to get off the Middle Eastern oil teat anytime soon. We’re too set in our ways to think about riding trains, bicycles or even motorcycles instead of being the lone passenger in a Hummer.// No, opening all of America’s waters and wildlife refuges up to oil drilling won’t necessarily lead to more production. Production is done where it is most profitable, and many of our remaining unexplored oil deposits are financially not viable in the present market.

  5. @wearywalden – Well, there will always be ugly Volvos for you to drive. (Kidding … I’m sure you drive something else.)On the subject of cars making 55 mpg… actually, yes there are cars that do that. Ever driven a Honda Insight? There is a group of people called hypermilers who dedicate themselves to learning how to squeeze every mile out of a gallon of gas. Some people have reported more than 100 mpg.It really depends on how you drive. A hypermiler could probably get more mpgs out of an Escalade than a really aggressive driver could get out of a Prius.I don’t drive a Prius … mine is a Hyundai Sonata, which gets a reliable 30-35 mpg no matter how I drive it. But nerd box? I hear the Prius is actually pretty safe, versatile and it has a lot of pep. Definitely more power than my Sonata.

  6. @how2saveaplanet – so why isn’t the government or some environmental groups teaching people how to drive like those hypermilers?  Seems like that would be more effective.

  7. @wearywalden – They are. people ignore these basic tips, as you’ll see the next time you make your way onto a main thoroughfare. The fact that people avoid mass transit is another part of the problem, because more cars means more congestion which equals more aggressive driving, starting and stopping, etc.Honestly, I don’t think 55 mpg is feasible with current means of production, technology, and income levels for the average American. Even if Democrats are in office they’ll probably have to lower it to something more realistic, like 40-45 mpg, and probably settle for 25 mpg for trucks.

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