Party Line, Scandals, Coverups, and Waste, this sounds like the beginnings of a Hollywood thriller.

599.) As many of you know, recently it has come to light that the Federal Government was involved in a fiasco known as Fast and Furious. The Obama Administration has from day one tried to act as though they are not involved. Attorney General Eric Holder said to congress, under oath, that he had only found out about Operation Fast and Furious over “the last few weeks”. That was in May of 2011. However, the facts proove that this member of the Obama Administration is in fact lying.  CBS news discovered several high-level internal doj memo’s that were sent to Eric Holder starting in July of 2010.  Holder of course is trying to cover his tracks and is now saying that he knew about the program, just not the details. 

600.) Mrs. Obama took a trip to Africa over the summer, and The United States Air Force provided for this trip a C-32A (a modified 757). The total cost of opperating this aircraft to the United State Tax Payers was $424,142.  That is how much it costs to take Mrs. Obama and 20 other people to go on vacation to Africa. Oh, don’t forget the $928 for food. I would also like to point out that Mrs. Obama listed several of her family members as Senior Staffers.

601.) Recently there has been a large uproar surrounding the massive federal blunder involving giving porkulus money to Solyndra. The tax payers loaned Solyndra over $500 million dollars, the company couldn’t find a way with $500 million extra dollars to compete in the market and folded. The Wallstreet Journal just reported that dispite many finanical advisors warning President Obama that the company was still unstable, up until October 2010, President Obama was preparing to give Solyndra another $460 million dollar loan.

602.) President Obama is a man who stands for party, and Idealogy first. He tries to appear as though he is a centrist, as though he is willing to reach a crossed party lines. He tries to manipulate the facts to make it appear as though President Obama is trying to be reasonable and it is the evil Republicans that are holding up all progress and are voting against his policies because of party loyalty.  In his recent speech in Dallas Texas he called out Republicans for holding up his new stimulu… Jobs Bill. One comment he made was “Mr. Cantor should come down to Dallas and look Kim Russell in the eye and tell her why she does not deserve to be back in the classroom, doing what she loves-helping our kids. Come tell her students why they do not deserve to have their teacher back.  Come tell Dallas construction workers why they should be sitting idle instead of out there on the job.” So he is calling out GOP Majority leader Eric Cantor for not passing the jobs bill. Now it would seem like Republicans are holding things up because, unlike when he blamed them for holding up the Health Care Law, the Stimulus, and Cap and Trade,  Republicans do control a majority in the House. However When Senator Mitch McConnell called for a vote on the Presidents bill in the Senate,  it was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who derailed the effort to “pass this bill” Yet there was no chastising from the President for Harry Reids actions. Maybe it was because Senator Harry Reid decided that he wasn’t happy with how the bill was paid for, and wanted to add more taxes on top of what the bill called for. But it is still Republicans tell me why you won’t pass it, from President Obama.


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