610.) President Obama, has his sites set on saving the American Economy. When his second attempt at Kensyian economics was denied by the Senate, President Obama first insulted congress, blamed Republicans, when it was Democrat votes that brought the measure down, and now he has announced that he will use executive power to stimulate the economy without congress.  there are several issues that must be addressed here.
The first is the plan itself. He plans on using executive power to work with Fannie May and Freddie Mac, the quasi government agency that created the housing crisis, to find ways to adjust morgate rates. Basically the plan involves allowing people to refinance their home, even if they have little to nothing down. Continueing the bail out state, removing consequences for ones actions. No mater what you hear, about preditory lending, evil bankers, the fact of the mater is that people bought those houses of their own free will. They didn’t do their home work. Now why I understand the pain there in, no good will come from preventing failure, and from making deals with the people who helped create this problem in the first place.


  1. Even if you were onto something there is not one verifiable fact in this entire blog I can check for accuracy or look into, and I’m not going to blindly adopt your opinion. 

  2. @agnophilo – That is why, even though sometimes I may loose my temper with you, I hold great respect for you. You don’t just blindly accept theories. And you haven’t been putting a bunch of profanity on my blog ;).  Question with boldness.  There are many facts, and they can be varified. History can be a serious problem.  Besides, Al Gore can’t varify global warming, the science doesn’t back it, yet everyone still believes him.

  3. @obamawatch – Actually there is a lot of data to support global warming.  The people who don’t think so generally confuse global warming with local weather, ie “it’s cold here right now so global warming can’t be true”, when it’s about the average amount of heat absorbed by the planet, not the local temperature which is determined by how that heat is distributed by wind and ocean currents and the tilt of the planet.  It’s hot somewhere all the time and cold somewhere all the time – but each winter antarctica shrinks a little bit more.  If it shrunk significantly new york city and every other coastal city would be under water.

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