The Most Important Thing In Life

I am going to take a moment and talk about something other than politics. Something that has been bothering me for a long time. Normally schedualed programing will return shortly.


Life is a journey, a trip down a long winding path, and it is easy for one to become distracted by the things that litter the sides.  Money, power, toys, games, they all seem so aluring, they all seem like they will bring so much happiness to your life. But in realality they mean nothing, they bring with them nothing, all they do is further cloud and shade that which is important. Yes these things bring with them small bits of pleasure, and I am not saying that you should not seak them, but do not do so at the expense of what you truely need in life.  I did, and I have let so much slip away, that I have not slept a full night in many a long month. 

I grew up in a small town in Ohio, a town which has grown up with me into a thriving city. If you looked at it when I was born and look at it now, you would never believe it was the same place. Time changes all things. My family farm was demolished and turned into condos, the massive old oak trees on main street, that we used to sit under during sunday school have been cut down to widen the road. The old shopes demolished to make way for a new four story mix used structure. Nothing is as it was. The only constant through it all, was my family.

My family has lived in my home town for well over 150 years, four generations have all graduated from the same highschool, and it is this solid foundation that has led to us being a strong tight nit group. I left home, went off to start a new adventure in an attempt to make something of myself, and lasted only a few months away, realizing that everything I ever needed, or wanted was back home. It is hard to live without that support system, that network, that unbreakable group of people who will stand by you no mater what.  But I grew lazy, I grew content, I truely thought that nothing could break the family apart. I fell down on the job I swore to my grandmother that I would do. I swore I would protect the family, and I have failed miserably.

In recent months my family has begun to fall apart. One of my cousins(who, along with her 50 year old mother, live with my grandfather) brought into the family a boy who was the definition of scum. The guy lied to the family about having cancer. My Grandfather banded this man from entering his home. She snuck him in anyways.  I should have put a stop to it then, but I didn’t fearing what might happen, not wanting to spark outrage, or cause undo stress upon my Grandfather. You see he has a condition that, when he gets stressed and his blood preasure spikes, he has leakage in his eye which destroy’s his vision. Well I should have stepped in when I could because the situation has exploded.  I will not go into details, but the family is now fuding.

There is no stress in the world like watching your family fall apart. There is no pain in the world, like watching one of your heros break down. There is no greater feeling of worthlessness than feeling like you are powerless to stop it.  There is nothing more important than family.

So my advice to everyone of you,  look around at what you have, look around at your family. I am not talking just blood relations, I am talking about all those people in your life who are there for you, the people who comfort you when you are hurt, who help you stand when you are weak, who raised you, who helped make you what you are today. The people who laugh with you, and cry with you. Which is more important, the things, or the people.  Hold on to your family at all costs, you can always make more money, you can always buy more things, but once your family is gone, its gone. The world is a cold place to be when you are buy yourself.  The streets have no remorse for you. Once the warmth of your family is gone, the cold bitting wind of a dark world is all that waits for you.



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