President Obama? Oh you ment Lord Obama

615.) President Obama, most progressives for that mater, hate the idea of checks and balances that was designed into our republican system of government. They don’t like the no one branch has supreme power, that is a hinderance to cramining through their big government, liberty crushing, ideas down our throats. I have commented on this before, always met by progressives going, I guess you hate roads, I guess you hate police, but I ask them to read this, actually read this.  In this case President Obama is trying to BREAK THE LAW, he is trying to go back through a law that he signed, to much celebration, a law that he claimed would solve all the nations ills, a law that he said was critical for the salvation of humanity, the health care law.  President Obama is attempting to use no existant executive power to overide the intent of congress and change existing laws to match his whim. Basically he is acting like a dictator. Yes I know the elected legislator passed this law, and I signed it, but I changed my mind, so I am going to just change the law as I see fit. Forget that silly notion of a nation of laws, this is a nation of one Man, I President Obama. The Obama administration has found a glitch in Obamacare, and are now trying to find a way to rewrite it without involving congress. This Glitch in the program was discribed by the Wallstreet Journal as “a major glitch that that threatens its basic functioning”

Under Obamacare individual States are urged to create what are called Health-Insurance Exchanges.  The law then offers “premium assistance” in the forms of tax credits, and subsidies to those households who choose to purchase health insurance through these exchanges. This part of the law, as stated by the Wallstreet Journal “This assistance was designed to hide a portion of the law’s cost to individuals by reducing the premium hikes that individuals will face after ObamaCare goes into effect in 2014.”

Here is where this minor glitch comes into play, under the law the States are not forced to create these health insurance exchanges, and only 17 states have choosen to do so.  Under Obamacare, Washington has the ability to create health insurance exchanges if the states don’t.  Whats funny about this, is the fact that under the bill, that President Obama surely read from cover to cover, then signed into law of his own free will, only the state run exchanges can authorize premium assistance. So basically, individual states can choose not to create the health exchange, and the Federal Government cannot bypass that states decission and implement the premium assistance anyways.  This is the law that the Democrat controlled congress passed, this is the law that PResident Barack Obama signed, this is the bill that progressives everywhere harelded as the coming of a new era, this is the bill that progressives claimed that they eusurped the power to create rights from God.  This isn’t made up, this isn’t some trick, this is the law.

Well, for those progressives out there, who have trouble with math, there are only 17 states who have choosen to inact the health insurance exchange, that is less then half, it is roughly 34% of the country, that meanst hat 66% have choosen to reject the law.

The Obama Administration has to fix this glitch, otherwise free will might win out, but they know they cannot fix the glitch the legal way, so instead President Obama is seaking to bypass congress, he is choosing to spit in your face, and instead abuse executive authority.  Over the summer the administration and IRS rule that would allow premium assistance “whether established under section 1311 or 1321.”  This is a direct afront to the law. He does not have the authority, nor does the IRS to go and change laws passed by congress. He does not have the authority to create new law. This is tyranny in the most direct form. Trampling the power of the elected legislator, because it would oppose changes.  Now of course the administration does not see this egregious front to congressional authority as a power grab, no they insist that the offering premium assistance, where congress has not authorized it (where the law allows it),  “is consistent with the intent of the law and our ability to interpret and implement it.” The law is pretty clear, that only the state run programs have the ability to offer premium assistance. But what is a minor thing like law, ignore law, its not like President Obama is bound by law, he is President doesn’t that mean he is a king imune from law… “when the President does it, its not illegal.” Who said that… Oh yes Richard Nixon.

So the moral of the story, President Obama wanted a Health Care bill, the Democrats in congress created a bill, the American People didn’t want the bill.  The Democrats in congress thumbed the American people and passed it. President Obama then signed the bill.  President Obama reads the bill, finds out that there are ways to not have to take part, he chooses to then just change the law, because he thinks the President is all powerfull.

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