Sooon there will be a post on the speech tonight, I am under the weather, so it might take a while to get it up

Preview, and Important message that I hope everyone pays attention to.

To begin, I would like all my readers to take a moment, put politics aside, and give up a personal prayer for the continued saftey of those who live in areas where 10 years ago acts of pure evil were carried out against our nation. Areas that over a decade later now stand before the dark abyss of the unknown, the agents of choas once again have been sent forth to euserp the tranquility that has finally settled over the land. Once again the dark masters of death are plotting, their pawns are moving, to once again reign down destruction upon our people.  Pray for the saftey of your neighbors, your family, your fellow Americans. Pray for the saftey of those who live in Washington D.C., in New York City. And Pray for those who lost so much ten years ago on that sunny september day, whose clear blue skys were stained red and black by terrorist wanting only to bring death to Americans who wanted nothing more than to live a happy life. 

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