603.) California just passed its own Dream Act,  California is going above and beyond what the Federal Government allows, yet President Obama is not threating to take them to court. California is thumbing its nose at the laws of this nation, yet President Obama is not making firey speaches about California flaunting the Federal Governments laws.  For those of you who don’t know the Californian Dream Act allows criminal immigrants  to do the fallowing:
       a.) Any criminal immigrant who is accepted into state universities can recieve Cal-Grant Assistance, which provides money to low-income families to go to school. Last year the system provided an average of $4,500 a peice to 370,000 low income homes.
       b.) It allows students who are in the country without citizenship papers to get institutional grants while attending the University of California, and California State University systems.
       c.) Students without citizenship papers can get fee waivers in the California community college system.
       d.)  An additonal bill signed earlier by the governor gave criminal immigrants access to privatly funded scholarships and grants.
To qualify for this program a student must have arrived in this country before they were 16 years old, graduate from a California high school after attending school in state for at least three years. They must also show that they are in financial need, and must meet academic standards.
Well all of this is nice. Normally I leave things like this as a matter of states rights, if the tax payers of California want to pay for criminals to attend their schools, that is fine.  However, it is a violation of Federal Law to be in the country illegally, and California Schools, just like every state school system, recieves Federal Dollars, to help fund them.  So federal tax dollars,  tax payers from Ohio, Alaska, Florida, New Jearsy are paying to fund these schools, it is no longer an issue of state rights, the rest of the country is now involved.  
      Before we go into any more detail on the dream act we have to cover the basic facts. Whether you agree with it or not, coming into this country without the proper paper work, is against the law.  Is that law right, is it wrong, it does not mater, breaking the law is breaking the law, and there should be consequences. What California is doing is removing consequences for breaking that law, and replacing it with a reward.  Why not come to the United States illegally, they won’t throw you in jail, and they will give your kids a great education.
      Part of the Dream Act states that for illegals to be eligable to access all of these great grants and funds,  they must attend a Californian High School for three years. According to the website Ed-Data, 13% of the funding for the Californian K-12 program comes from the Federal Government.  13% sounds like a small ammount of money, but that works out to be about $8 billion dollars a year, given by the federal government to the State of California to help fund their education system. 
     So California is actually bypassing federal law, they are choosing not to enforce it, something they do not have the right to do, and allowing tax payer dollars to be used to encourage breaking the law. Yet President Obama is not taking them to court, but if you choose to ramp up enforcement of federal law, you get taken to jail.  Unlike Arizona, the Californian law was put before congress and it was shot down.  Why is California allowed to break the law, could it have anything to do with politics? California is blue, Arizona is red? Is President Obama just trying to appease a voter base, rather than do his job and enforce the law?  Unfortunatly it appears as though he is doing just that.

604.) President Obama has created a council to creat jobs in this country, we already know this, what we don’t know is who all is on it.  10 out of 27 members of the council are Obama Donners. These ten individuals gave President Obama $4,600 dollars in his 2008 campaign (the largest legal ammount). They have also continued to write him checks for his 2012 campaign. Three more individual, Mark Gallogy (co-founder of the Investment firm Centerbridge Partners), Penny Pritzker (President and CEO of Prizker Realty Group), and Robert Wolf (chairman of UBS Americans) are what are known as Bundlers, and together they have contributed, according to estimates provided by the Obama Campaign, as much as $2.7 million dollars to the 2008 and 2012 campaigns.  I would also like to add that Pritzker also served as the Chairwoman for President Obama’s campaign finance committe in 2008. Seven other members of the council also donated money to President Obama’s Presidential Campaign, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, TIAA-CREF CEO Rodger Ferguson, MIT/Harvard Broad Institute director Eric Lander, Citigroup chairman Richard Parsons, Hooven-Dayton Corp. CEO Christopher Che, UC Berkeley professor Laura D’Andrea Tyson, attorney and Amazon.com/Google board member John Doerr, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. So 20 members of the Job’s Council are loyal fallowers of President Obama, are the ideas coming out of this “jobs council” going to really produce anything more than what we have heard in the past? I wonder if you could consider these people lobbiest, and if so, isn’t that a breach of PResidnet Obama’s promise of no lobbiest. I will leave this one up to you, but personally I think this is just more evidence of corruption in this half rotten administration.

605.) President Obama has been beating his war drum, trying to rally support for Stimulus II, I sorry, I meant to say the American Job’s Act.  The AP has released a fact check of President Obama, and lets just say that it is not favorable to the President’s push for the Job’s bill.
             a.) President Obama said October 4, “Now, this bill will prevent up to 280,000 teachers from losing their jobs. This bill will support almost 40,000 jobs right here in the great state of Texas. So here’s what I need you to do: Tell Congress to pass this bill and put teachers back in the classroom where they belong” 
                   Facts:  From 2008 to Present 294,000 people in schools teachers, administrators, support workers. So President Obama is saying that in the next year, so almost as many people are going to lose their jobs this year than in the last three, given his history with numbers I would hesitate to believe this. See President Obama used some funny math to get to this rather large number. The White House released a report called “Teacher’s Job’s at Risk”, where it was said that 280,000 jobs where at risk in the coming year. To get that number, the White House had to do some funny math. The adminstration first started with the state budget short falls, provided by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, then assumed that the cuts would be made evenly a cross the major budget catagories, and that the state would cut salaries in proportion to their share of the total spending for k-12 education. Then some formula was used to convert these numbers into  Even the libral Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, where President Obama got his data from, said in a report “it is not possible to calculate directly the additional loss of jobs resulting from state education budget cuts”.
             b.) President Barack Obama’s plan would invest over $30,000,000,000.00 (30 billion) dollars, focusing on districts with a high portion of the student population living in poverty. President Obama said, “will provide support for nearly 400,000 education jobs, enough for states to avoid harmful layoffs, rehire tens of thousands of teachers who lost their jobs over the past three years, preserve or extend the regular school day and school year, and support important after-school activities” .
                   Facts:  As President Obama found out after his first round of economic “stimulus” it is impossible to quantify how many jobs will be created or “saved” as a result of federal spending, which is probably why they stopped trying to with the porkulus bill.            

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