582.) The United States of America has, for a long time now, had an addiction to spending, President Obama has taken this addiction to new extremes.  Our national debt has sky rocketed because of his wreakless spending. He doesn’t care about wether or not the country can pay off the debt that he is racking up, he will just barrow it from China. Well it seems now that China now telling the United States to fix its spending habits. So what is the plan now President Obama, you’ve made us a slave to a forgin power who owns our debt, what do we do now? Do you cut spending now, are insist that you can continue going forward with this spending spree?

583.) President Obama said that unless we raise the debt ceiling we would loose our triple A credit rating. I guess he was wrong.

584.) President Barack Obama’s treasury secretary Timothy Geithner, the man who can’t figure out how to use turbo tax, said in april of 2011 that there was no risk of the United States losing its triple A credit rating. He said this in a conversation that went something like this, “Peter Barnes “Is there a risk that the United States could lose its AAA credit rating? Yes or no?” Geithner’s response: “No risk of that.” Barnes then asked, “No risk?” Geithner responded by again saying, “No risk,” yet the man gets to keep his job, and has no intention of stepping down. It is Amazing that the President is not calling for him to step down, oh well it must be because he is overly qualified and it would be a shame to lose his genius mind…

585.) So the stock market is tumbling, the faith in the economy is all but spent, and our President is going ahead with plans for a week vacation at martha’s vinard. A great example of his leadership, things get hard, he blames either George W. Bush, the Banks, or the Tea Party,  then he runs away.

  1. Ah crap, when is his vacation?  I’m takin the family to visit Massacheusettes on the 21st.  Oh wait… we’ll be visiting historical sites to teach my children more about why we declared independence.  He would show up nowhere near those sites…

  2. Fortunately it’s just one rating agency that downgraded our credit. That means there’s still time to fix the problem. Are we going to reduce the debt without raising revenues though? I think that’s the question that’s on everybody’s mind.I don’t think it’s possible to do that without completely changing the purpose of our government.Why is there a government? Let’s start from there.

  3. @how2saveaplanet – Revenues are raised by CUTTING TAXES. Government spending is fed by increasing taxes.That’s the reality of it despite our good intentions and/or a misunderstanding of how government works.

  4. @how2saveaplanet – If you read the US Constitution it will tell you the purpose of government in the Preamble.There is no mention of social justice or federal programs that steal from people who earned wealth in order to give it to people who did not earn it.That one liberal concept is the cause for the fiscal disaster that is destroying American culture.

  5. Geithner needs to step down…  He is a complete and utter failure.

  6. Well what can I say, he wants to F*** up America until it’s a 3rd world hellhole like his native Kenya.

  7. @Ambrosius_Augustus_Rex – First time i have seen you comment, so I am going to have to let you know, first thank you for your comment, but please reframe from using profane language on my blog.  

  8. @grim_truth – why would you take them to those sites, you should take them to imporant sites like the birthplace of woodrow wilson and FDR the saviors of America (gags).

  9. @how2saveaplanet –  It is important to go forward knowing what the purpose of the government is. It is far more important however for the government to realize that it is made up of citizens, people sent by their communities to serve, and obey the people who sent them there.  We must then understand that the United States is a nation of laws, not of men. The consitution of the United States set up a barrier that the federal government was to remain within. Progressives have distorted that over the years, and bent the law to fit their individual ideas.  So we must return to a nation of laws, before anything else can be done. the consitution clearly defines the job of the government.

  10. @obamawatch – Since you believe the government should follow the constitution, let’s start from there. The Constitution actually gives Congress broad powers to legislate, the President broad powers of execution, and the Supreme Court independent and equally broad powers of jurisprudence. The states were initially hesitant to accept it because it did not include a list of limitations on the rights of the Federal government – that’s why the framers added a Bill of Rights. From my understanding, the first ten amendments (and perhaps some in the future, if we consider it necessary to further limit the powers of the Federal government) are meant to be the limitations, not the Constitution itself.Since you are obviously anti-progressive, what do you think are the greatest violations of the integrity of the Constitution in the past 150 years? I say 150 because progressivism really began with the presidency of Lincoln. You may not realize this but Lincoln had a correspondence (http://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/iwma/documents/1864/lincoln-letter.htm) going with Karl Marx and his International Workingman’s Association in England, aka the First International. So start with his presidency and let’s move forward.

  11. @how2saveaplanet – The tenth Ammendment limits the power of the federal government only to those clearly outlined in the Consitution, all others are reserved to the state or the people.  In the words of the founders “the powers delegated by the proposed consitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the sate government, are nmerouis and indefinite.” Federalist Paper 45.

  12. @obamawatch – Please forgive me for not knowing the contents of the Federalist Papers. But were they written before or after the Constitution?

  13. @how2saveaplanet – They were written as several individual papers along with the consitution, as a way to discribe and defend, sell if you will, the new consitution to the people. the title for the modern day re-write explains it better “the orginial argument”. They where written by people such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay.

  14. @obamawatch – Okay, well before I challenge you on the original intent of the Constitution again, be sure to ask me if I’ve read the Federalist Papers. I’ve ordered them from Amazon, now that you’ve made me curious.// 1936, U.S. v. Butler is generally considered the Supreme Court decision that declared liberal Federal government spending for the general welfare of Americans constitutional … but it was before then, after the Civil War, that power was tilted toward the Federal government. Most pro-Union legislators saw the Civil War and its preceding conflicts over slavery expansion and nullification as the consequence of giving states too much power over their own affairs, and amendments were drawn up to enforce the Federal government’s jurisdiction over certain state affairs and to consolidate power in Washington D.C. Making a new Amendment is essentially changing the intent of the Constitution to better reflect the will of the people, so in that context, the intent of the Constitution has changed, and the designs of the founders, although they should be considered as tradition, are at best guidelines for future legislation.States’ Rights is a touchy issue as it brings up slavery and Jim Crow for a lot of people, and today as you know we have the question of gay marriage and pre-Roe (or if it gets overturned in a future court case), abortion rights, on the table. I think it is best to have laws which “flow” from one state to another, that at least agree with one another in purpose and design … so a strong Federal government with proper representation of the people’s will is better than multiple semi-independent States duking it out over contentious issues, possibly resulting in the splitting up of our Republic, disastrous trade policies, and assaults on individual rights.

  15. @how2saveaplanet – State rights is a touchy issue, but it is by avoiding touchy issues that we have gotten ourselves into this mess.  I would recomend reading botht he federalist papers, and a book called the orginial intent. Original intent is basically a re-write of the federalist papers in modern english, a little easier to read.

  16. @obamawatch – I’m pretty good with language so I should be able to understand the Federalist Papers … I ordered this book which contains both the Articles of Confederation and the Fed papers plus the text of the Constitution (http://www.amazon.com/Federalist-Papers-Rethinking-Western-Tradition/dp/0300118902/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1313446555&sr=8-1). It was $10 for the whole deal, over $25 for other editions, so no contest there.Considering that the post-Civil War Constitution which promotes Federal sovereignty over the states is drastically different from the antebellum one that was less clear on the issue of sovereignty, which amendments or parts of amendments do you think should be rescinded to get back to the “original intent” of the Founders? I think we both agree about the evils of slavery and universal suffrage, unless you believe the latter should be based on property ownership, but the rest of the amendments … pick your least and second least favorite.

  17. The consitution can be changed by an ammendment process.  We ammended the consitution to eliminate slavery.

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